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Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High


 What size should I order?


Innovative Footwear with Upgraded Features Now designed and fully manufactured in Europe, we took our popular Black Eagle ® Tactical 20 High and gave it an upgrade.  The Black Eagle ® Tactical 2.0 GTX High has updated features that we’re sure customers are going to love. Features like:  The HAIX ® sole is more uniform black in color, without the shiny/gloss area around the heel The sole is still non-slip, shock absorbing, non-marking, fuel and oil resistant but as an added feature, they are now heat-resistant New Black Eagle ®  tread is self-cleaning; naturally releasing dried and caked on mud and dirt as you walk New insoles offer seamless comfort with softer cushioning in the heel More padding in the ankle area for additional ankle support and stability Fully manufactured and designed in Europe by HAIX ® Despite its many upgraded features, the Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High is lightweight and durable making it the ideal boots to take with you wherever you go. Shock Absorbent with Spring-Back Material The foot can be prone to many injuries when on active military or police duty which is what makes these boots the perfect footwear. It protects the foot by evenly distributing your weight throughout with its supination and pronation support. And the cushioning in the heel area makes the shoes absorbent to shock and allows you to make good use of energy with its strong spring-back material. Durable, Oil, and Gas Resistant Soles Made out of special rubber and a unique tread design, the slip resistant soles of this boot gives you the capability to move freely without worrying about tripping or falling. This feature is called the multi-directional anti-slip grip and it can be especially helpful if you are hiking on uneven terrain or walking on slick surfaces. The boots are also oil and gas resistant and won’t mark up your floor. And to protect your foot from stones, rocks, and uneven terrain is the built in stone shield. There is nothing worse than feeling every stone or rock through the bottom of you shoes. Perfect Climate Comfort during every weather The GORE-TEX® inner liner of this tactical pair makes it waterproof so you won’t have to worry whether it’s raining or not. And with the HAIX® Climate System, your feet are guaranteed to feel comfortable at all times. The air circulation process balances the temperature inside the boot to keep the feet cool during hot temperatures and warm during cool temperatures. In our Sun Reflect system, you will find that leather reduces the heating effect of the upper, keeping the feet cooler on sunny days. Perfect fit even with wide or slim calf The 2-Zone Lacing system of the Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High allows you to adjust the width of your boot in the foot and leg area separately. So you have a perfect fit, even for people with very wide or slim calves. Limited Extended Warranty We know the Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High comes close to the ideal active tactical footwear but for your protection, we offer an additional limited one-year extended warranty if you fill out this online form . Also available in: low and mid HAIX ® Climate System for temperature balance Waterproof/breathable with GORETEX ® Extended Stone shield prevents uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot Cushiony, moisture-wicking insole with “AIRFLOW” channels Pronation support to prevent arch collapsing inward Supination support with spring back energy return Asymmetrical TPU for stabilizing the heel Cushioning in the heel area for shock absorption metal free anti-static Durable anti-slip sole resistant to oil and gasoline, non-marking Optional Black Eagle extended warranty: Opt to extend the HAIX one year limited warranty for one additional year by filling out this online form Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High

Unisex model


Protect your community. Don't miss a step with Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High.



 What size should I order?


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Engineered for service

You keep our communities safe. Your Black Eagle is your trusted partner on every call.

Don't lose your step with our anti-slip sole

In the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High, no matter the situation, you can rest assured you will stay on your feet. The distinctive tread design combined with the special rubber compound that goes into the Black Eagle sole will maintain its traction on a wide variety of surfaces and in many types of weather, even when it's wet and cold. The high-density midsole won't have you feeling every rock and stone either.

Supportive cushioning with HAIX Absorption

The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High will keep you comfortable on your feet when you are on the move all day. The built-in cushioning in the sole acts as your shock absorption, effectively cushioning each step, while the energy return in the sole gives you extra spring in your step and helps reduce foot and leg fatigue.

Keep yourself dry and comfortable thanks to GORETEX

Your job can keep you outside for a good amount of your workday, and sometimes the weather might not cooperate. The GORE-TEX® lining on our Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High will guarantee your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter how long you are out in the elements. You don't need your job to be any harder than it already is.

