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Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip


 What size should I order?


Lightweight Running Shoe Technology and Cutting-edge Performance The Black Eagle® line is designed with your needs in mind. Combining running shoe technology with innovative functional features, Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip offers one of the lightest and most breathable side zip tactical boots out there. Made to be worn indoors or out, this boot is built for comfort and incorporates many unique features you didn't even know you needed. Perfect for Swiftwater Rescue Operations As a member of a swiftwater rescue team, you need a boot that fits your needs and stands up to the extreme demands you place on it. Because not only are you working to get others to safety, you have to keep yourself safe as well. Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip is lightweight and responsive while offering the durability and quality HAIX® is known for. For better overall protection and support during swiftwater operations, step away from tradition and experience the difference of the HAIX® with the Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip. Durable, Shock Absorbent Heel with Built-in Support Designed for speed and constructed for durability, Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip has what it takes while you put them through their paces. The cushioning in the heel area will give you just the right amount of shock absorption while the strong spring-back material in the forefoot allows for the most efficient use of energy. And with built in pronation and supination support, your foot stays ideally positioned to keep weight distributed evenly throughout which is so important with regard to your foot health. Metal-free with Slip-resistant Soles The long-lasting and durable sole of the Black Eagle® line incorporates a special rubber and tread design that provides excellent multi-directional anti-slip grip on many surfaces, even in wet or cold weather. What does multi-directional anti-slip mean for you? It means you can start, stop, and turn on a dime without worrying about losing your footing. The soles are resistant to oil and gasoline, are antistatic, and promises not to mark up your floors. This boot is airport friendly since Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip is entirely metal free too. Highly breathable with HAIX® Climate System and Cushioned, Moisture-wicking Insoles Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip features a super light microfiber design which is extremely breathable when paired with the built in HAIX® Climate System, your feet will stay comfortable indoors and out, even in hotter temperatures. The removable antibacterial insole also provides ample support and a cushiony feel for a comfort fit day in and day out. 2-Zone Lacing System with Side Zip for a Custom Fit The patented 2-Zone Lacing Syatem allows independent adjustment between the upper and lower part of the boot, so you can get a fit tailored just for you. The addition of the built-in side zip allows you to fix it and forget it. Once adjusted, you have quick in and out convenience every time. We also added side pads which protects your sensitive ankle area from shocks and blows. Extended Limited Warranty The optional add-on Black Eagle® extended limited warranty makes choosing this line an almost a no brainer. After trying the Black Eagles, HAIX® may just be the last brand you'll ever buy. Also available as low HX Design element made of tear resistant PU material covers the midfoot and transfers traction forces of the lacing elements HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance Cushiony, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial insole with "AIRFLOW" channels Anti-slip grip on a variety of terrains even in wet and cold conditions Heel clip that stabilizes the rear of the foot 2-Zone Lacing - Ankle lace lock allows independent lace adjustment between the upper and lower boot. Ankle side pads for additional ankle protection from shocks and blows Toe bumper for additional abrasion protection Metal-free Durable anti-slip sole resistant to oil and gasoline, non-marking Antistatic Side-zip convenience Optional Black Eagle extended warranty: Opt to extend the HAIX® One Year Limited Warranty for one additional year by filling out this online form Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip

Unisex model


Protect your community. Don't miss a step with Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 .



 What size should I order?


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Engineered for service

You keep our communities safe. Your Black Eagle is your trusted partner on every call.

Keep your footing with HAIX® Anti-slip Sole

In the Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip, no matter the situation, you can rest assured you will stay on your feet. The distinctive tread design combined with the special rubber compound that goes into the Black Eagle® sole will maintain its traction on a wide variety of surfaces and in many types of weather, even when it's wet and cold. The high-density midsole won't have you feeling every rock and stone either.

Supportive cushioning with HAIX® Absorption

The Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip will keep your feet comfortable and supported when on the move all day. The built-in cushioning in the sole acts as shock absorption, effectively cushioning each step, while the energy return in the sole gives you extra spring in your step and helps reduce foot and leg fatigue.

