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Airpower XR200 (CA)

Most people don’t realize how important good safety shoes can be while on the job. Not only from the safety standpoint, but from the comfort and usability standpoint. You need to be able to keep your mind on your job and not on your aching feet. The HAIX® Airpower XR200 incorporates an array of features to meet a wide variety of job demands. When you have a tough job to do, you need a strong boot. Out in the elements, you can rely on the quality and European craftsmanship which goes into each pair of HAIX® Airpower XR200 boots. Forestry workers will enjoy the durability and strength of these versatile boots. Two zone lacing lets you maximize the fit of your boot, while the ankle support and protection keeps you on your feet on and off the trail. The Airpower XR200 contains minimal seams for more durability as there is less chance of seam failure especially when hiking through rough brush. The rubber sole gives extra grip and slip resistance too. These boots are hiking and arborist friendly footwear; as the built in cut protection keeps feet safer from accidental chainsaw cuts. Sturdy and scientifically designed with the latest in lightweight comfort and heavy-duty protection, the HAIX® Airpower XR200 has an anatomically formed composite toe cap to protect your tender assets while giving you enough room for your toes to move. Built in arch support helps to absorb the weight of your body with each step you take. Made for men and women who desire comfort and quality. Upper Material Outer boot material is water resistant, oiled nubuck leather, which gives it stability yet allows the foot to breathe. The composite protective toe cap helps prevent foot injuries, especially to the toes. The para-aramid cut protection system helps keep your feet safe while working with the chainsaw. Insole, Lining and Footbed The Secura Liner® keeps feet cool with its breathable material made of GORE-TEX®, and ensures that your inner boot lining will not wrinkle, pull up, or pull loose from your boot. The inner liner is waterproof and useful for keeping feet at a balanced temperature. The Climate System ensures a continuous air circulation in the footwear. ‘With every step, fresh air will be pumped into the boots and heat will be pressed out of boots through the vent holes at the top of the boot. Designed by HAIX®, the Arch Support System keeps your foot properly supported, and protects its natural curvature, making the boot comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. When you need to move and stretch, rely on the HAIX® Flex Protection System; the heel area is reinforced with leather in order to protect the bend, yet allow the foot to make the wide range of natural movements necessary when working or hiking. Sole The midsole is made of non-metallic and flexible material which is puncture resistant. The rubber sole is oil and fuel resistant, self-cleaning, long lasting and extremely slip resistant. Built in electrical hazard protection can potentially reduce the danger you can encounter if you come into contact with live electrical circuits. Certification Certified to ASTM F 2413-2011 and CAN/CSA Z195-2014 for its safety toe, sole puncture, and electrical hazard protection, the Airpower XR200 also offers European Class 1 (20m/s) cut protection. Waterproof and breathable with a built in climate system to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature, Airpower XR200 is a perfect all around choice for many job applications. Engineered in Germany Forestry/arborist boot with Cut Protection (20m/s) Non-metallic and flexible punctual resistant midsole Waterproof and breathable Oil and fuel resistant anti slip sole Electrical hazard

Airpower XR200 (CA)

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HAIX Airpower XR200 (CA)

Item no. 604105


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Light, agile, and comfortable; but not as durable as hoped

These boots are light and comfortable. Be prepared to work them in a little when you first get them but once they soften they are weightless on the feet. I work as a wildland firefighter and found these amicable when moving numerous kms every day through the bush. I ended up putting a Superfeet sole into these boots as I need the extra support and found the original soles a bit flat. Once those were upgraded, a hiking dream. These boots had good waterproofing but given that typically I am in water past my knees what was more impressive was their ability to stay breathable and dry quickly afterwards. It was nice having the composite toe for some protection and found it not too bulky. The grip on the sole was adequate and aggressive enough for the variety of conditions seen, although it seems softer than Vibram soles and seemingly less heat resistant. Surprisingly, boots even warm when I was wearing them in some colder snowy conditions which was a pleasant surprise as well.
I did really enjoy these boots except I found them to feel odd over the bridge of my foot with an odd amount of excess material in the tongue which became uncomfortable. Maybe it was because I got a wide instead of medium fit in the foot, I am not for sure. The laces broke fairly quickly after purchasing, which was a bummer as they were great feeling laces. In September I found them to be leaking through the sole where the leather has separated from the boot on both feet. I have submitted a warranty claim to see if this is manufacturer defect. Still this is disappointing given I owned less than a year and cost over 400 dollars. Durability is important when marketed as a forestry boot and this didn’t quite meet my expectations. Given work requires a safety toe and class 2 certification, going forward may try the Protector Prime.



Durability Issues

I purchased a pair of these in February 2016. I pointed out right away a couple holes in the soul and some thinning along the boot where the Soul Meets. They were deemed normal however now the sole has come apart from the boot. As well as ripping into the soul. Overall I was happy with the boot except for this issue. Not sure if I'll be buying another pair or not in the future.



Light. Strong and smooth walking action

This boot is by far on par with every expedition ice climbing mountaineering boot I have ever owned. Just having The protection I need for work.
Love them.

Jason B.

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