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HAIX Airpower P7 Mid

Tactical boot for all lifestyles and applications

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Tactical boots, with the kind of lifestyle they go through, need to be comfortable and durable... more
Product information "HAIX Airpower P7 Mid"
Boot height in inches 6 inches
Color Black
Conductivity Anti-static
Fastener Lace up
Gender Male
Inner liner CROSSTECH®
Item number 206214
Primary use Law enforcement
Product type Factory firsts
Safety toe No safety toe
Shank TPU + fiberglass shank
Sole AIRPOWER® 014 Sole
Technologies (AS) Arch Support, (SL) Secura Liner, Absorption, Climate, CROSSTECH®, Sun Reflect
Upper material Smooth leather
Waterproof Yes

Tactical boots, with the kind of lifestyle they go through, need to be comfortable and durable at the same time. Whether you’re a police officer or simply someone athletic who is always on the go, you need a pair of boots that you can rely on. Thankfully, HAIX® Airpower P7 Mid can meet all the requirements that you demand. It cushions your feet comfortably, keeps them protected from bloodborne pathogens, and regulates your foot temperature in differing weather conditions. The HAIX® Airpower P7 Mid is not the kind of footwear that you replace every 4-6 months.

CROSSTECH® Protection and Secura Liner®

The CROSSTECH® inner liner is not only highly durable hut acts as a defense against bacteria, chemicals, and bloodborne pathogens that you might encounter while on the job. Makes the boots durably waterproof too. The HAIX Secura Liner® also means that you don’t have to worry about your footwear’s inner lining pulling out or wrinkling over time. The less you have to worry about yourself, the more you can focus on helping others.

Better Foot Balance with HAIX® Arch Support System

Many might not know this but your foot’s arch, if not supported the right way, can affect your pelvic and spine, both of which can hinder your ability to perform well on the job. With the HAIX® Airpower P7, you are not only fully supported by the built in HAIX® Arch Support System but your foot and ankle are also protected from the pressure that you might feel when standing for long periods The anatomically correct arch ensures that your feet are supported in its natural ideal position.

HAIX® Climate System for Temperature Balance

Being on tactical duty leaves you open to unpredictable weather conditions. This is why it’s very important to wear gear that will protect you from ever changing weather conditions. The HAIX® Airpower P7 Mid’s built in climate system, along with its CROSSTECH® inner liner, gives your feet temperature balance; meaning it keeps them warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Air circulation is regulated by pushing moist air out and drawing fresh air in through the vent holes near the top of the boot. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable at all times.

Shock Absorbent Boot Made Out of European Leather Protected by Sun Reflect

In addition to being made with European craftsmanship, the HAIX® Airpower P7 Mid’s European leather, with Sun Reflect, reduces the heating effect on the leather when exposed to direct sunlight. The Sun Reflect leather simply reflects the sun’s rays to keep your feet cool even when it’s hot out.

Every time you take a step, you are putting up to 20 times your body weight onto your feet through impact shock, so your footwear needs to help absorb some of that shock. No need to get your feet stressed since the HAIX® Airpower P7 has built in shock absorption. The built in PU wedge of the sole is also resistant to oil, fuel, and skid with a non-marking, self-cleaning antistatic tread. The sole also creates great insulation for the feet during hot and cold temperatures.

Moisture Absorbent Insole with Quick Drying Capabilities

Your feet can produce up to 8 oz of sweat in a hard day’s work. HAIX insoles are made to handle it. Since the HAIX® insole is moisture absorbent and bacteria resistant, you never have to worry about taking your socks off to smelly, sweaty feet by the end of the day. Plus if it does get dirty, you can simply wash it and have it dry the next day thanks to its quick drying qualities.

Comfort with Quick Lacing Eyelets

The right tactical gear will not hold you back from performing your best on the job. The HAIX® Airpower P7 Mid, despite its heavy duty features, is inherently comfortable. And with its quick lacing eyelets, you can easily tie your shoes in just a few seconds and be ready to go where you’re needed.