Protect your ankle area with the HAIX® Ankle Protector System

With a physically demanding job, you could find yourself running, jumping, or even navigating through obstacles. The HAIX® Ankle Protector System in the Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip shields the delicate bones in your ankle, providing essential protection. As an added benefit, the ankle protector can act as a "brake" when crawling on angled surfaces.

Ready to go with the HAIX® Side Zipper

Enjoy the quick convenience of the side zipper on the Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip. Get a more personalized fit by adjusting the lacing, fix it and then forget it. Enjoy that fit all day, every day. Slip on, zip up, and go.

Comfort to endure the longest hours

You spend long hours on your feet. We make sure it doesn't feel like it.

So lightweight, you hardly feel it

Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip could be the lightest 8" boots you will ever own. Their lighter weight may make you forget you are even wearing boots. It reduces foot and leg fatigue when you are on the move all day.

All day comfort and athletic feel

The running shoe technology built into the Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip is lightweight and flexible. Cushioned insoles give you the extra comfort your feet crave. Enjoy an athletic shoe feel with the function of a duty boot.

Optimal support thanks to 2 zone lacing

The Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip adapts perfectly to your foot. Independently adjust the upper and lower part of your boot just the way you like it for a comfort fit tailored just to you. You like it tight across the foot, but looser on the leg? You can do that. Like it tighter across the ankle for more ankle support? You can do that too.

Quick drying and breathable thanks to our all textile upper

Your Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip boasts a microfiber textile upper that prioritizes breathability. This material keeps your feet comfortable by wicking away moisture, ensuring they remain cool and dry even with perspiration. Additionally, the microfiber textile dries rapidly and doesn’t retain water, making it an excellent choice for use on boats or near water.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip

Item no. 330004

Climate system
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Built In shock absorption
Anti slip sole
Highly Breathable
Side Zipper
2 zone lacing
Lace Pocket
Ankle protector
Quick Drying
Upper material:
Boot height in inches:
8 inches
Inner liner:
2 zone lacing, Side Zipper
Product type:
Factory firsts
Primary use:
Law enforcement
TPU R3000

Your questions. Our honest answers.

The Black Eagle® Tactical line of boots are either of all leather or mostly leather with some textile. All leather is sourced from Europe and is thicker and more durable than most leathers you see in boots today. The Tactical line also has a waterproof inner liner. Either GORETEX® or CROSSTECH®. The Black Eagle® Athletic line has uppers constructed entirely of microfiber textile and has no waterproof inner liner.
Yes the side zipper of the Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip allows the individual user to adjust the fit to their own personal needs, offering more ankle support as needed, or possibly offering a looser fit across the forefoot for wider feet. Boots should be adjusted to your preference when they are received, then just zip in or out from then on. A second adjustment to the lacing may be needed after the boots have gone through their initial break in period.
The Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip has the tab at the top of the lacing for storing the laces. Behind the tab there is a lace pocket to tuck the laces in. Prevents the laces from snagging or tripping you up.
The Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip runs similar in size to your athletic shoe size. The Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip comes in medium and wide. If you are wearing this boot with a wet suit for swiftwater rescue, you will need to go up in size to accommodate any dry socks.
Yes you can buy replacement parts for the Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip such as insoles and laces. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. If you are looking to retread or refurbish your Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip boots, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program.
The Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip is eligible for the Black Eagle® 2 year warranty for durability. Purchasers can opt to add on one additional year to the HAIX® 1 year warranty by signing up. Certain exclusions apply, see webpage for details.

Haix fan for life

Being in Law Enforcement for over 15 years, I’ve worn many different types of footwear. I used to just wear cheaper boots on duty, but my feet would ache after my shift. Now I see the difference in investing in great footwear and can never go back. Haix fan for life. Not to mention these athletic boots are like wearing tennis shoes. Super light on my feet!

