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HAIX Airpower P7 High Winter

Traditional tactical boot with added insulation for extra warmth.

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Comfort and durability should be at the top of the list when looking for footwear. Of course you... more
Product information "HAIX Airpower P7 High Winter"
500 g/m2 insulated inner liner yes
Boot height in inches 9 inches
Climate system Yes
Color Black
Conductivity Anti-static
Fastener Lace up
Gender Male
Inner liner GORE-TEX® Duracom
Item number 206218
Primary use Law enforcement
Product type Factory firsts
Safety toe No safety toe
Secura Liner Yes
Shank Composite ladder shank
Sole AIRPOWER® 014 Sole
Technologies Winter
Upper material Smooth leather
Waterproof Yes

Comfort and durability should be at the top of the list when looking for footwear. Of course you want comfort, as that makes your job easier, but you also don’t want a boot you have to replace every 4-6 months. You want a boot that will cushion your feet when walking on cement all day, keep your feet dry while directing traffic in the pouring rain, and to protect your feet from potential biohazards encountered on a crime or accident scene. HAIX® Airpower P7 High boots provide all of those thing and more.

HAIX® Airpower P7 High Boot Gives Hours of Tactical Support

For those who must be on their feet all day, comfort is important in a duty boot. The black Airpower P7 High Boot is the perfect footwear to keep SWAT and police officers as well as other first responders on their toes. This quality footwear is made with European craftsmanship and reliable materials along with HAIX® technology to keep your feet safe, comfortable, and cool while on the job. Feel light on your toes as you pound the pavement or having to stand in place. 

The HAIX® Airpower P7 High Boot Quality Difference

Water resistant and breathable leather gives these boots the difference you need. A roomy toe front gives your toes some wiggle rooms as well as helping to prevent blisters, while built in arch support makes sure every bone in your foot is properly supported. Two zone lacing gives you the chance to fit your boot to your personal taste for a more custom fit while also providing ankle support where you need it. Shock absorption, hot and cool insulation, and anatomically formed layers in the sole combine to bring you a practical solution to your work gear wardrobe.

Upper Material For Police Protection

Keeping first responders safe and comfortable is important, which is why the Airpower P7 High is made from water resistant and breathable upper leather and quality inner materials. The HAIX® Sun Reflect leather directs sunlight away from your feet to keep them cooler and ensures your boots look great for a long time. Your feet will stay cool longer, reducing sweat and moisture that can lead to bacteria or blisters. The boots are built to be antistatic so you have a more comfortable experience whatever the floor surface.

Insole, Lining and Footbed Are Ready For Duty

You will find your HAIX® Airpower P7 High Winter waterproof law enforcement boots to be very breathable. The Climate System will ensure your feet stay comfortable no matter the weather outside. The insulated GORE-TEX® Duracom liner will stand up to rigorous use and keep your feet dry, important factors to consider while in the line of duty. For arch support you can trust, this footwear has the HAIX® Arch Support System which keeps your arches in their natural position and supported all day long. The insole of the boot is made to fit your foot in an anatomically correct manner, so that your foot has optimal support and comfort. The machine washable insert contains moisture absorption and quick dry technology and is easy to remove. Under the insole, TEXON fleece footbed supports the ankle and is formed to follow the natural lines of your foot.

Your SWAT Team Sole

These boots have a sole made of rubber compound outsole material and PU wedge. The sole is fuel, oil, and skid resistant. It is also non-marking and self-cleaning with an antistatic tread for excellent grip and minimal shock.

  • Engineered in Germany
  • Leather tactical footwear for police on duty
  • NTOA Member tested and recommended
  • Arch Support Footbed
  • Separate leg and foot lacing
  • Highly breathable for the best climate comfort
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Customer reviews for "HAIX Airpower P7 High Winter"
7 May 2023

Saved my foot!

I've been a fan of Haix for over a decade! I love the comfort and the durability of their boots. I still have a pair I got in 2011and they're still going strong. A couple of years ago, I decided to purchase the P7 Winter boots. Although I love the comfort, my feet still get cold during a harsh Canadian winter day. However, they have become my motorcycle boots since I started riding last year. Yesterday, I was involved in a collision where a moron changed lanes into me to avoid rear ending someone else in her lane. She hit the back tire of my motorcycle and wiped us out (my gf in the back), we both went down and slid across the asphalt. After I got home, I took a really good look at my left boot and it got destroyed! I can still wear it, but the side of the sole has chunks of rubber missing, some stitches came out, the leather all scratched and ripped, and the lace pegs literally filed down!! I wish I could upload a picture here, but if I had been wearing thinner shoes, my foot would have been destroyed! Thankfully we both walked away from there, my gf got some abrasion in her left leg, and I was able to ride the bike from the scene! Thank you Haix for a kickass, reliable product!!

