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HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip

September Only Weartest Pricing, Just C$155!

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For a highly active career like law enforcement, firefighting, or security, it is imperative to... more
Product information "HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip"
Item number 340021
Primary use Law enforcement
Product type Factory firsts
Gender Male
Technologies Absorption, Climate, Ankle Protector, 2-Zone Lacing, Anti Slip, Sun Reflect, GORE-TEX®
Waterproof Yes
Upper material Smooth leather
Inner liner GORE-TEX®
Sole BLACK EAGLE® 018 Sole
Shank TPU R3000
Fastener 2 zone lacing
Conductivity Anti-static
Safety toe No safety toe
Leg height in inches 8 inches
Color Black

For a highly active career like law enforcement, firefighting, or security, it is imperative to have a high quality, hard-wearing pair of boots. The HAIX® Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip offers that and more. If your footwear is not up for the task at hand, it reflects on your ability to do your job. This “triple threat” boot offers lightweight durability, comfort no matter the temperatures, and protection against the elements.

Slip-resistant and Cold Insulating Soles
Since a good pair of law enforcement duty boots can have a big effect on how you feel throughout the day, the HAIX® Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip has your back. From the lightweight yet durable construction of the sole to the breathability of the upper, no detail is overlooked. The HAIX® Black Eagle® sole uses a special rubber which keeps it flexible and extremely slip-resistant, a fact not to be overlooked when in active foot pursuit. The soles of these oil resistant boots are resilient against gasoline and promises not to mark up your floors. The soles are not only heat resistant, but also cold insulating. This helps to prevent the cold from cold surfaces from seeping up through the sole. The tread is also self-cleaning; releasing dried and caked on dirt and mud by using the stepping motion of your foot.

Built-In Stabilization and Convenient Side-Zipper
With the built-in stabilization zone of the foot-bed, your foot stays ideally positioned to keep weight distributed evenly throughout the foot. So important with regard to your foot health and to prevent foot and leg fatigue. The removable and washable antibacterial insole also provides ample support and a cushiony feel for a comfortable fit day in and day out. The lace zip system provides ample ankle and foot support and prevents your feet from sliding around in the boot while conducting operations, and the handy side zip feature prevents fumbling with the laces if suddenly called to duty and needing to get your boots on quickly.

Extremely Breathable Comfortable Leather/Textile Design
The HAIX® Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 High Side Zip upper is a combination of European leathers and textile to make this boot feel lightweight and exceptionally breathable; your feet will stay comfortable indoors and out, in warm or cold temperatures. The GORE-TEX® inner liner ensures your feet stay dry and irritation free even on miserably rainy days.

Extended One-Year Warranty
The optional add-on Black Eagle extended limited warranty makes choosing Black Eagle law enforcement duty boots almost a no brainer. You never know what your next challenge will be and you want to be prepared to face whatever comes your way, you can count on these HAIX® side zipper boots to carry you through.

  • Made in Europe
  • Waterproof boots with breathable leather/textile design
  • Sun Reflect leather keeps the leather, and the feet, cooler
  • GORE-TEX® Extended inner liner for indoor and outdoor use
  • Side zipper for easy on and off
  • Pull on loop at the rear
  • Oil resistant shoes with durable anti-slip sole 
  • Heat resistant and cold insulating sole
  • Tread is non-marking, self-cleaning; naturally releasing dried and caked on mud and dirt as you walk
  • Excellent grip on uneven terrain, even on wet or cold surfaces
  • Midsole and heel offer optimal pressure distribution, stabilization, and shock absorption
  • Cushioned, moisture wicking, antibacterial insole is washable and replaceable
  • Padded tongue for additional cushioned comfort
  • Antistatic Athletic Boots
  • Optional Black Eagle® extended warranty: Opt to extend the HAIX® one year limited warranty for one additional year by filling out this online form

Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

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Customer reviews for "HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip"
15 Oct 2019

Great boot, zipper malfunctions

Overall, I love these boots. They are comfortable, light, and have great waterproof capabilities. The only thing I dislike is the zipper and the flap inside the zipper. When I unzip my boots, the zipper gets caught on the little piece of fabric on the inside. It would be okay if it was a once in a while thing but it is every day. I still love the boots but the zipper may need some more work.