Mike M., FTO Clearwater, FL


Awsome Boots

I have been working in Emergency services for over 30 Years. I have worn many styles of boots. I switched to Haix boots 13 years ago. I just tried the Eagle athletic boots. They are like wearing a pair of sneakers. I still wear my other boots; however, I prefer the Eagle boots for running and tactical stuff.



Great Boot

I was recommended these boots by a partner of mine. I tried them and they have been the best boot I have ever worn in my 19 years of LE. Comfortable and have lasted longer than any other boot I have worn. I just ordered another pair for a back up.

Casey J.


Best boots I've ever owned, tactical or otherwise

I've been a backpacker and climber all of my life, and a Mountain Rescue or Search & Rescue volunteer for the last 30 years. I've gone through lots of boots in that time, from expensive Italian leather boots to crazy technical plastic mountaineering shells. These boots outclass almost all of them. While I wouldn't use them with crampons on a 6000m peak, they just excel at everything that I need to do lower down. Easy in, easy out, with that side-zip and after minor lacing adjustments. They don't slip on wet decks during swiftwater rescues or in the rain on rocky terrain, and the fit is spot-on. Note that they are NOT waterproof, but then that claim is not made here; sensible people waterproof their feet in other ways, anyway, rather relying on the boot. Plus, they are simply comfortable. It's like wearing a pair of supple tennis shoes, but with excellent ankle support and grippiness on rocks. I have, unfortunately, started using these as my daily footwear--"unfortunately" because it means that I need to order a second pair to ensure that I always have some in good shape to answer SAR mission callouts. Bravo, HAIX. Bravo!

James G.


Well made and comfortable

I purchased a wide work badly size up for space to fit over my water suit. Fits perfectly. Much better than issued boots without side zip.



Best Duty Boots Out There

By far the best duty boots out there. I have tried other major brands and none have stood up to these. This is my second pair. I bought my first pair at the Firehouse Expo in Las Vegas in February of 2020 and I am still wearing them every day.

Dell Barlow J.


Great boots

I usually buy the XR2 boots but deviated from my normal purchase and bought the Black Eagle 2.0 athletic boots and I have to say they’re awesome so comfortable and light. The only issue I have with them is they’re very prone to getting wet on the inside since they’re not water proof but all in all good boots

Aaron A.


Great Boots!!!

Having worked in both police and security, I have worn several different brands of boots, but I find HAIX to be the most comfortable and durable so far. This is my second pair and I have no intentions of going back to any of the other brands. I followed the advice of the other reviews and ordered them 1/2 size bigger and requested extra wide and they fit great!

J. V.


Great Boot

One of the best fitting boots I have worn during the summer. I have two pair, one for work and one for swiftwater use. They are light weight and comfortable in the summer heat.

Steven H.


Comfortable and light

I have been a repeat customer of Haix for a while. I ordered these boots as the are described as athletic fit, easy on and off, and Haix quality/reputation. I found them deeply discounted at $60 off retail. So far I am very pleased as they are extremely comfortable being both light, and easy to take on and off with the zipper. They are comfortable in the southern climate I work in. The added ankle protection is a plus. I am pleased with my purchase and recommend Haix as a sold name brand.

M V.


Favorite Boots!

I have owned 3 pairs of these boots and I absolutely love them for the summer months! I am a career firefighter/paramedic, and these boots offer the best all day comfort compared to other brands that I have tried.
Now, the only downfall is that every pair I have owned, the side zipper starts to become detached from the boot. This causes the zipper to become damaged and inoperable after a while. My latest pair, of course occurred outside of the warranty period. I wish this didn’t happen. The boots would last so much longer for me.
But with that said, I did just purchase my 3rd pair.. so I clearly still love the boot. I own 8 different styles of HAIX boots. Best boot company out there! 10/10 recommend.

Tom S.


Haix boots for law enforcement

Received my pair in the mail not to long ago. They are great for duty. Will be ordering a half size smaller next time.