27 Dec 2022

Solid boots

Still breaking these boots in, but I can confirm that they are: narrow (which fits my narrow feet), we’ll-constructed, grippy, and most importantly, warm.

18 Nov 2022

Heel slip

The word seemed to be “order up”, but that half size up was too much for me: the heels kept slipping up and down along my foot, so I think the 9 was too long, should have tried my usual 8.5.

27 Oct 2022

Haix Winter Boots

Great boots!! Well made and very comfortable! I will buy Haix again!

4 Jan 2022

Comfort should be the name

One solid pair of boots !!!
Outstanding pair of boots , I am a Fire Service instructor, having worn more boot types than I can count. I am constantly in and out of flowing and standing water out in the drill yard with recruits. These boots are keeping me dry and warm, here in the New England winter. They are probably the best pair of boots I have ever worn. The HAIX p7 high winter are definitely narrow so you might want the wide if needed. They are true to size, for a little extra wiggle room you might also want to go 1/2 size larger. Comfort level is awesome within 2 weeks of breaking them in. I have already recommended them to friends and co workers. If your trying to justify the purchase, simply know they are 100% worth it. On a personal note; I love the "D" ring snap on the laces at the ankle level, if your boot becomes loosened or untied, this "D" ring keeps it tight at the ankle for support.

9 Nov 2021

One solid pair of boots !!!

Outstanding pair of boots , im ex military and have worn more boot types than i care to remember (british combat high legs , dutch para boots , german para boots , desert boots etc ) these boots are probably the best pair of boots i have ever owned (toss up against german para boots , slight edge to haix p7 high winter). They definately run for a narrow foot so get the wides and order a size up for a little extra wiggle room. Comfort level is already awesome within 2 weeks of breaking them in . On the personal side i have spinal damage which gave me neuropathy and each night in bed my feet would be burning . My P7's have dramatically reduced that. I have already recommended them to friends and co workers. On a down side i wish haix offered some incentive in the security field along side ems and leo. If your trying to justify the purchase then dont they are 100% worth it.

22 Oct 2021

Awesome Boots - Awesome Service

These are the second pair of HAIX boots I have purchased in the last year. The quality of these boots is fantastic and the service I received pre and post sale resulted in the perfect fit. Evaluate for yourself how much you have spent in the past 5 years on boots and making the choice to upgrade to HAIX is a no brainer. Properly cared for, these will comfortably outlast anything you’ve ever worn before.

27 May 2019

Excellent footware

So waited 8 months to test and post review. 8 to 10 hours a day in this years midwest winter with constant sub zero temps ( -30 to -50) and lots of exposure outside. Feet stayed warm and dry. Cool spring with midwest flooding and they stayed dry. Only warning go wide on size as ordered reg 13' s to start and no problem with customer service exchanging for the wide. At 6'2" 250 lbs they took a lot of abuse and you could not tell any change in comfort etc. They are a little bit heavy but they are a heavy duty winter boot and while pricey compared to other boots well worth the money.

12 Feb 2019

High Quality Warm Boot

This is my second pair of Haix boot and I could not be happier. After exchanging for a half size smaller they feel like they were custom made for me. I have had some health issues and need warm boots that provide traction, warmth and stability on icy areas. This is my first dual lace system and after watching the You Tube video how to lace I realized I was over tightening the lower portion of non Haix boots in the past not allowing my feet to daily adjust. NOT a problem anymore Lastly I love that the insoles are removable to allow orthotic heel wedges to be inserted under the insole If I could rate them any higher that a 10 I would. Go ahead and buy them you will like then love them..

30 Jan 2019

Best boots money can buy

This is my second pair of airpower p7 boots, the first pair lasted 5 years and 10,000 miles of walking. I work 12-16 hour shifts on my feet all day and I love these boots, they provide excellent support and traction in all conditions. I've had boots from all major manufacturers like Magnum,5.11,Danner,Bellevile just to make a few and after buying my first pair of Haix I wont wear anything else because of the superior construction, comfort and longevity. They do fit narrow so order a wide unless you have really narrow feet and replace the factory insole with something better and you cant go wrong. There is a break in period with these due to the high quality leather but noticed these broke in much faster than my first pair.
The only thing I dont like on these boots is the velcro on the tongue of the boot, after some time it starts to wear a hole on the inside upper edge of the boot, I took a seam ripper to the velcro and removed it on this pair to avoid that happening as it did on my first pair bug it be prepared to restitch the area of the tongue where the velcro was removed to keep it from coming apart.
Other than the velcro and subpar insoles I highly recommend these boots to everyone, great waterproofing very warm and long lasting definitely worth the price. You can spend 150 on one of the other brand boots but they will only last a year or spend the extra and get 5 years out of them. The only reason I'm replacing my original pair is because I wore out the soles and head to send them out for new soles but cant be without my Haix for 4-6 weeks turn around so now I will have a spare set.