Protect your ankle area with the HAIX Ankle Protector System

Your job can be physically demanding. The HAIX® Ankle protector in the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High shields the delicate bones in your ankle, providing essential protection. As an added benefit, the ankle protector can act as a "brake" when crawling on angled surfaces.

Comfort to endure the longest hours

You spend long hours on your feet. We make sure it doesn't feel like it.

So lightweight, you hardly feel it

Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High could be the lightest 8" boots you will ever own. Their lighter weight may make you forget you are even wearing boots. It reduces foot and leg and fatigue when you are on the move all day.

All day comfort and athletic feel

The running shoe technology built into the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High is lightweight and flexible. Cushioned insoles give you the extra comfort your feet crave. Enjoy an athletic shoe feel with the function of a duty boot.

Optimal support thanks to 2 zone lacing

The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High adapts perfectly to your foot. Independently adjust the upper and lower part of your boot just the way you like it for a comfort fit tailored just to you. Like it tight across the foot, but looser on the leg? You can do that. Like it tighter across the ankle for more ankle support? You can do that too.

Breathable comfort with our Climate System

The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High allows your feet to breathe by absorbing the moisture from your feet into special foams between the inner lining and the leather. With every step, moist air expels, and fresh air comes in through the fabric mesh at the top of the boot. The Climate System essentially works like an air conditioning system in your boot.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High

Item no. 340003

Sun Reflect Leather
Climate system
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Built In shock absorption
Anti slip sole
2 zone lacing
Lace Pocket
Ankle protector
Upper material:
Smooth leather
Boot height in inches:
8 inches
Inner liner:
2 zone lacing
Product type:
Factory firsts
Primary use:
Law enforcement
TPU R3000

Your questions. Our honest answers.

The Black Eagle® Tactical line of boots are either of all leather or mostly leather with some textile. All leather is sourced from Europe and is thicker and more durable than most leathers you see in boots today. The Tactical line also has a waterproof inner liner. Either GORETEX® or CROSSTECH®. The Black Eagle® Athletic line has uppers constructed entirely of microfiber textile and has no waterproof inner liner.
The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High has the tab at the top of the lacing for storing the laces. Behind the tab there is a lace pocket to tuck the laces in. Prevents the laces from snagging or tripping you up.
Yes you can buy replacement parts for the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High such as insoles and laces. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. If you are looking to retread or refurbish your Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High boots, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program.
The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High is eligible for the Black Eagle® 2 year warranty for durability. Purchasers can opt to add on one additional year to the HAIX® 1 year warranty by signing up. Certain exclusions apply, see webpage for details.
The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High runs similar in size to your athletic shoe size, but because of its streamlined design, they do run on the narrow side. The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High comes in medium and wide.

Quality Product

Light weight and definitely a quality boot! Really stiff and takes about 2 weeks to break-in. I believe they run small as far as size, I ordered a 11 wide and still pretty tight....should have went a half size bigger.



Great boots

Awesome boots! My second pair. Will definitely buy again! 100/10

Jacob W.


Great boots

Great boot, will be buying another pair for the rotation

H D.


Best boots

Danny T.



Best pair of boots I've ever bought.



So far so good.

Never heard of this company before. Always purchased 5.11, magnum, Rocky, Danner, or under armor. The quality in all those boots have changed significantly over time and have lead to either boots that don't last more than a year, or boots that last a long time but are extremely uncomfortable. I purchased these boots and a well rated Amazon arch support insert. These boots have been very comfortable and I can feel the support. They seem to be very well made and sturdy. I'm currently going through a small break in period but it's nothing serious. 12 hour shifts and I'm not dying to get them off. The size is true to other boot sizes. But, if there is any question on whether you should order wide or not. I would suggest to order wide. Definitely gonna order another pair in the future. If they have a side zip option I would go with that. But with the way the lacing system is setup they are very easy to get on and off.



Best Boots out there

This is the second pair of Haix boots I have bought. The first pair was back 2 years ago at the Nashville show. The Black pair but no zippers full leather. They still look like new after two years of daily wear. That is why I bought the desert tan ones. They are the most comfortable boots because I was on my feet 10 hours a day and never hurt my feet.I can wear them all day just like tennis shoes and sometimes don't even take them off after I get home. I would and do recommend them to all the LEO officers and military people I know.



