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Lacing HAIX® Zipper Boots

Our EMS zipper boots including the Airpower® XR1, Airpower® XR2, Airpower® R2, and the Airpower® R8 are some of our most popular boots. Here are few things to keep in mind when lacing your boots:

  • If the zipper grip gets stuck, it can be released easily using a few drops of silicone or sewing machine oil
  • Please do not cut or remove the cable tie between the bottom two eyelets! This helps stabilize the zipper and avoids uncomfortable deformation that can occur in the toe flex area
  • When first using zipper boots, adjust the fit by loosening the laces on each side of the zipper, closing the zipper, then tightening the laces for a secure but comfortable fit.
  • The leather will stretch and relax over the first 2 weeks. You might consider using some silicone-based leather polish to help soften the leather and ease break in. At the end of this period, as the leather stretches, you may need to re-adjust your lacing once more.

Check out our easy step-by-step instructional video on the HAIX® North America YouTube page. 


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