Robert n.



I originally became interested in HAIX boots when they did their 1000 officer giveaway/review. I applied but wasn’t selected to receive boots to give a test and review. HAIX sent me a discount code for some boots but it was still on the expensive side. I worked an extra duty job and saved the cash and ordered these boots. I’ve been very impressed took about two shifts on patrol to wear in and get the laces tightened to the right spot. Since then it’s been flawless with maintain support utilizing the zipper to take them on and off. The boots look amazing and I have people asking what they are. I’m still bummed I didn’t get selected for the demo but it led me to a great boot so I guess their marketing worked. 10/10 boots and I don’t claim that often even Solomons gave me issues and I’ve worn them for years. Now to see what customer service looks like if they do develop an issue.

Drew A.


Extremely comfortable

Terrence S.


One of my favorites

This is the 3rd pair of Haix boots I have purchased other 2 being P7 and black eagle gtx, love how breathable these boots are without compromising protection on the foot. My only down side is I wish It came in more widths. I use the double wide on the P7 which is amazing, sadly the black eagle line only seems to come in 1x wide which makes the break in period less pleasant for wide footed individuals. I have had this pair now for 3 months and are holding up well. Would buy them again.



Light weight and comfortable

Bought these boots to replace older ems type haix boots that were excellent and are still going. Very pleased with the boots so far after two weeks in. So light and comfortable to wear. I am on my feet most of the day with interior and exterior patrols. I would not hesitate to recommend this boot to others. If it holds up like the other haix boots I still have I will be an extremely happy return customer.

James H.


Duty Boots

Just got these a couple weeks ago. Extremely comfortable. Easy to put on and take off with the side zipper. I ordered a size 12 and they fit perfectly. Quality seems fantastic. Time will tell if they hold up though. So far I’m very impressed.



The best Duty boot I have owned

I ordered these boots in Sept 2019 and I must say I have been very impressed. At first I was very skeptical of those boot because I never heard of the brand. I did a bit of research and figured I would take a risk and try them out. I am so glad I did. I am a uniform deputy 6'1" 275 and Im on my feet 50+ hours a week. These boots have held up better then any other boots I have owned and the comfort level is the best. One of my favorite feature is the side zip. I tied my laces when I first got my boots and I haven't had to touch them since. I can honestly say I will be ordering another pair once these wear out.

John r.


Best Duty Boots Out There

I have a pair of these that I gave had for a year now. They have outlasted every duty boot I have ever tried and they still have a lot of wear. As a security officer for a major health care network, I would recommend these hands down.

Dell B.


Narrow fit, choose size accordingly.

This is my second purchase as my first pair were way too tight for comfort when I ordered my exact fitting size and had to be returned. I re-ordered a half size bigger than my foot size to get a good fit and even though I ordered the wide fit, they are not what I would call wide hence the need to go for a larger size than normal. Comparing these boots side by side with my others (Lowa's, Hanwags) you can clearly see they do run narrower than those. Slightly larger size does allow for a good fit though, the boots are nice and comfortable after a few days of break in, just make sure to tension the laces appropriately for the top of the foot and the upper ankle.

Now we see how well they last but i trust they will fair well.



Unfortunately runs narrow.

Out of the box these boots were sleek. Once I put them on they fit like a glove...too much like a glove. I had ordered the wide yet they still were too narrow to fit adequately for the long haul. I returned them shortly after the arrival. I tried to make them work just could not see having them wear out on the sides before long.



Great boots and great customer service

I ordered the Black Eagle 2.0 back in April. After a week or two the side zipper broke off when I was zipping them up. After reviewing the warranty I filed a claim and was emailed the very next day. The warranty claim process was simple and fast. I received a new pair about 4 days after filing the claim and even threw in a pair of socks. Im a LEO and have worn Haix for the past few years and I've never had any issues before with their products. I highly recommend HaixUSA for anyone looking for a boots especially if you're LEO.