12 Mar 2018

Warm Boot

I want to start of by saying these boots are very good. They are not perfect but the best winter boots I have used as a Police Officer. I can say I have seen how warm they are as I live in Central Minnesota and have put these boots to use in -25 degree weather and colder. My feet rarely get cold and if they do, a little walking warms them back up. I can't say they same for all of the other "winter" boots other companies use out there. After a longer break in period, they become very comfortable. They are no black eagle in terms of lightness but they are still comfortable and WARM. I tested waterproof which was very good in mud, water, and slush. The traction on ice is about as good as you can ask for rubber on ice. Now to the negatives, one the break in period. It took me a few weeks before they were fitting well. I normally can get a pair broke in within a week. The cost was high but I did the purchase over cyber Monday which helped. The size is narrow. I got a wide and wish I would have gotten a double wide (Customer Service told me to get double wide, I didn't listen, please listen to customer service, they know their stuff). Last issue is the shoe laces are too short. I prefer to rap the lace around he back of the boot and tie in front. The laces don't allow me to do that ( I will do this when its time to buy new laces). Overall, I think the boots are very well worth it. My feet stay warm, dry, they don't hurt, and boots stay tied all shift which is something only Haix has been able to do. If you need a good cold weather boot, these are it!!

27 Jan 2018


Have had these boots for a week and i absolutely love them. They are very stiff , which relates to the quality of the leather.The craftsmanship is top notch. Everyday i wear them they seem to get more comfortable. Like in earlier posts i have a normal width foot. And ordered a wide which is perfect. Ordered the winter boots for warmth and so far have been great for the temps in Illinois .

Admin 29 Jan 2018

Hi Stephen,

Thank you so much for taking the time to review the Airpower P7 High Winter. Our boots are stiff at first and can take longer to break-in due to the full-grain leather used throughout. These boots do run a little narrow so we are glad the wide is working out well for you. Overall, we are happy to hear that you love these boots and we hope they continue to serve you well in the future. Stay safe out there!

25 Jan 2018

Extremely Narrow

Not even close to what size they say they are. I wear a size wide so I ordered Extra Wide for insurance that they would fit. They were more narrow than a women's medium wide shoe. They are extremely tight and very uncomfortable.

Admin 26 Jan 2018

Hi Noah,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on the Airpower P7 Winter. These boots do tend to run narrow. We apologize that these boots are not wide enough for you. Unfortunately, our XW is only a EE and sometimes that is just not wide enough for some of our customers. If you ever have any questions about sizing, don't hesitate to call our Customer Service Dept. or reach out to us via Live Chat. These boots will likely loosen up some as they get broken in. I hope this does not deter you from considering HAIX again in the future. 

14 Jan 2018

Great Boots

Outstanding boots . Very supportive. They do however have a break in period as they are all leather. I have owned Danner practically every brand boot you can imagine and these are by far the best boot. I imagine they will get better as the age and break in. The advice on sizing was perfect one size wider than normal and same length as your athletic shoe. I will have to get another pair of HAIX. for summer wear as these are insulated but I wear my boots for over 18 hours when working . Very happy with this purchase . And customer service was AMAZING

Admin 15 Jan 2018

Hi Patrick,

Thank you so much for your review of the Airpower P7 High Winter. We are happy that you have found these boots to be outstanding and very supportive. These boots do take longer to break-in than others due to the full-grain leather used throughout. We are glad that this is the best boot you've ever owned and hope they continue to serve you well in the future. We appreciate your loyalty to the HAIX brand. Stay safe out there!

