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HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 FL High

Innovative Law Enforcement Boot with Upgraded Features

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HAIX® has added another duty/station boot to our popular Black Eagle® line. We are excited to... more
Product information "HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 FL High"
Washable & Exchangeable Insole Yes
Climate System Yes
Chemical/Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Yes
Sun Reflect Leather Yes
Built In Shock Absorption Yes
2 Zone Lacing Yes
Lace Pocket Yes
Ankle Protector Yes
Lightweight Yes
Anti Slip Sole Yes
Item number 340035
Primary use Law enforcement
Product type Factory firsts
Gender Male
Technologies Absorption, Climate, Ankle Protector, Smart Lacing, 2-Zone Lacing, Anti Slip, Sun Reflect, CROSSTECH®
Waterproof Yes
Upper material Smooth leather
Inner liner CROSSTECH®
Sole 018
Shank TPU R3000
Fastener 2 zone lacing
Conductivity Anti-static
Safety toe No safety toe
Boot height in inches 8 inches
Color Black

HAIX® has added another duty/station boot to our popular Black Eagle® line. We are excited to introduce the Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 FL High!

This all-leather 8” boot features the highest quality, water resistant, European bull hide leather for added durability and is polishable throughout, including the tongue. The HAIX® leather is smooth along each side for a more formal look with uniforms. This boot offers an extremely lightweight, athletic feel that will also satisfy the toughest uniform requirements.

The Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 FL High offers all-day comfort; even after long hours on your feet.

As an added benefit, the lightweight tactical boot features a CROSSTECH® inner liner that is both waterproof and breathable, to keep your feet protected from the elements, while also offering an added layer of protection against chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, and body fluids. Keeping you protecting from anything you may experience out in the field.

These lightweight tactical boots also have an anti-static, metal-free design, which means they are also airport friendly. These boots can be worn when working with security surveillance equipment, metal detectors, or delicate bomb disposal and deactivation equipment.

The HAIX® Climate System is integrated into the entire construction of the boot which helps to keep the inner temperature more balanced, with less sweating. The Climate System, along with our insulated sole, keeps the feet cool during hot temperatures and warm during cool temperatures. This, in conjunction with our Sun Reflect Technology, keeps the feet 20% cooler in direct sunlight compared to other leather boots.

The multi-purpose running soles feature a unique tread design for excellent grip on any kind of terrain, including wet or oily surfaces. These boots are lightweight and flexible when scaling fences, or using ropes, and can easily transition to running when needed. The sole is also non-slip, shock absorbing, non-marking along with being fuel, oil and heat resistant.

The built-in stone shield prevents the wearer from feeling sharp rocks or stones through the flexible sole. The machine washable cushioned insole offers additional all day comfort and wicks foot moisture away from the feet to keep them drier and more comfortable even when especially active.

Extra padding in the ankle area for provides additional support and stability, while the HAIX® Ankle protector system offers an additional level of safety to the delicate bones in the ankle area, helping to prevent injury.

The two-zone lacing system allows you to get a customized fit through independent adjustment of the upper and lower parts of the boot.

This combined with the Smart Lacing System allows for a smooth and quick adjustment of the laces, just pull tight, lock the laces in place, and tuck the ends into the handy lace pocket at the top of the boot.

Just like the other lightweight tactical boots in our Black Eagle® line, the Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX FL High comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with the option to add an additional year just by signing up online.

The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX FL High is available in sizes 4-13, whole and half and 14-16 whole sizes in medium and wide.

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Customer reviews for "HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 FL High"
24 Oct 2021


Great boots! Quick purchase and quick shipping.

24 Oct 2021

2nd Pair Purchased

This is the second pair of Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 boots that I have purchased. The first pair of boots I purchased was 3 years ago and it was time for another pair. I work in the Film industry and am on my feet for 12+ hours per day. This boot is very comfortable, light weight, provides great ankle support, waterproof and well made. I just received my second pair and was happy to see that the boots are the same as my first pair, manufactured in the same place and with similar high quality materials I have come to expect from Haix. Thank you Haix for providing quality footwear with consistently high level construction and comfort.
I wish you would provided a selection of UK Ministry of Defence boots to the North American/Canadian market.