  • Engineered in Germany
  • Secura Liner®– never a loose liner
  • CROSSTECH® inner liner, waterproof, breathable, bacteria, chemical, and bloodborne pathogen resistant
  • HAIX® Arch Support System supports foot in its natural, ideal position
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • HAIX® Sun Reflect leather keeps feet cooler in direct sunlight
  • Waterproof/breathable leather
  • Antistatic
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Customer reviews for "HAIX Airpower P7 Mid"
7 Jul 2022

Comfortable and well made

These boots are very well made and very very comfortable. I was recently at a fixed post for over 12 hours and they held up great.

12 Jun 2021

Great boots

Been looking at these boots for a couple of years. Finally bought a pair and couldn’t be happier. Will be buying another pair when I wear mine out.

10 Jul 2019

Great construction quality but the fit is wanting

I have been wearing the Airpower p7 mid for several years, up to retirement. I have come out of retirement to lead another department and bought a new pair to serve as my daily duty shoe. The build of these boots are as fast as quality is spot on, a good sturdy well made boot. The issue is fit. I ordered a 14 wide which bigger than my last pair in both length and width. They are a perfect fit in every way except one. The instep / arch area of the boots is very tight. The heel cup is comfortable, the length is good and the width gives just the right amount of toe space. But, the mid section of the shoe is like a vise. The boots were ordered on line and arrived as expected, but I didn't have enough time to go and find a different boot so I had to wear them for my swearing in as chief, so I will not be able to return these. Knew these boots run narrow so I ordered accordingly. I'm not sure what has changed in the sizing or production of the P7 mid, but I will have to find a different product to wear.

29 Apr 2019

The Worst of the Worst

These boots are like putting your feet in a vise and standing on concrete. 2 weeks after sending them back, I still have large blisters trying to heal on both feet. One boot felt like it had a component stabbing into my ankle. Never again.

Admin 29 Apr 2019

Hi Scott, 

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Airpower P7 Mid. We apologize that these boots did not work out for you. We are always willing to give sizing help, either via chat or by calling our Customer Service Dept. Those boots do run narrow so you likely needed to go up to a wide which is why they were uncomfortable. One of our Customer Service reps did assist you with your return and offered to exchange for a wider size, which you declined. Again, we are sorry that HAIX did not meet your needs. We certainly hope you find something more suited for you. Stay safe out there. 

28 Nov 2017


I have owned (duty boots) the P7 mid for nearly four years now and they are just starting to need re-soling, only because the outer edge of the heels are wearing. I have had Danners, 5.11, Magnum and all other sorts but there is NOTHING that gave instant, perfect comfort right out of the box. Don't hesitate a minute in buying a pair. I have plantar fasciitis very bad and these boot provide the best comfort of all my footwear.

Admin 28 Nov 2017

Hi Garth,

Thank you for your feedback on the Airpower P7 Mid.  We are happy to hear that these boots have lasted you so long on the job.  We are pleased that you find these boots to be comfortable and that they have helped with your plantar fasciitis.  We hope you will continue to be a loyal HAIX customer in the future.  Stay safe out there!

26 Jun 2017

uhhh, wow!!!

the best pair of duty boots ive owned. Had them for years and wore the soles out and am currently getting them resoled. Liked Haix so much I just bought their Black Eagle tactical 20 low- also Gore-Tex. The perfect compliment to the p7 for summer use. The sizing was spot on to the p7. Haix brings quality to the table. You are nuts to spend more the 50 bucks on any other brand of boot. My one pair has out lasted 3 pairs of other boots my coworkers have used in the same time period. And I am really rough on boots. Just buy em, you wont regret it.

Admin 26 Jun 2017

Thank you for providing feedback on the Airpower P7 Mid.  We are happy to hear that this is the best boot you have ever owned and that they have served you well over the years.  We appreciate your recommendation and your loyalty to the HAIX brand.  Stay safe out there!