13 Jan 2018

Very Narrow Boot

I swore up and down Haix would be the only boot I would ever buy again. This was very true with the Athletic 11 side zip summer boots. Those are amazing! The AP7 winter boots are a different breed. It’s still a good boot, but it fits and wears completely different. Here’s my review and tips:
1. My feet are regular, however I tried the wide and extra wide sizes to get a decent fit. I went with wide. If you have regular feet, get the wide size! If you have somewhat wide feet, get the extra wide. The extra wide size may not be enough for you though. Overall, the boot is true to its numbered size.
2. The arch support is almost overkill. If you need support these boots have it!
3. The heel is tight and cradled.
4. The leather is quality and needs forever to break in. I’ve owned my pair for over a month and I’m still kind of breaking them in. I work long days too. My advice is to not lace them too tightly. This will only hurt the outermost portion of your feet. I’m still finding my sweet spot with them. The dual zone lacing is great. You can completely customize the fit for each portion of your foot. I feel like this feature alone has set the boot above the competition.
5. The boots are warm! So far they have kept my feet cozy in the cold MN winter. Make sure you let them dry out for a while after wearing them for an extended period of time though.
6. The tread is good, but theses boots don’t quite have the grip my Rocky boots did on ice or wet pavement.
7. Stick with the boots during the break in period! You will want to give up on them. Especially if you have them too snug. Just loosen the lower zone slightly. It makes a world of difference.
8. If you can physically look at the boots and try them on in a store, do it!!!! You will be very happy you did. Like I’ve said earlier the boots just wear way differently than other boots. They are definitely a narrow style boot.
9. I feel like the soul/cushion could have been a little more comfortable. Maybe increase the thickness?
10. Overall, it’s a good boot that should last for years. Haix seems like a great company that stands behind their product. If you have an issue they will take care of you.

Hopefully this review helps anyone on the fence about this boot. Enjoy!

Admin 16 Jan 2018


We appreciate you taking the time to review the Airpower P7 High Winter. You are correct that the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip is quite a different boot from the Airpower P7 High Winter. The Athletic 11 is more of a high-top athletic shoe whereas the P7 High Winter is a tactical police boot. The P7 High Winter does run a bit narrow in the toe box, so we do recommend going up in width. If you ever have any questions about sizing, our Customer Service dept. and our Live Chat representatives would be happy to help. The arch support is pronounced in this boot but it keeps your foot in in the best and healthiest position. Our boots do tend to take a little longer to break-in than other boots due to the full-grain leather used throughout. We are pleased to hear that you like the two-zone lacing system which allows for a customized fit and that the boots are warm especially during the cold Minnesota weather. We are glad that you are happy with the service you've received thus far and that the boots are serving you well. Thanks for the recommendation. Stay safe out there!

9 Dec 2017

Love Haix

Bought Haix AP7 for years. Glad they came out with a winter boot. I use them for climbing, I'm a Certified Arborist. I get at least 2 years out of a pair, and i climb on a daily basis. Love the heal and arch support. Fantastic with spurs, ascender,or foot lock method. Way better than a logger boot. I also do a lot of hiking. If you buy the winter AP7 go a half size up.

Admin 11 Dec 2017

Hello Poppy,

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Airpower P7 High Winter. We are happy to hear that these boots have served you well when climbing on the job. We are glad that you love the heel and arch support in this boot although it is not a true logger boot. Thank you for the recommendation and for your loyalty to the HAIX brand!

23 Nov 2017

Great Boot

Purchased these boot about a week ago. They are a little stiff as they are made of leather but comfortable. I ordered a WIDE but they fit more like a normal width, I would suggest that if you normally wear wide shoes, you order the extra wide. In cold winter months, I would normally double sock with an insulated sock, unfortunately (unless they stretch as they get broke in) I probably will not be able to do that as they would be too tight. Otherwise a good boot and would recommend them.

Admin 23 Nov 2017

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your feedback on the Airpower P7 High Winter.  These boots can be a little harder to break-in due to the full-grain leather used throughout but we are happy to hear that you found them to be comfortable.  These boots do run a little narrow in the toe box, so we do recommend going up in width.  We appreciate your recommendation.  Stay safe out there.

20 Feb 2017

My first pair of Haix, and now the only brand I'll ever buy!

You get what you pay for. With the Haix Airpower P7 Winter, I got the best all around tactical boot suitable for winter wear that I've ever worn. I've been doing this job a long time. I've tried many top brands: 5.11, Magnum, Bates and Converse. I'm sticking with Haix from now on. The boot is of the highest quality materials and construction, and it translates to the comfort and durability that is obvious after just a few days wearing them. As with all quality leather boots, there is a bit of a break-in period (about a week for me). I've had the boots for over a month, worn them 5-6 days a week. My feet stay dry and warm, and don't even sweat in them. They still smell like they just came out of the box. (That's saying something for me.) I will be buying a pair for summer use shortly, as well as several of my coworkers who wanted a pair as soon as they saw mine.

Admin 21 Feb 2017

Hi Luis,

We appreciate you sharing your experience with the Airpower P7 High Winter.  We are so glad to hear that they have served you well on the job and have kept your feet dry and warm.  Our boots do take a little longer to break in due to the full grained leather used throughout but after that they offer optimum comfort.  Thanks for being a loyal customer and recommending our boots to your coworkers.  Stay safe out there!

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