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HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 VT High Side Zip Desert

Breathable suede and textile desert boot

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The Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 VT High Side Zip in Desert Tan is fully designed and engineered in... more
Product information "HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 VT High Side Zip Desert"
Item number 330005
Primary use Military
Product type Factory firsts
Gender Male
Technologies Absorption, Climate, Ankle Protector, 2-Zone Lacing, Anti Slip
Waterproof No
Upper material Leather/textile
Inner liner Textile
Sole 018
Shank TPU R3000
Fastener Side Zipper, 2 zone lacing
Conductivity Anti-static
Safety toe No safety toe
Boot height in inches 8 inches
Color Fawn/beige

The Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 VT High Side Zip in Desert Tan is fully designed and engineered in Europe using all European sourced materials. What does this mean? It means that only the highest quality materials go into a boot that is quality crafted and built to last. This desert colored side zip boot is designed to fit like a glove, feel light on your feet, and keep your feet comfortable with its highly breathable design.

If you do a lot of walking in a day, either on or off the job, you will appreciate the comfort of the Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 VT High Side Zip desert colored boot, especially at the end of a long day. With built in pronation and supination support, your foot is supported in the way nature intended, keeping weight evenly distributed and evenly supported. The 2 layer midsole offers a cushioning effect and helps to absorb the shock of every step. Every element helps to support overall foot health.

The HAIX® sole on the Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 is made of a unique rubber mixture that lends itself to longer lasting durability. The sole composition offers excellent traction and slip resistance on any kind of surface, even in the cold. The sole of the HAIX Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 is fuel, oil and heat resistant as well as insulating from the cold. As an added bonus, these oil resistant shoes are non-marking and self-cleaning too. Good traction and stability can help you stay on your feet, even in challenging situations.

The super light microfiber and suede leather on the Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 VT is extremely breathable especially when paired with the built in HAIX® Climate System. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable even on the hottest days. The removable and washable insole helps to wick away foot moisture, helping to keep foot odor to minimum. The cushiony feel of the insole is an added bonus, adding an extra layer of comfort.

The patented 2-Zone Lacing System allows you to adjust the upper and lower parts of the boot independently in order to get a fit tailored to your personal preference. The addition of the built in side zipper allows you to fix the lacing and forget it. Once you adjust the lacing to your liking, you will have the quick in and out convenience of the side zip. The ankle area has the addition of rubber side pads that help to protect your sensitive ankle are from shocks and blows.

The optional add-on Black Eagle® extended limited warranty, which gives you the option to add an additional year onto the 1 year manufacturer warranty, makes choosing this line a no brainer. If you are looking for a boot that is both lightweight yet durable with the convenience of a side zip, these are the athletic military boots for you.

  • HX Design element made of tensile and tear resistant PU material perfectly covers the midfoot area and transfers forces of the lacing elements.
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • Cushiony, moisture-wicking, insole with “Airflow” channels
  • Anti-slip grip on a variety of terrains even in wet and cold conditions
  • Heel clip that stabilizes the rear of the foot
  • 2-Lacing Lacing – Ankle lace lock allows independent lace adjustment between the upper and the lower part of the boot
  • Ankle side pads for additional ankle protection from shocks and blows
  • Toe bumper for additional abrasion protection
  • Non-marking, fuel, heat, and oil resistant boots with durable anti-slip sole 
  • Antistatic
  • Side-zip convenience
  • Optional Black Eagle® extended warranty. Opt to extend the HAIX® One Year Limited Warranty for one additional year by filling out this online form

Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

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Customer reviews for "HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 VT High Side Zip Desert"
22 Nov 2021

Great boot

This is my second pair of haix boots. My first pair was at least 6 years old they were the black ones. Finely had to get a new pair because the soles were coming off the other's and it was just time. Took a little longer to break these in than I remember the other ones taking but I still love and will definitely be getting another pair asap. Thank you for a great boot!

21 Oct 2021

Comfortable and sturdy

These boots were recommended to me after I broke my ankle and needed a boot with good ankle support. I was not disappointed. They are extremely comfortable, have good support, and ample toe room. Initially they were stiff but the lacing allowed to me to customize the fit for each foot. I love the side zip for ease of putting them on although it requires a good tug. The tred looks like it will be suitable for winter hikes.

11 Oct 2021

Awesome Boots

My wife bought me my first pair of HAIX apprimately 8 years ago and I haven’t worn anything different since. I believe this is my 8th pair of HAIX boots and they are best law enforcement boots by far and I have been in the law enforcement for close to 30 years and worn many brands/types-just wish HAIX was around for police back then. Nothing comes close to HAIX…Thanks so much

29 Jul 2021

Excellent Value

Other than the little flap that holds the laces up and out of the way, and the velcro that holds the flaps down, amazing fit and finish on these boots and very comfortable.

13 Jun 2021


I bought them for my fiance he just loves them they are comfortable he took the right out of the box and put them right on!! Will be getting another pair as soon as possible

12 Jun 2021

Best boot I've had yet

So I now own 2 pairs of these boots, one pair is a daily wear boot and the other pair are for getting dirty. I will admit that it takes a solid 2 weeks for them to break in but once they do they really are a comfortable boot. I would like to see a little more cushioning inside cause after 16 hours on my feet they do get a little stiff. If you are on the fence about these boot just buy them, you won't be sorry!