24 Oct 2021

Incredible quality

My previous boots while on duty were Haix Airpower R2's. I wore them almost nonstop for 8 years. Now that I am an instructor and don't require the composite protection, I bought these.
One of the features that make Haix boots so great (I only have experience with the full leather construction) is the rigidity of the upper part of the boot. This rigidity allows you to step straight into the boot for those 0200hrs calls. Because the lower portion of the boots mould to your foot within a few wearings, you can actually almost run in these without tightening the laces or zippers. When laced/zipped up properly, they supply an incredible amount of ankle support, but don't cause any discomfort. Think of the support of a snowboard boot with the flexibility, weight and performance of a running shoe.
I am very happy to say that Haix has changed the composition of the soles. My original boots turned into"Dutch clogs" when it became 5 degrees Celsius or colder. These new boots have a more aggressive tread pattern and softer sole material that promises to maintain traction into our colder weather.
My old Haix have found a new life as my motorcycle boots. My new Haix black Eagles have definitely (so far) lived up to my expectations and I suspect that over the coming years, they will not disappoint.

20 Oct 2021

Great Boot!

I have ordered these boots for my troops several times over the past few months and they are absolutely tickled with them. They look great, they fit great and are being described as the most comfortable out of the box boots they have ever had. Not to mention a company that delivers within two days of placing the order, I couldn't be happier with these purchases.

3 Sep 2021

Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 FL High

Great boot, looks like a boot wears like a sneaker. I personally like the double fitting/tightening boot strings that can be tightened or loosen separately from the top of the boot to the bottom. I also like the insoles that can be taken out of the boot and washed without deforming the insole. I Will definitely order again.

27 Jun 2021


Its obvious Haix puts a lot of thought into the design and technology included in this boot. I trust in the quality of materials used and this brand. They are also easier to don than my old side zips. The only thing that prevents me from giving them a perfect score is due to their sizing. The wide width is more of a medium. I don't know how they'll break in but they are very tight in the metatarsal area of the toe box. If they added a bit more room to this area of the foot I would rate this boot the best in the industry.

15 Jun 2021


I have had 5.11 boots in many different styles and NOTHING comes even close to the quality you will find these boots possess. They hold up so well no matter what you are doing and the water proof is outstanding. Lightweight is an understatement leaving you to work hard and not get tired of big clunky patrol boots all the time. I would recommend them to anyone without a doubt. They are a little expensive but you definitely get what you pay for and boots are not something you want to be cheap on.

17 May 2021


Have owned for 3 weeks of duty so can’t speak to longevity. To date, best boots I’ve ever owned. High quality leather. Good fit, true to size (10W with custom orthotics). Comfortable. Lightweight. Thoughtful inclusions like generous pull on loops, speed laces, lace pocket on the tongue, reinforced ankles are all nice. The FL look is clean, professional, easy to maintain.

19 Apr 2021

10's across the board!

We use these boots at a lawncare company. Our technicians walk close to 20-30K steps a day, and these are they only boots that they all unanimously love! They are like a tennis shoe meets a supportive work boot. Traction is excellent on all surfaces. They last for a very long time compared to other brands products we have used. We will not be switching for quite some time!

4 Apr 2021

Good boot

Overall, they are light, excellent water proofing and the lacing system is reliable. For me though the breaking period was tedious and I had heel slippage. Took time for the boot to be comfortable.

2 Mar 2021

Good for warm weather, not for cold weather.

Was really looking forward to these being my new year-round, "go to" boots. I have been wearing XR1 boots for several years and was wanting a lighter boot for flight operations. I wear wool socks year round and have never had issues with cold feet with the XR1. However, these boots have proven to lack warmth from late fall through the winter. I have gone back to my XR1 boots for the winter months because of this, which are very bulky in the cramped space of the helicopter. I will try them again in the warmer months.

10 Nov 2020

Will buy again

I've only worn them for a couple of weeks, however, I'm Definitely enjoying these boots. I love the lacing system. Once the lower is set, the upper laces are quickly and easily adjustable for putting on or removing the boot. Boots are lightweight yet feel durable. The fact that they are waterproof is necessary for my job. My feet never feel too cold or too hot wearing these. I'll definitely buy these again when the time comes.

10 Nov 2020

Nice Boots

Nice, for the little I worn them, a long term review should be allows, for now I will say they are NOT good for ice and sub zero ground, very slippery, kind of like a hockey puck.

Admin 10 Nov 2020

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the feedback!  We do offer some models that are specifically designed for cold climates, including the Airpower XR2 Winter with a higher slip resistance sole.