Not 100% satisfied

So I initially purchased the XR2 boots as I work in EMS. I did however return them prior to using them and purchased these boots. Initially I thought they felt more comfortable but after wearing them for several days, I’m not sure that I made the right decision. I was a little skeptical especially because the return policy states that they can only be returned in new condition, but I decided to give them a try. I will say I am disappointed with these boots. While the fit is there, I’ve noticed that there is no breathability, mind you I work in 30 degree weather so my feet shouldn’t be sweating (I can only imagine what the summer has in store). Second, there is no support on the inside of the boot by the heel. My heel rubs up against the inside of the boot causing irritation. Looking back, I wish I would’ve kept the XR2s or the company to adopt a different policy on returns, as I would certainly return these and get the XR2s in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.



Very satisfied repeat customer

I am now on my third pair of the Black Eagle tactical boots. The previous two pairs lasted me about two years each pair. For background, I am in law enforcement working the street in uniform so they definitely get heavy wear. To be honest, my last pair is still in great condition outwardly, I was just ready for a new pair after the soles and cushion wore down a bit.

I like the fact that these boots fit well with virtually no break-in right out of the box. I did notice that the newer version seems to have a bit more cushion than the old ones, but that could just be subjective. They are definitely the most comfortable boots I have worn for work and I have tried all of the big names. Although they are a bit more than some others on the market, you will not regret spending the money as you will get more life out of these boots and they will hold up for the duration.



Would have been great!

These could have been one of the best pair of boots I have owned but unfortunately you can't replace the laces with anything decent. Before I ever wear a pair of boots I always put at least 550 Paracord laces in them. I started to put a pair of Rhino laces and they wouldn't fit through the eyelets at all. I took the metal anglet off of one of them and it still wouldn't fit just the paracord. I won't wear a pair of boots that won't accommodate decent laces. These were a very big disappointment for me because they had such potential. I didn't even think to check because they seemed so well designed I didn't figure something so important could be overlooked. Now most people probably think this isn't a big deal but paracord laces have saved lives not to mention can be used for so many different things in a bind.

Scott R.



I have been a customer of Haix for the last five years and can honestly say I will continue to be for life! Haix saved me from from going on disability due to a medical condition with my ankles. Unfortunately it was a little to late starting, I had to retire from the fire service after ten years. These BET 2.0 GTX are the second set of this type of boot I have ordered from Haix and I absolutely love them. Great fit right out of the box. 12W size are a perfect fit with no break in needed. They perform the way they are designed to without skipping a beat. I walk on all kinds of terrain (lots-O-concrete) all day and my feet and ankles feel great. I can work in ankle deep water, mud, oil, or anything else and not slip an inch. Add the Haix crew socks to the mix and my feet are dry and comfortable all day and into the night. I've been know to wear my Haix around the house as slippers from time to time. They are that comfortable to me! I'm not crazy about the side zip on these boots as I am on the athletic version. I tie these a little differently so the zipper is a bear to pull up, no worries. It's been cold and wet Halloween week here in Texas and I've had these boots on all week. No leaks for these boots, even in the rain on my Harley. No fear of my feet slipping on the wet road at a stop sign or signal. THESE BOOTS ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you Haix for all that you have done and will do for all of us out here in the real world!!! D.Ranck...



Very Well Made Boot

I've been trying to find a pair of duty boots that supports my foot to prevent plantar fasciitis and didn't prematurely break down and wear out. My last three pairs of boots from other makers were ultimate fails. From one causing pain and another leaking allowing my foot to be soaked. After much research and deliberation I decided to try these boots. I was very leery about spending more money on a boot that was crap and I was so relieved and excited after wearing these boots. For starters these boots are very well designed and manufactured. They are made with such precision that they provide comfort and support. I have arch and ankle support. I would highly recommend these quality boots..