Admin 16 Oct 2019

Hi Steven,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip. We are happy to hear that you like the comfort and waterproof capabilities of this lightweight boot. We do apologize that you have had some issues with the zipper getting stuck. I believe our Customer Service Dept. has been in touch with you and we were able to find a solution to the problem that will get you back out in these boots in no time. We hope they will serve you well in the future. Stay safe out there!

8 Oct 2019

Terrific Product

I have purchased several Haix footwear and these particular boots are among the best. They were extremely comfortable out of the box and are extremely well-made. The same can be said about my other Haix boots as well. They are all well worth the extra money due to their overall quality and durability. Highly recommended.

1 Oct 2019

Love these shoes, got this for winter

I love these shoes. I got the same ones the summer version and it feels amazing and comfortable. I decided to get the same ones but waterproof. These feel as good, the only minus is it’s missing the lace cover. With haixlogo.

29 Sep 2019

I will review when I get them.

Need to get them first, and use them for at least 6 months. Southern Arizona mountains and terrain is no joke.

27 Sep 2019

Worth the $

By far the best boots I've worn. Six years in the military and seven in law enforcement, I've tried quite a few over the years. This brand tops all! I own 3 pairs that I use for work. September is the month to buy!

27 Sep 2019

Walking on a cloud

I have four pairs of HAIX boots and each pair are very comfortable; I tried others and wore other brand's for years, but they can't compare to HAIX for total comfort. Occupation: Corrections , Fire/EMS , Security for a Private/Gated Community.

26 Sep 2019

Good boot but too narrow

26 Sep 2019

Nice Buy

26 Sep 2019

Good boot but too narrow

I ordered these boots in the same size as I would Bates or 511 boots and I have a hard time getting them on as the back lining on the side zipper is not wide enough to get my size 13 foot in without undoing the laces same for getting them off.which kinda defeats the purpose of side zipper boots. I should've order the wides as my foot feels squeezed all the time. Trying to break them in hoping that they will stretch some otherwise they will go in the closet in case primary boots get wet.

Admin 2 Oct 2019

Hi Sgt. Maskunas,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip. I apologize that you have had some issues with the fit of your boots. We are always available to give sizing help either via Live Chat or by calling/emailing our Customer Service Dept. Those boots do run narrow, so we do recommend our customers go up in width. Our boots do run quite differently than other brands, so it is not always optimal to choose the size you already wear if it is a different company. That being said, our Customer Service Dept. has been in touch with you and I believe we found a reasonable solution to the problem. We hope this won't deter you from choosing HAIX again in the future. Stay safe out there!

26 Sep 2019

These are my boots!

I've been wearing my Black Eagle Tactical Boots for one week now, and I'm ready to order a back up pair!

25 Sep 2019

Just plain awesome!

Fit perfectly, no break in period whatsoever, very lightweight, almost feel like wearing sneakers. Soles give great grip, and are all but silent. Couldn't be happier with them. Did I mention incredibly comfortable?

25 Sep 2019

I'm a happy guy.... these are the best yet.

I'VE BEEN AT THIS FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS AND HAVE ALWAYS HAD ISSUES WITH MY FEET. I have a half dozen pair of duty boots that I wear in rotation but now the rotation stops because these Haix boots are the best of the best. Light with terrific support & comfortable. If I wasn't at the end of the rainbow I'd buy another pair just to have them in queue.

19 Sep 2019

Just got them but seem tighter.