9 Nov 2020

Black Eagle FL

Excellent boot they are much improved over the first generation of black eagles. They are light weight for a full leather boot, very comfortable, durable, and have a very professional appearance in full leather. They took about a week to break and feel great now .

6 Nov 2020


3rd pair of Haix, they just keep getting better! Fit, function and technology! The lacing system, everything! No break in, like wearing your favorite sneakers to work! Love Haix all day everyday!

6 Nov 2020

Great boots!

I was told about these boots from a friend at Calgary Police Service. They’re lightweight, wear like a running shoe, go on and off very easy. I usually wear hanwags, but I’m switching to these. Easy to order, delivered quickly. Just a great boot all around.

30 Oct 2020

Great Boots!

Perfect fit. Very well made.

27 Oct 2020


This is my third pair, won’t go back to anything else , save your knees, ankles , back, excellent product, lots of great features, highly recommended to my patrol partner or anyone that wants a great boot.

25 Oct 2020

Comfortable Boot

Surprisingly comfortable right out of the box. I transitioned to these after 2 pairs of GSG9s. I cut the loops off the back of the boot because my patrol pants got caught on them every time I exited the cruiser. The high vis tag and lace cinch are next to go. The lace system is not as good as the GSG9. It's a hassle to loosen or tighten the lower section. Be prepared for the velcro pouch that holds the laces to come undone. I'd give the boots 2 stars if they weren't so comfortable, and $100. I recommend a version with a traditional lace system, or better yet, make a black, all leather, rugged version of the GSG9/Scout/Combat Hero. The duty boot market is lacking in that area. Think uninsulated Crispi Nevada.

21 Oct 2020

Only boot to wear

I spent 8 years on a SWAT team of a major municipal Police force. Haix are then only boots that I will wear. They are very long lasting and comfortable once broken in. Doesn't matter which model I wore, the same can be said. They are stiff to start so the break in period is a bit tedious. Once they are worked in, they are very comfortable.

20 Oct 2020


My normal shoe size is 11.5, but I ordered these in 11.5 wide and they fit perfect. They’re very comfortable, especially for 12 hours on my feet. They are far more breathable than many other various brands that I’ve tried, but they’re still a bit warm. I’m very happy with this purchase.

20 Oct 2020

Seem Good, run narrow

I haven’t had a chance to put them to the test. But they seem well made. My feet are wide and the wide run narrow. I hope they will be ok.

Admin 20 Oct 2020

Hi Dan,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 FL High. We are glad that you like the high quality of this boot. They do run narrow even in the wide width, but we hope they work out for you once you get them broken in. Again, we appreciate your review. Stay safe out there!

19 Oct 2020

Very well made boots

18 Oct 2020

Great duty boot

Very supportive and comfortable

18 Oct 2020

First Pair of Haix

I got the boots about a week 1/2 ago. I’m a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Trooper. My job is more physically demanding than most LEO jobs. I also have Infantry feet from my Army days. With that said I am always skeptical with boots and shoes. So, I tried Haix and gave it a whirl. So far the boots are comfortable and they do not hurt my feet. No break in period, they were comfortable out of the box. Getting use to the shoe laces, cool idea with those. If these boot were made in 3/4 high they would be AWESOME!

17 Oct 2020

Uniform boot/ AZ Desert boot!!!

I wanted and was looking something lighter and more running shoes like boot for work. I have see a few from other companies and spoke to co-workers about the performance of other brands. Most of the complaints where to to durability of the boots in the hard AZ terrain, volcanic rock, cat claw and dirt will do a number on any boot. I have always thought, (Need to put a boot through an indurance test??? Give a west desert agent boots and let him work). You will have your answer in a few months. I have had the Black Eagle 2.0 boots for a little over a week and they have seen about 10 to 12 miles already, I think equivalent to 30 regular miles of regular use. So far I canf find any problems, they are lightweight and comfortable, even though I ordered the wide there is minimal movement of my foot in the boot. My feet feel cool and dry but it's not 110 outside any more, update to follow on that next summer. I love the boot so far, the lacing system is cool, I have never seen that in any other boot, quick and easy and it stays put all shift long. Easy off at the end of the day too. I hope I can get a fool years worth of work out of them. I can't complain about the price at all, I bought them at a special promotion price to try them out and I am glad I did. I only have one request of maybe a little more protection for the leather in the toe area but it doesn't change my 5 star rating. I am 51, thank you HAIX for giving my feet a few more miles to be able to do the job that I love and so the young cats can keep trying to keep up with me. LOL.

