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Airpower XR26


 What size should I order?

For some, protective footwear is not an option but a necessity. You need to protect yourself from potential dangers on the job like foot or toe injuries, twisted ankles, and sole penetration from sharp objects such as nails and screws. High quality protective footwear manufactured by HAIX® not only provides top level comfort, you get top comfort as well. The new HAIX® Airpower XR26 landscaping boots feature an ultralight protective toe cap made a of fiber-reinforced composite that far exceeds safety testing standards. HAIX also adds a TPU outer toe cap, to reduce the wear and tear in the toe area. The puncture protective sole is flexible, lightweight and metal free. HAIX® Airpower XR26 men's work boots for landscaping offer a waterproof GORE-TEX® Performance inner liner is especially suited for outdoor use to keep your feet comfortable and dry, day in and day out. The inner liner has just a bit of added insulation to let you handle the colder temps on an outdoor worksite. The GORE-TEX® liner is durably waterproof when paired with our unique secura liner system. These durable waterproof work boots feature the HAIX® Climate System to keep your feet cooler in warmer temperatures and warmer in cooler temperatures by circulating air in and out of the safety boots for men with every step. Moist air is released and fresh air comes in through the vent holes at the top of the boot, keeping your feet at a comfortable temperature balance. Not too hot and not too cold. The built in arch support in these landscaping shoes is the hallmark of the HAIX® Airpower line and supports the natural curve of the foot to keep your foot in the best position for overall foot health. Especially important when on your feet all day. The antislip rubber/PU sole presents with an on road/off road profile with superior abrasion resistance so it doesn’t wear down on you in the blink of an eye. The sole of these landscaping shoes also offers additional thermal insulation from either cold or hot ground and is heat resistant too. Tested to ASTM and CAN/CSA standards to be electrical hazard resistant. Soft suede leather upper Composite toe and metal free puncture protective sole GORE-TEX® Performance breathable waterproof inner liner HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time Non-marking on-road/off-road sole with long lasting durability Fuel, oil, and heat resistant sole Sole provides excellent insulation from hot and cold ground EH Rated - Electrical Hazard resistant

Airpower XR26

Unisex model


For you, protective footwear is not an option but a necessity. Airpower XR26 makes the safety choice the easy choice.



 What size should I order?

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Your first line of defense against workplace hazards

With an endless list of injuries that can happen at work, Airpower XR26 ensures that list gets just a little bit smaller.

Protect your toes with our composite toe cap

The integrity of your feet, and especially your toes, is important. The Airpower XR26 is equipped with composite toe caps that are lighter weight yet still keep your toes protected to the highest safety requirements. It helps reduce foot and leg fatigue from long hours on the job.

Keep yourself safe from Electrical Hazards

Airpower XR26 is independently UL-certified to provide electrical hazard protection to 18kv - because whether you are a landscaper, construction worker, or in manufacturing, you could potentially come in contact with live wires. Airpower XR26 offers that extra level of protection.

Keep yourself dry and comfortable thanks to GORE-TEX®

No matter the weather, you need to do your job. The GORE-TEX® inner lining on our Airpower XR26 will guarantee your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter how long you are out in the elements. Dry feet, no distraction, full focus on the job.

Keep your footing with HAIX® protective sole

With the Airpower XR26 slip-resistant sole, you can walk and run with confidence. The integrated safety sole won't melt on hot pavement or disintegrate from oil, fuels, and chemical exposures at accident scenes. As an added feature, the sole is EH-rated as well.

Extended comfort to endure the longest hours no matter what your job requires of you

Your spend long hours on your feet, we make sure you end your day on the right foot.

Comfort fit with HAIX® cushioned insole

HAIX insoles keep your feet and your shoes fresher and more comfortable on the job. Our insoles absorb perspiration to keep your feet dry even in the most rigorous conditions. Added cushioning provides extra comfort. The microfiber design is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. Replace occasionally to keep your shoes fresh and comfortable.

Extra support for your feet with the HAIX® Arch Support System

You can perform your duties better with more stability in the Airpower XR26. The built-in arch support relieves stress on your feet by distributing weight more evenly. Walk without pain, improve your general well-being, and increase your ability to perform without the distraction of foot and leg pain.

Soft Nubuk leather that offers long wearing durability

Airpower XR26 offers a combination of soft and supple suede leather and smooth leather with extra padding in the tongue and ankle area to provide a layer of cushy comfort to pressure areas at the top of your foot and the delicate ankle area.

Breathable comfort with HAIX® Climate System

The Airpower XR26 ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable by utilizing special foams that absorb moisture from your feet between the inner lining and the leather. With each step, moist air expels, and fresh air enters through the vent holes at the top of the boot. This Climate System functions like an air conditioning system for your feet.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Airpower XR26

Item no. 607209

Climate system
Built In arch support
Composite toe
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Waterproof inner liner
Non-metallic puncture protection
EH rated to 18kv
Rubber toe protection
Slip resistant hiking sole
Upper material:
Nubuck leather
Boot height in inches:
6 inches
Inner liner:
GORE-TEX® Performance
ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195
Safety toe:
Composite toe
Lace up
Product type:
Factory firsts
Primary use:
Composite ladder shank
EH Rated

Your questions. Our honest answers.