I see sizing isn’t consistent through Haix boots. I ordered 11.5W which is what I’ve been wearing since Haix first came to the US under Lion Apparel and these are tighter in the heals and forefoot than all of my fire and station boots. Also has less padding and cushion in the forefoot area. Time will tell about the durability, but if they last like the original Station boots from the mid 2000’s that I still am able to use then they are a good deal. Just hoping they stretch out some and I am going insole shopping now to help with the cushion and comfort issues.

Admin 23 Sep 2019

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip. We are sorry to hear that you are having some issues with the comfort of these boots. They do run more narrow than our structural fire or station boots which may be why they feel tighter but they should loosen up some as they break in. As far as the cushion, I believe someone from our Customer Service Dept. has reached out to you and found a reasonable solution to that issue. We hope this works and that the boots will serve you well. We appreciate you being a loyal HAIX customer and hope this won't deter you from purchasing again in the future.

19 Jul 2019

Very Different from the Original Eagle Tactical Boots

The original Eagle Tactical boots are the greatest boots I've ever worn. I was very excited that there's a 2.0 side-zip but the 2.0 is very different from the original. The 2.0s are very well made but the instant-break-in & running comfort of the original Eagle Tactical are no longer a thing.

Structurally, the boot is made for feet with more prominent arches and pushes up on the outer balls of my feet. You can absolutely tell the boots are of high quality, but unfortunately they cramp my feet after about a minute of wearing. Hopefully Haix will make a boot that are like the original Eagle Tactical boots.

15 Jun 2019

Light, durable, and comfortable.

For years I would get off of shift and put running shoes on, always thinking how happy I was to have that support for my knees. It was like night and day.
I placed an order for the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip on a chance. I was never expecting what I would receive. The box came in the mail and when I picked it up, I thought that it must have been the wrong order because it was light as a feather. I put them on and adjusted the laces. When I began to walk, to my surprise I felt a spring in my step as if I was wearing a new pair of running shoes! Night and day compared to the heavy leather boots I have been accustomed to over the last 10 years.
The boots were a little tight around the side of my little toes for the first week or so but broke in very nicely after that.
Do yourself a favor and buy these boots if you spend more than 10 hours a day on your feet. Just remember that they run more narrow. I want to order 2 more pair of these just in case they are discontinued.

25 Apr 2019

First time buyer

Found your site on line while looking for boots, I live in the far North of Canada so I needed something for both hot and very cold climates plus in a size 14.5 Wide.Working in the Sheriffs office, we have long days alternating between being in Court to being out doors in minus 40C or colder temps. Choices are very few and far between. After reading all the reviews on your site I opted for the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip, in a 15 Medium. The order was placed last week and they arrived today. First let me say that is quicker service than getting stuff from Lower Canada,and secondly the box was so light I thought they had only shipped one boot. Anyway the boots are on and feel great, the extra half size was a good choice. feel great and look good, I would have preferred a slightly long lace to wrap around the the leg but no problem. I think I will order some of your socks as I normally wear a very thick sock. I am looking forward to having a boot that last longer than a year like my old ones.

1 Feb 2019


Very well built and hoping it will last just as long as my last pair of haix. very stiff for the first work week but then were very comfortable. the boots had more padding / insulation around the ankle and leg than i was used to but worked out nice since it is winter right now.

19 Nov 2018

Great boot just running narrow.

Great boot, wish I could wear them every day. I ordered the wide like I have in the past in Haix boots but these seem to be running more narrow. No double E available.

Admin 24 Nov 2018

Hi Johnny,

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip. We are happy to hear that you like the boots. We do apologize that the wide width is not working out for you. These boots are built on an athletic shoe platform, which is different from our other boots which could be why they feel more narrow. Right now, this is the only boot in the Black Eagle line that comes in wides but we hoping to have wides in all the other models sometime next year. I will definitely pass along your concerns about the wide width to upper management for consideration. We hope this will not deter you from being a loyal HAIX customer in the future.

2 Nov 2018

good boot

Good boot. Very lightweight. I ordered the wide size, which still is tight. The zipper on one boot works better than the other. Overall a good boot!

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