Great boots

I’ve been a Haix boot customer for 5 years. The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High are light weight and are great for Police patrol use. I like the two zone lacing system; however, I feel the metal two zone lacing system on my pair of Haix GSG9-S works better because it allows me to lock down the laces for a more secure fit. I also wish the Black Eagles had a leather heel counter like on my GSG9-S boots. I’ve noticed some slight heel slipping without and it is a great feature in a boot. Over all the boots are very comfortable, durable and well made boots that I would purchase again. I have a narrow size 14.5 foot. Haix are the only shoe/boot company that I can find who makes a 14.5 boot. Haix boots fit my feet like a glove and I will be a loyal customer for the remainder of my Police career. Thank you Haix!



Very well made with functional design

This boot is very light and comfortable. The two zone lacing system makes it easy to get that just right fit for a full shift of comfortable wear.

Rock B.


Good boot from WI

have never found the "perfect boot" but these are very good. Weren't advertised as a winter boot but the GTX keep my feet dry and they're fairly warm. Been going through a lot of snow now in WI and had temps of -30 or so recently. They've done well in that environment. They're comfortable even with factory inserts. Feel like a lightweight sneaker. Toe area is a little stiff and they run large but have a wide toe in my opinion which is good. Customer service was great when I exchanged for a smaller size. I usually wear a 13, exchanged for a 12.5 and could have done a 12. A little pricey but I would definitely recommend these boots.



Best Station Boots

These are the most comfortable boots to wear for work or play.

Michelle W.


As expected

Today was the first day I have worn this boot. It is really comfortable. I don't wear high boots but I bought this to get the advantage of $100 sell. It's weight is light. I have worn this more than 8 hours today and passed a comfortable day all along. I had to take stairs of subway up and down to do my enforcement duties. I thing it would be very nice if the inner sole was little bit thicker. It is fine as per softness. I would recommend this boot.

Hasan, M.


Excellent boot

Best boot I own, they’re as comfortable as a tennis shoe. Sizes run true.



Great Boots

I had these boots for a couple weeks and have been wearing them daily while on duty as a police officer. They were very comfortable right out of the box. They are lightweight, yet seem to be very durable. I would recommend them to anyone. I am very happy with my purchase.

Kip V.


Very nice

Fut very snugg at first. Once they broke in they've been very comfortable and good grip. Quick to take on and off. Very easy to maintain first boots I've bought that came with a maintenance guide. Will buy again.

Kalvin J.


I was skeptical

I bought these boots a few weeks ago. I have waited to review them until I wore them for a couple weeks to see how they performed. I have to say that I am very pleased with them. They are very light, compared to other boots I have owned, and extremely comfortable. I work 12 hour shifts and am on my feet for hours at a time. I have noticed that I don't feel as fatigued at the end of my shifts like I was before these boots. These boots have been great for me and I would recommend them to anyone.

Alex W.


Great Summer boot

I work for a County Sheriff's office and I am out in the dirt, mud, and everything else. They fit great and keep my feet dry. They are extremely light weight and feel like tennis shoes. They lace up very quickly. They are not for cold weather no matter what kind of socks you wear, but for summer, I love them.



well made, need a wide size

The boots are very well made and comfortable, they are too narrow and need more room in the toe, the option for a wide size was not available

joe r.


Good boot, needs width

I have been wearing these boots routinely for my job as an EMT and they are very comfortable. Good air flow, good support, soles keep good grip, and overall a well thought out design. My only issue I have is that they are a tad too narrow. I have big and wide feet, so wider sizes would be beneficial for me personally, as well as some others who got this it seems. As I am breaking then in it is not so bothersome but I am curious to see how they hold up as they get more wear. Overall, a quality boot that I would recommend, if you do not have strangely large feet.

Ryan Leo A.


3rd Haix

Outstanding boots, they’re my third pair of Haix. I’ve had the older model Black Eagle athletic, GSG9S, and now the Black Eagle Tactical. I’ve not been let down yet, the Black Eagle Athletic lasted 2 years, the GSG9S have been going strong for 2 1/2 years and I still wear them! These new Black Eagles should last every bit as long and are super comfy to boot *pun intended* They’re far from the cheapest boots on the market but you put in a nickel you get a dime with Haix! I’ll never wear anything but Haix!!

Logan Dow S.