11 Oct 2020

Best Boots Ever!

This is my third pair of Haix boots. I walk all day rain or shine approx 25KM per day. I’m on day three of owning these boots and I can honestly say these are the best boots ever. I’ve walked my last three shifts in the pouring rain and my feet were completely dry afterward and not sore at all! Thanks Haix!

2 Oct 2020

great boots, but some points to consider

so far so good. i find the velcro doesn't really stay down on the tongue, i may simply end up removing that pocket since im used to tucking the laces into my boots with previous other brands.

Also the Gore high vis tag, have you considered not making it high vis? it interferes with a uniform black boot (for those in the military (like myself), i removed the tag because it wouldn't pass dress regulations being high vis

otherwise, comfortable boots

30 Sep 2020

Best Boots Ever

I have been trying to find a boot that is light weight, durable and most of all comfortable.
These boots are all of those and are more comfortable than any boot I have ever worn. After walking all day on concrete my feet, legs, hips and back are still fresh as if I just woke up. I love these boots and will not switch to a different brand again. They are worth every penny.

28 Sep 2020

Awesome boots

I bought these as a lighter weight boot for when I work on my companies helicopter and I have to say these do not disappoint. From the ease of getting the boots on and off without a side zip, to waterproofing and being able to walk comfortably for hours at a time this boot is the whole package for daily use.

25 Sep 2020

8” Black Eagle Tactical

Very comfortable from the first day. The boot fit even my flat feet with a wide toe box. The sole is soft so I didn’t need to add insoles. I’ve wore these for a month now even through the rain here in Texas and my feet stayed dry. I will be purchasing another pair after these are wore out.

22 Sep 2020


Most boots have a break in period but these were comfortable the first day I put them on. My first shift with them ended up being a 15 hour one. My feet felt great and I didn’t think about the fact that I was wearing new boots, until that night when I went to take them off. I’m a K9 handler and do a ton of walking. These boots have the comfort and durability to keep up with me.

18 Sep 2020

Quality boot

Excellent boot! Professional look. Lightweight. And comfortable out of the box.

24 Aug 2020

They are not too bad

I bought these boots because I had already bought two pairs of the old version years ago and absolutely loved them but they were old and I needed a new pair. This pair has a lot of differences but i still like them. The only thing i was not happy with was that when I got them, both had scuff marks at the toe and they were not superficial they were in the material. I needed them right away so i didnt have the time to send them back and get a new pair. They were also really hard and uncomfortable so at the end of my shift my feet were hurting. Customer service contacted me and told me they were going to send me some insoles and polish to help with the comfort and scuffs. I did get the insoles which improved the feel and comfort of the boots but never got the polish for the scuffs. Although i recommend them because over all they are pretty good boots, I would suggest getting a set of insoles that can help with the toughness yo make them comfortable. Customer service is great and they really care for customer satisfaction. I am guessing my polish got lost in the mail and not that they just did not send it.

Admin 27 Aug 2020

Hi Ingrid,

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 FL High. We are happy to hear that you like the boots. We apologize that your the boots were uncomfortable at first and had scuffs on them when you received them. We're glad that the insoles took care of the comfort issue but we are so sorry you did not receive your polish. t I believe Customer Service reached out to you and was able to get this taken care of. Hopefully this will help with the scuffs and have them looking like new! Thank you for being a loyal HAIX customer. Stay safe out there!

11 Jul 2020

Very lightweight

I wear these for riding a motorcycle. Really like them. Very comfortable and light. You really could run in these if you wanted to and they leave me with good feel for the pedals. Getting the velcro flap to stay down is a bit fussy as the pouch bulges a bit too much with the laces. If you also ride, there is no pedal shift protector, but I ride a DCT Africa Twin so I don't need it >.

2 Jun 2020


These are some “eye catching” smooth looking boots... First off, I have 5 pairs of HAIX police boots and these are by far the cleanest, smoothest, sleekest, and most stylish low profile boots that will subsequently still catch the eye of anyone. I am an old fan and a born again fan of this pair of boots. Good job to the manufacturers and makers of Haix boots... definitely a cut above the rest. These are very comfortable for the short amount of time I’ve worn these... and with the easy lace system and easy on and off action, these boots are bar none the best!!!!

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