Best Boots Ever

I have worked in EMS for almost 20 years and have had many different boots. A firefighter friend turned me on to Haix and it was the best decision ever. Every pair of boots I have owned before Haix have not held up to the demands of the job. Haix Black Eagle 2.0 are the most comfortable and durable boots I have ever owned. I will never look for another boot. I hope they never discontinue these!

Traci J.


Great pair of boots

Overall great! Shipping was fast. Boots were stiff for a couple shift but are extremely comfortable and durable. Definitely recommend to anyone.

Justin B.



This is my second pair and I am very happy with them. The quality is there and the only real reason I bought a new pair was I have an allowance to do so and that guy with the years of schooling says you should replace your footwear. I am not a fan of the front zipper and this is a great alternative. LEO/EMS/FS works great



Very comfortable

These boots are very light weight and very comfortable. I like that they are quick to put on simply by zipping them up the side. As a police officer I work my regular shift and overtime and my feet don’t get tired. I am very hard on my shoes and these shoes have proven to be very durable. I also like that they are not bulky like my previous work boots. I will definitely get another pair when it’s time.

Samuel N.



Initially when I put on the boot and adjusted the lower and upper lacing areas the left boot was pretty tight across front of my foot (balls of my foot) after about an hour or so it loosened up or stretched and felt great. I then had some rubbing on both of my pinky toes, I fixed that by wearing thicker socks the next day and have not had a problem since. We have been getting lots of snow where I am the past few days and the grip on these boots have been great. For me personally the only thing I would want to see improved is the little strap for the side zipper. I personally think that it should be about a 1/4” longer. It currently does its intended purpose but I think it could be better if it was longer than it would hold better.

John J.


Soo comfortable!

I was slightly worried at first because they felt so stiff but after an hour into my shift they broke right in! They’re the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. They have the stability and support like my 5.11s but lightweight and flexible like my under armours.

Kelley B.



I have been wearing the Haix brand boots/shoes for the past five years and have been on cloud nine ever since. This pair are the forth set of Haix for me and I love them. I am retired from the fire service now and work for the VA in Dallas, TX and this boot is perfect for me during warmer weather. I have a medical condition with my ankles (reason for FD retirement) and my ortho surgeon has put it into writing that I need to wear Haix boots and shoes from now on. They have greatly improved my condition so much that I don't need my cane any more.
Everything I encounter at the VA on a daily bases is handled with ease by these boots. The side zip is a blessing for those of us who like lace ups but don't like to lace up everyday. I can cover all eighty-seven acres, most of it concrete, and my feet feel just fine all day. Although they'er not waterproof, they do shed water quiet well. Just don't stand in a puddle! I do like the fact that they are a lot cooler riding my Harley to and from work when it's hot outside. This is Texas, cold today, hot tamale. I can honestly say I can walk through mud, water, oil, then back on concrete and not slip an inch. As I said before, I LOVE THESE BOOTS!!! Thank you Haix for all that you have done for me then and now. I WILL be a customer for the rest of my life... D.Ranck



very Happy

I've worn boots on the job for a long time, and have tried lots of different brands. These are my favorite so far. They run true to military boot sizes. The side zipper is convenient. The big thing though is the all day comfort. The soles are almost like orthopedic inserts in their support, but without discomfort. Dual zone lacing is effective. Ankle support is rock solid without feeling tight or heavy. I've had some mishaps and have hardware in both feet. I normally hate life after a few hours of patrol. When I switched to these I was immediately able to work all day with little fatigue. These boots are excellent.



Comfy Boots

I bought these as a back up pair of boots to my Haix XR2. Though these are not reinforced to and not "EMS" boots I think the Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 are more comfortable than the XR2 boots. The Black Eagle athletic 2.0 are true to size, and if you have wide feet these will be snug to tight fitting. Honestly my XR2 boots are now my back up boots.



Not bad overall.