Great boot but needs a few improvements

I am now on my second pair and I still think these are one of the best boots for patrol use. I have experienced my laces snapping (always where the special tighter hook is half way up) after about 6 months of use. I also work in an extremely hot environment and the soles are what does after about 1.5 years. I could easily extend the life of these boots if the soles lasted longer because the rest of the boot is made so well and only gets more comfortable with time. Still a great boot and I will continue to purchase HAIX products in the future!

Asher W.


Comfortable boot, but not waterproof.

I have worn these boots for about a year now on patrol, and for a light-weight comfortable boot they are great. However, step in water or snow that is more than 2 1/2" deep, and your feet will get wet. They claim to be waterproof, but where the laces start they are no longer waterproof. Also the soles do not last as long as I would have hoped.

Very comfortable boot, but I would not recommend them due to the water issue.

Dylan S.


Awesome boots but...

Ill start by saying overall these boots are pretty awesome. The fit and feel is great on the left boot. The right boot however, has a fold on the sewn seam that tends to rub right on the heel. That little fold is able to move slightly so at times it is barely noticeable, but other times it makes stairs feel like torture. Like I said though, overall the boots are awesome and would be a solid 10 if not for the flaw in the sewing on the right boot.



Love, but returned due to fit

I really wanted these boots and when I got them I could immediately tell these were quality. Very well made, great looking, but I was so disappointed when I tried them on and found them too narrow and low in the toe box. I don't have wide feet but these were simply too tight and the toe box not high enough. I had to return them and the very helpful Haix CS rep said they are working on a wide size to be released sometime in 2018. When they do, I will be back for these boots.



Downgrade from first version

I love Haix, but these boots really came up short compared to the first version. I own 4 pair of Haix boots: two Black Eagle Athletics , first gen Black Eagle Tacticals and now the new version BE tactical. I loved every pair and had ultra high hopes for the new version. The fit is entirely different. The first three I owned fit like a glove right out of the box. Not the case with these. The left boot was super tight on the outer side of my foot and super uncomfortable. I thought maybe they needed to be broken in a bit, which was odd since the others I own never needed to be. 24 Hrs worth of patrol in them and I couldn't wait to get out of them. I contacted Haix immediately since that was not the Haix that I have come to know. They asked if my left foot was bigger, which it's not (measured using a micrometer). They did send me different soles free of charge (which was nice) , but it was no help. They couldn't exchange them because I already wore them, so I wore them for a few more weeks hoping to get them broken in more, but it was no help. It pains me to say it, but I cannot recommend these. I'll try something else until a version 3 comes out.



Expectations dashed

I had researched these boots thoroughly and read what I thought was every review available. Therefore I did not expect the sheer level of discomfort. They rub at the top of the boot and the ankle. I was almost crippled by wearing them for a short amount of time. They look very good and so it is a real shame that they have turned out to be such a disappointment.



Great boots

I received these boots for wear and tear testing. The moment I put them on my feet I knew I had the right boot. I have had them now for several months and they are very comfortable.. I am a K9 handler and have always worn Danner boots but, I can say these are by far the best boots I have used. . After I was told about Haix I gave them a try. I believe that these boots are much better. They are very light weight and waterproof. I have gone through several creeks and have not gotten wet yet. After shift my feet are not tired as they were before. I am now a customer for life!!!

carl h.


Great Boots

I received the Black Eagle 2.0 version on a warranty claim ( A huge shout out to Jessica @warranty / customer service, no hassles and totally satisfied with a seamless transaction. Best customer service around). The 2.0's are an upgrade all the way around from the original models. The original models were a really good boot but these are excellent. Better support, tread, fit, etc. If you are the fence with buying these boots do no hesitate just buy them. They have no break in time and are even more durable than the original. I have had them for approximately 8 months and they still look great. I was going to buy another pair with my employee reimbursment but I ordered a pair of the GsG9s boots. I hope they are just as good if not better. Haix customer for life.