8 Jun 2021

All day comfort

I have been buying these boots for a few years now. They are second to none. Some days I am in them for over 20 hours. They fit great. Comfort like a slipper, easy on and off for TSA and durable

28 May 2021


Great boot, fit like a glove. Very comfortable to wear and a good looking boot.

30 Apr 2021

Great Quality

These are a very high quality boot. Bought these to replace my Hot-weather SWAT boots. Although these are significantly heavier than a SWAT, the quality, durability and comfort do not even compare. The ankle support is great, the rubber toe cap is very durable, the side zip is heavy duty and convenient, and the tongue lace pouch is just straight genius. Well made boot, can't wait to test them in the elements more.

27 Apr 2021

Top shelf quality

Couldn't ask for a nicer boot! Quality, comfort, durability and great looks. Get complements often, that's always nice!

2 Apr 2021

2 Minnesota Winters And Still Look New

I bought these and thought they would be like all the rest. Boy, was I wrong. These boots have survived 2 MN winters and still look new. They are stiff, comfortable and mold to your feet for an almost snap-in feel. Just a note about these boots when they're new - they are very stiff. Mine came with a recommendation to wear them casually for a few days to break them in. After the break-in period they were a perfect fit.

Keep my feet warm in the winter and pretty comfortable in the summer. Rain or shine, they do their job and do it well.

Just bought another style of boot from HAIX, for some variety. This is where I'm shopping from now on.

6 Feb 2021

Happy walking.

Great fit, true to size. Great ankle support. Seems like they came already broke in. Trying to decide which shoes to purchase next.

6 Feb 2021

Absolutely love them from the minute I put them on so well built

Felt great from the time I put them on , if youre thinking about these boots buy them they are great

4 Jan 2021

My Favorite Boots

22 Jul 2020

Squeaky boots

Initially the boots were very comfortable and breathable. After wearing these boots for 80 hours on the job the squeaking began. These boots squeak so loud when I walk. I definitely will not be wearing these boots on missions requiring any stealth whatsoever. You can hear these boots coming from a mile away!

Admin 17 Aug 2020

Hi Joe,

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 VT High Side Zip Desert. We are happy to hear that you like the comfort and breathability of the boots. We apologize that you had some squeaking issues, but our Customer Service Dept. was able to find a reasonable solution to the problem to get your boots back in service. We hope you will remain a loyal HAIX customer and consider us for all your footwear needs in the future. Stay safe out there!

2 Apr 2020

Simply Excellent

I got the original Black eagle athletic 11's a few years ago and I fell deeply in love. After I wore those every single day, without exception, I eventually had to find a new pair, I immediately went to rebuy them but found they are discontinued to my dismay. After my experience with those boots there was simply nowhere else, no other boot company I would turn to, so I took a chance on these new editions. After a few days of breaking them in, they are just as good as the previous editions. These boots are the ultimate combination of sturdy and flexible, rugged and athletic. I can hike rough trail in these boots, or I can sprint full speed in these. There is simply nothing better. If you need lightweight boots that do not sacrifice toughness do not get anything else. These boots are it, stop what you are doing and order a pair.

9 Jan 2020

Great boots!!

I own a pair of Haix duty boots with the side zip. They are very comfortable, light weight, easy to get on and off, and look great. I decided to buy a pair of these as well for casual use, hiking, range, off-duty, etc. I am also very happy with these. They are also very comfortable, easy to get on and off, and they look great.

14 Nov 2019

Amazing boots!

This is the second pair of these boots I have. The ankle support is perfect for every day use, foot pursuits and SWAT. The tread is thick and wicked aggressive. Love these boots!

9 Oct 2019

Haix Black Eagle Athletic 20VT High Sidezip Desert

I climb roofs everyday and this boot really holds up to the abuse they get with excellent ankle support and grip.

29 Aug 2019

Haix boots

16 Aug 2019

Excellent but...

I had the V1s when the first came out and when they where finally available I was elated to find that they had done some streamlining. I absolutely love these boots but it took an exceptionally long time for them to break in. My boots took nearly two months of everyday use before they stopped giving me foot pain. I may have just gotten a off set but now that they are broken in they are exactly what I expect from Haix.

24 Jun 2019

Perfect Boots

Quick question ... how did you get a mold of my foot and orthotics and make a boot that fits absolutely perfect ..... just curious ,,, I am not mad at all ... so much so that I will be buying another pair or 2 of these boots. You nailed it on these boots. lightweight and comfortable. I have had 3 previous pairs of Haix boots, all have incredible and i would highly recommend all of them. These boots are top of the food chain for me. Perfect boots all around. I have had a career in the military. I have worn many many brands of boots through my career. These are very nigh end at a very reasonable price.

31 May 2019

Great Fit

Great boots, took a few days to loosen and break in but they are super comfortable. I wear them all day in my job in the military and have no real complaints. Planning on buying a pair in black as well.

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