Overall these boots are not bad. Really comfortable so that is a plus. It would be nice if they made a Gortex version but I waterproofed them myself and it hasn't been an issue. They run big. I normally wear a size 9 in boots and had to get an 8.5 that was annoying, but it is what it is and Haix was good with the return process. My biggest issue is the side zip. It keeps failing. I have been on light duty so I haven't been walking as much as normal and it still fails. Multiple times throughout the day the boot will unzip even with securing the zipper with the Velcro tab. I sent an email to the company but I have yet to hear back from them.
As a side not (that has no reflection in my scoring or review) it is nice that there is the extra Velcro flap to secure the boot laces but instead of an extra flap I think it would be better if the lace pocket was built directly into the tongue of the boot instead of adding the extra flap to it at the top. The Velcro will eventually fail like Velcro normally does. Just my two cents.

Dustin S.


Great Work Boot

I love these work boots. When you are walking for 12 hour shifts on concrete floors they are great. No slip is an added feature. Fit nice and love the breathable foot bed. My feet are not too hot or cool.



Great boot

Received these boots last week and so far they have held up, they're the most comfortable boot I've worn and being on my feet for 12 hours or more at a time they are great

Morgan C.


Great boots

When the box arrived I thought they forgot to put the boots in the box. They are that light. But very durable. I've worn them on shift and in training DTs. No issues. Very happy with these boots.



Great Boot, Sizing Sucks

Absolutely a great boot with one draw back. Haix idea of a “wide” size is very different than most companies. This boot has held up well after I stretched the insoles to properly fit my feet. For those, like me, that only purchase footwear in wide widths, I would consider an alternate brand.

Mark T.


Great Boots

Great product. Fast shipping. Very reliable



Good boot, Poor insole

To start, I really love my older Black Eagle boots. I like the fit and quality of the this new Black Eagle Athletic 2.0, but I find the insole to be far inferior to the insole of the previous models. Its really takes the boot down quite a bit in the comfort level. Other than the insole, the boot seems to be constructed well.

Nick C.


Fantastic boot...will try the wide next time

I ordered these boots for patrol after having worn the low cut athletic while on the mountain bike. I am pleased to say that the high cut are just as comfortable, light weight and breathable! They took about a week to properly break in and shape to my foot. They do run a little narrow so if you have wide feet, definitely get the wider width! I recommend these to anyone who is looking for quality boots.



Too narrow...

Boots are very light, but too narrow...



Good boots and good company

Just received these boots and they appear to be well made and very comfortable. As a previous reviewer commented, they are rather narrow in fit and appearance. Quick delivery and follow-up by this company. I was impressed as this is lacking in many companies these days.

Irvin M.


Best boots ive ever owned

These have been very comfortable boot, and have a great default insole. Only reason I do not give them a 10 is because these boots are not available in the wide and thus are a bit tight on my pinky toe. But overall it isnt something painful or anything. Also I got the regular instead of the water proof by mistakes.



Incredibly Comfortable

I cannot believe how comfortable these boots are. I am wearing them for 12hr shifts and I am on my feet for 90% of the time at work. They are light and haven't needed breaking in at all. The fit is excellent too. I will certainly be buying more.

Jane Louise B.


A GREAT Workboot!

Great cross trainer fit. Very light fitting. I own these and a heavier insulated Haix boot for colder weather. Huge fan! A very nice boot!

Bob G.


Give them time

I started with the Athletic 1.0 and wanted to reorder but they are discontinued. So I purchased the 2.0. I was a little disheartened initially in the break in process but now I’m pleased. Just give them time people.



Great tac boot

Would give it a ten but just wish it had a composite toe and goretex. Even though it would drive the cost up I would pay for these features. Also wish it was more waterproof.

Overall great boot, but need those features for my work. Should of looked more into the features. May consider an exchange as these boots are unwearable for my intended purpose.