Superb Work Boot

I am an armored car messenger/guard/driver wore the Black Eagle Tactical Mid boot for a couple of years normally with separate ankle support braces. When I changed postions about 8 months ago and needed additional ankle support and protection I opted for the Black Eagle Tactical High and what a great decision that has turned out to be. I have enjoyed the comfort, ankle protection, durability and lilght weight of these boots through a Southern coastal summer including hurricane conditions and have been able to ditch the ankle braces entirely. I will definitely buy these boots again and will be having these boots refurbished.



Most comfortable boot to wear all day

Very comfortable boot to wear all day in Autumn weather. Seems to hold up well and continuing looking as good as they feel. Time will tell of course but going to try them out in hot and humid climate of Southeast Asia as the real test next year. I have always had good success with Haix products so have confidence in buying these even at a higher price point than others I looked at.



Very Good Boot

I used to go through a pair of other brand boots every three to four months, these boots have lasted me almost a year at a time. They are easy to break in to my foot and do not cause any issues when breaking in. this is my third pair that I have bought.

keith h.


Most comfortable boot

These boots are by far the best I've worn (I've worn patrol boots since 1994). Light weight, sturdy ankle support and super comfortable.

Haix has surpassed my expectations, not only with an excellent product, but with exceptional customer service. Making the an outstanding company.

C G.


Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High

I took advantage of the $100 promotion. I've been wearing the boots daily, for the past two weeks. Working 8, to sometimes 13 hour shifts. Comfortable with a lot of support all day long. I am waiting to see how they perform in rain and snow later this year. My first pair of HAIX. These boot replaced a pair of Danner Acadias that I wore for one month. Too uncomfortable.



Pleasant Surprise

I ordered these boots because a coworker raved about them. I usually only wear women's boots because over the years as hard as it is to find a woman's boot, they just fit better. In a man's boot the heal area is usually too wide and roomy so that my feet slip up. I wear a woman's 9 and find that in this Black Eagle 2.0 GTX High, I can wear a Man's 7.5. Yes it is a little bit roomy but I do not slip around. The arch is fantastic, which is usually another issue in a man's shoe conversion. The footbed in this shoe feels like I am wearing my Birkenstock's! The upper high top is a bit stiff but after one week, I can feel it softening and can tell that after two more weeks these will be my favorite work shoes! I kid you not there are 3 nearly brand new pairs of boots in my locker ready for the goodwill as I just can't wear uncomfortable boots 10 hours a day, who has time for that? Not me! So any women out there, take the time to figure out the size conversion, and get these! I found a retailer that carried Haix, and tried various different models trying to do just that and they offered to order these for me but they wanted more than I was able to get them from this website; not to mention the extra three weeks they wanted for delivery. This is the place to shop!



Excellent boots

Got them for 100.00. They fit like I knew they would. They were comfortable, even walking in them.

Larry R.


Excellent Boot

I purchased the boot that this one replaced. I was very pleased with that boot. I have worn the 2.0 GTX for about a week now. They are just as comfortable as the last pair. The one hting I noticed with this pair is there were not as tight in width which is good. Very Very comfortable. I will keep coming back to HAIX!!! No other boot for me!!

Andy Y.


Black Eagle GTX

I am a Police Officer/Firearms Instructor for 26 years now and have worn every type of boot imaginable and in the process have spent a lot of money. These boots are by far the BEST I have ever worn. The only drawback is I am old school I am used to using Lincoln stain wax, Angelus polish, a lighter, cotton balls and water to achieve a high gloss shine. I was advised to use only the Haix brand sun reflect which does not permit me to get the high shine. Other than that issue which is personal for me I would HIGHLY recommend these boots to any Officer who works patrol. As a matter of fact two of my colleagues also purchased them and agree with me. Looking forward to buying another pair when these wear out which I do not forsee happening too soon. Built like a tank but yet comfortable.



High Hopes but Disappointed

I bought these boots after wearing the Black Eagle Athletic 11's for almost two years. I LOVED the old boots but needed something that was waterproof so I switched to the Tactical 2.0 GTX. I was hoping that they fit and felt like the Athletics but they definitely do not. The sole is hard, they rub my heels, and generally make my feet hurt. I don't know if something changed between the original Tactical versions and the "2.0" but I am definitely disappointed. I can't say that there is anything "wrong" with them, but they're not what I was hoping for.


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