Yes you can buy replacement parts for the Airpower XR26 such as insoles and laces. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. If you are looking to retread or refurbish your Airpower XR26 boots, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program.
Your Airpower XR26 boots can be retreaded and refurbished with original manufacturer soles, parts and materials through our Extended Wear program. To freshen your boots, replacement insoles can be purchased online at haixusa.com.
Airpower XR26 runs pretty true to size in length, but a little narrow in width because of the built in arch support. We recommend going to a wider width. The boots come in either a medium or wide width.
The Airpower XR26 has a composite toe cap which exceeds ASTM testing requirements. It also has a rubber edge that enhances the comfort of the transition zone between the toe cap and the boot.
The Airpower XR26 features hydrophobic nubuk leather which allows the boots breathe while keeping the leather water resistant, and a waterproof inner liner of GORE-TEX which will keep your feet dry and comfortable
While the 2 boots have a similar fit and many features in common, the Airpower XR26 has a sueded Nubuck leather as opposed to an oiled Nubuck leather. The Airpower XR26 does not have the extra layer of cut resistant material that the Airpower XR200 has and has black and gold laces instead of the orange laces the Airpower XR200 has for visibility. Airpower XR26 is slightly shorter than Airpower XR200, measuring in at 6 inches, while the Airpower XR200 is 7 inches in height.

Great work boot

These are awesome work boots i work in all kinds of conditions dirt, grass, pavement, rain, mud, gravel, you name it these boots have been thru it all and continue taking a beating. They didn't need any break in period I took them out the box put them on and never once did i have any issues with them. Great boots I recommend them to everyone needing a good all around boot. I'll be ordering another pair as soon as these are wore out.

Moses Perez


Nice mid weight boot

I have had the XR26 9.5 medium for a month or so. My first impression was that they looked small, however the size was spot on. They fit exactly as my XR200'S do just not quite as comfortable. Nice wide opening, easy to slip my foot in. They seem a little stiffer than the XR200, but not quite as much support, which is I assume supposed to be that way. The tongues do slide to one side which is uncomfortable, but I've taken to taking a lace wrap around the slot in the tongue at least until everything settles in. The laces are a bit short, with the typical lace knot there is 1 inch remaining on either side so no double knot. I wear them in the wood shop and sawmill and they don't really show the wear I get with the XR200's. The finish of the boot is amazing as after my normal wear and tear no polish is needed. The finish stands up way better than the XR200's, but for logging the 200's are more substantial. Weights are, 200's 2 lbs 3.1 oz. the XR26 1 lb 15.5 oz. Overall as nice mid weight boot.

Jeff H.


Excellent boot

I'm a truck driver on shift 12+ hours a day and I don't feel any fatigue in my feet at the end of the day since wearing these boots. Give them a few days to break in and you're set. An all black model in this height would be nice.



Great boots!

These boots were great right out of the box. They fit true to size, and didn't require any break in. I went with the wide width as suggested, abs they fit great. I brought them with me riding atv's in the rain for three days and they kept my feet completely dry! As far as my routine work as a contractor, they're very comfortable working all day in mixed environments.



Most comfortable work boot Ive owned

I work at sea on a vessel in arctic conditions and the bering sea. These boots are extremely comfortable working on a steel deck and keep my feet very warm in "summer polar conditions". The Airpower offers a pretty ideal amount of support while being very east to climb ladders and platforms. The only downside is the treads wear down pretty fast on non skid deck surfaces.

Arthur L.


Amazing Boot

Haix boots are amazing boots, my fiancé love his boots.. however he asked for a 10 and realized after wearing them he should’ve got a 9.5 but besides the sizing issue he loves them.. I’m sure we will be purchasing a 9.5 in the near future!

Cassandra K.


Comfort and quality

These boots are amazing i just wish they had boa lacing options but they are so high quality i will buy them again

CARL Nathan M.


Great work boot

These are awsome work boots i work in all kinds of conditions dirt,grass,pavement,rain,mud gravel you name it these boots have been thru it all and continue taking a beating.they didn't need any break in period i took them out the box put them on and never once did i ha e any issues with them.great boots i recommend them to everyone needing a good all around boot.ill be ordering another pair as soon as these are wore out

Moses P.


Great item. I kept reading on here that you had to break the shoe in but I just took it to work from the first day I’ve never had an issue with it. When I was in the military I wore extra wide boots and I got the wide for these; it was a perfect fit.

5 stars

Jorge E.


Great landscaping boots

Waterproof with great toe box protection and angle support while still being flexible. A lot more flexible than the logging boots, as others have said.



XR26...the slimmed down XR200

These are my third pair of Haix boots and probably my favorites so far. These are made on the same last as the XR200 but are lighter weight and faster to break in. My one complaint on these and it is a minor one is that the laces feel very cheap compared to the XR200 laces. If they would charge $5 more and give me laces to the XR200 I would be very happy. These are very comfortable and to me feel like a good hiking boot. Due to being slightly lower cut than the XR200, these are not as stiff and provide less ankle support than the XR200. Also, because they lack the chainsaw protection of the XR200, they bend better at the upper and are much less thick which in turn makes them feel cooler. I would recommend these to everybody. I would love to see these in different colors and maybe make an 8-inch version, maybe call it the XR28. Great boots, great quality, very comfortable.

Guy L.


Good boots

Good boots , length is good , but I ordered and received wide , but they are not particularly wide compared to North American sizes . I would like wider .



Great Boots

This is my first pair of Haix and won't be my last! I am only 12 hours into wearing them but there is no break in at all and they are very light on the feet. The alignment of the lace hooks really allow the boot to snug up and support the ankle and the toe box provides plenty of room and comfort.
OI ordered the wide boot as it said they fit narrow and these fit me perfect so that is definitely true. Other than the width they fit true to size.

Overall I definitely recommend this boot!

Randy V.

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