15 May 2015

most comfortable boot I have ever worn

I am on my feet for very long hours, I almost quit my job, after injuring my feet when they swelled up and partly cut off my circulation with my A**** boots.

These boots were well worth the price, for a non steel toed full leather boot.

My jobs Dress code mandates boots, option 2 was to get a waiver for sneakers.

I have worn high end boots from Danner, to Lucchese Ostrich, these have set a pretty high bar to match for comfort.

- they rival my high end running shoes for comfort over the course of a day
- they are nice looking, but finished with a soft finish, so don't expect a high polished leather.
-they looked so "perfect", I was almost certain they were vinyl uppers.

-to make the boot "soft" and comfortable, they use a very soft full grain leather, consequently they scuff easier than other boots.
-on hot days, they are slightly lacking on venting out moisture, still trying different sock combos thou.
-the laces could of been of a higher more durable quality.
-they are made in Croatia, for a German company.

Bottom line, Pretty impressed, and I will try other Haix products.

Thank you for a great product
Mark H

Admin 15 May 2015

Thanks for the great feedback Mark!  We're very happy to hear that the Haix Airpower P7 Mid is working out for you. 

You are correct, the boots do not come with a high polish, but more of a satin finish.  However, they can be brought to a mirror shine... just take a look at NYPD (They wear our P7 High).

And as far as finding the right socks... make sure you give ours a try, they work very well.

24 Feb 2015

Very well built boots

The first thing you notice is that these boots are very well built. Everything from the stitching to the glue on the sole to the finish is all flawless. These things are definitely built to last. However, this is not the boot I was hoping for. I was really looking for a tactical tennis-boot type, but I just liked the look of these so I thought I would give them a try. These boots are closer to a tactical hiking boot than the softer boot I had in mind (not the fault of the boot obviously). However, they are not nearly as clunky of a boot as a typical hiking boot. I just think that they are built well enough for it if you wanted to use them for hiking. I would say that they are a mid weight between a typical hiking boot, and the more "tennis boot" type, and this is a good thing. Even though I don't consider them light, I don't think of it when they are on. The sole and insole are firm, and consequently take a bit of time to break in. My guess is that it will take 2-5 days of wear to fully break them in. They have a lot more arch support than I am used to, so I am having to get used to that. The area at the ball of the foot is wide, but from the mid-foot back they are thin. I don't normally get a wide shoe, but I know that I am right on the line of having a wide foot so I am not surprised that the medium is a bit tight. I ordered the typical size that I usually wear, and they are a bit big (long). I think a half size smaller would be too small, but I kind of wish the could be 1/4 of a size smaller. In conclusion, great boot, extremely well constructed. Very good looking (already receiving complements). Well thought out (the lace eyes, velcro on the boot tongue, nice tread, etc.) The leather is very smooth. If you wanted to shine them, they would probably take it very well. I would not hesitate to buy Haix boots again, I just wish there was a place near by that I could try all their models. They are expensive, but clearly they go through a great deal of effort to make a high quality product for the money you spend. I would say that they are worth every penny.

Admin 24 Feb 2015

Thanks for the great feedback, Rob!  We appreciate you taking the time to write a review.

You might also want to check out the Black Eagle Tactical line for more of the "tactical tennis-boot" you are referring to...

25 Apr 2014


I had a pair of HAIX Boots # 206212W that i bought from Dallas Public Safety Supply 4/29/2009. I wore these every work day until February of this year 2014. They were the best work boot that i have owned in my 25 years of Law Enforcement. In March of this year i purchased a pair of these from Galls on line. I recieved them 3/31/2014. They on the other hand are the worst pair of boots i have ever worn. After half of the shift my feet are already tired & hurting. I dont know what has changed in your footwear but what ever it was you should not have changed !!!!

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