I have had Haix hazmat boots back in the day and I love them! Now that I am in law enforcement, i decided to see how they were for the law enforcement side. They are by far one of the most comfiest and breathable boots i have ever worn. They had a very quick break in period and now I just bought the tennis shoe style ones for when i do bike patrol. Definitely still a great product and will continue to buy from them in the future!!

Duane C.


Recent purchase

Excellent excellent boot. I don’t see myself ever changing to another boot. Very comfortable,easy to put them in and take off and super lite.

James Morales S.



I had tried the Protector Ultra Primes but somthing about the fit of the shoe just wouldn't work for my foot. I opted for a lighter / thinner walled shoe in these Athletic 2.0 Zips in the same size and have had no issues and they are very comfortable. Considering a second pair if they can hold up durability wise.

Zach P.


Blown Away by Fit and Comfort!

As a retired United States Marine, former Police Officer and now a Gunsmith-I have been professionally wearing tactical style boots for over 28 years. I have NEVER worn a boot as comfortable as these! I am on my feet all day and my feet feel fantastic. I wear them at work, in casual clothes and in firearm and range competition. Tough exterior-looks fantastic today as when I purchased them!



Not overly impressed

Michael J.


Fricken awesome!!!!

First off... I didn't put 10/excellent because there is always room for improvement. For me though, I am blown away with your product!!! I've been wearing boots for most of my life and coming across your product makes me want to cry for joy! They feel great and they look great... I've been on them for 2 weeks or so and breaking them in makes it feel even better!
Another thing, Your customer service is excellent!!! While purchasing these bad boys I was being helped on the chat and who ever that person was did a great job with assisting me. I need to buy who ever that was a drink!
Thank you guys for everything! You guys are definitely my go to for footwear! Thank you!!!



Great athletic boot

Very comfortable. I like how its breathable and the side zip.

Morgan B.


Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip

The best breathable jungle boot type I've ever owned. I work in a large facility indoors that requires kinetic physicality in emergency situations and running to emergencies and they haven't let me down! As well with the zip they are extremely fast to get on and off. Highly recommend!



Great boot!

Awesome customer service to go along with great products. Bought these boots for work and they are very comfortable and lightweight. I will definitely be a future customer.

Jeremy C.


Best boots for urban terrain!

I have bought a lot of tactical brand of boots for the last 13 years, and these Eagle Athletic boots go beyond expectations. I am a Police officer for the city of Chicago, and these boots are perfect for the streets, I get into foot chases, climb fences and walk through hard surfaces. I own the previous pair which have held up for two years and are in good shape. I purchased the 2.0, and the new upgrade is even better. 2.0 version is more slim and not so chunky and more of a true athletic design to a gym shoe/boot. I hate wearing low top boots for duty, so these side zippers make it so much easier to take on and off. Boots are very comfortable after the break in stage, very light and very durable. Overall it is a excellent rugged boot that doesn't look too much like a boot. Hope the Desert Eagle boots al so get a upgrade.



Great Boots

I love these boots. I walk on concrete for 12 hour shifts. They breathe and my feet do not get over heated and they are very comfortable. I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and was very impressed that they were so comfortable the first time wearing them.



Very comfortable boot

I've been wearing these boots for work for about 3 months now and they are by far the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. They are very breathable and I love the side-zip. I wish they made a version with a leather toe cap. Or, even an all leather boot with a side-zip.

Chad J.


Why no waterproof

Why no waterproof, if it can extend GORE TEX inner, this will be perfect

Tom L.


Great Boot..But Could use a wide variant

I originally wanted the previous version of this. But is became unavailable due to the replacement with the 2.0. Previous reviews stated that the 11 High Side was a wide width and not to worry about not being able to get a wide version. I received these last week and have worn them for a few shifts. They are everything that they claim to be. They are just too narrow for me. Granted i always and sized as a wide for shoes, boots and sneakers. I have taken out the insole which gave me more room, but the boot was not comfortable to wear without the insert.

They fit to size..They are not wide be design.

The would be a 10, if they would come in a wide.

Donald D.

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