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HAIX Missoula 2.1

The Hiking Boot for Wildland Fire Fighting

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Wildland firefighters subject themselves to one of the most physically demanding jobs in the... more
Product information "HAIX Missoula 2.1"
Boot height in inches 10 inches
Certification ASTM F 2892, NFPA 1977
Color Black
Fastener 2 zone lacing
Gender Male
Inner liner Textile
Item number 111011
Primary use Wildland firefighting
Product type Factory firsts
Shank Fiberglass
Sole VIBRAM® Sole
Technologies (ES) Easy Slip Out, (SL) Secura Liner, 2-Zone Lacing, Electric Hazard Resistance, VIBRAM®
Upper material Hydrophobic split leather
Waterproof No

Wildland firefighters subject themselves to one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world, requiring both physical and mental toughness to face the challenging and ever-changing conditions experienced with wildland firefighting. You need a boot that can match the challenges you face, that is as tough as you are. The new Missoula 2.1 fire boots are up to that task and more and are certified NFPA 1977 for wildland firefighting.

The HAIX® Missoula 2.1 NFPA hiking boots for wildland firefighting were built to meet the exacting demands of the wildland firefighter. The durably tough European split bull leather is water-resistant, hydrophobic and breathable to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. The lighter weight of the Missoula 2.1 helps to alleviate leg fatigue while on long hikes, since the less weight you have on your feet, the less energy you have to expend while walking. Offering not only safety protection, but comfort, for those who can spend all day on their feet in the most rugged of terrain.

Our newly designed highly heat-resistant, Vibram®, anti-slip sole will give you greater footholds on whatever terrain you have to face. The special design of the heel offers strong footholds on even the most steep and uneven terrain. And the sturdy and stable midsole ensures you won’t feel every rock and stone as you hike. We also added a built-in boot jack at the rear of the boot to make it easier for you to get your boots off after a long day.

Our two-zone lacing system allows you to adjust the tension separately on different sections of the boot, the upper and the lower part. You are able to adjust the HAIX wildland boots for a fit tailored just for you and the terrain in which you are hiking. For mainly downward descents, tighten the upper and the lowers evenly to prevent your foot from sliding forward into the boot. For mainly upward ascents, leave the upper a little looser so the upper does not constrict your shin. The two-zone lacing also provides better ankle support to prevent potential ankle injuries out on the line. The new roller ball eyelets on the lower part of the lacing system offers minimal friction, reducing wear and tear on the flame-resistant Nomex® laces.

Missoula 2.1 NFPA hiking boots for wildland firefighting are available in narrow, medium, and wide widths with whole and half sizes from 4 to 13.

Now’s the time to try out the latest generation Missoula 2.1, see and feel the difference.

  • Certified NFPA 1977-2016
  • Certified ASTM F2892-2018 for Electrical Hazard resistance
  • Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time
  • HAIX® 2-Zone Lacing - Ankle lace lock allows independent lace adjustment between the upper and lower boot.
  • HAIX® ES Out System for easier removal of boot
  • Heel grip for superior hold on steep terrain
  • Rugged Vibram® heat-resistant sole with side stabilization specifically designed for hiking
  • Sole is fuel and oil-resistant and heat resistant to 572°F
  • Water-resistant, breathable leather
  • Nomex® threads and laces
  • 8 inches

Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

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Customer reviews for "HAIX Missoula 2.1"
30 Jun 2022

Haix is my new favorite brand

I cut timber for a logging company and do residential tree removal/climbing, and this year is my first year back on wildfire since 2015. Been seeing Haix in all the ads for logging and tree service, when I started shopping for a fire boot, I decided to give them a try. Best boots I've ever had. I plan on trying their logging/tree service boots when it's time. And I'd like to try their tactical lineup for hiking/hunting. Definitely loving the fire boots.

1 Apr 2022

Best boots purchased in a long time.

Very happy with the boots. Very comfortable to wear all day. Customer service was outstanding with helping me on questions that I had.

4 Mar 2022

Great Boot!

No issues with the boot at all. They are extremely comfortable and light-weight compared to others. I ordered my normal shoe size plus wide. I find that to usually add to the comfort. The boot feels like you are wearing sneakers they are that great. You can leave them untied for light-duty things without any issues then tie them up quick when you get something that requires it. So far no issues at all with no complaints at all.

25 Jan 2022

Highly Recommend

I've had the Missoula 2.1s for a little over a year now, and really like them. I've owned Haix before, and these are just as comfortable and true to fit as the other pair. I prefer to wait before leaving reviews, so anything weird can crop up, but nothing happened (exactly what you want!).
I wear them daily at work for Rx fire, chainsaw work, brush cutting, and general hiking in rocky terrain. In both Missouri humidity and winter weather, they've kept me as comfortable as can be expected. They are not billed as waterproof, and the pair I have is only water resistant. My ankles, weak from years of soccer and ultimate frisbee, have not rolled even a bit. The leather and soles are in good shape after a year. As someone else said, the labels on the insides of the shank came off after a month or less, but I threw them in a drawer and forgot about it. I can't think of a time when anyone on a fire has asked to see if my boots are NFPA certified, and I've been doing Rx and Wildland fire for 10+ years.

12 Dec 2021

Best of the Best, Super Comfy.

Fire season 2021 was a success, I was using Wildland White's at the time. I asked my CalFire captain what he thought about his pair of HAIX and said they were the best. He wasn't wrong. Received them today.. Super happy with this purchase. Fire season 2022.. Let's do it.

14 Sep 2021

Comfortable Right out of the Box

Wore these only one time so far for an extended period. Spent most of the time standing and walking, stomped a couple of spot fires. They were more comfortable than I expected not having been broken in yet. I can't speak to the durability yet. I do like the loop in the back and the notch, both help putting the boots on and off.

7 Jun 2021

Comfortable and durable, outsole could be better.

Has done what was stated and expected, however the outsole deteriorated rather quickly during one season, though my season wasn’t rife with much off-road use.

12 Jan 2021

Great boot once dialed in.

I wore this boot for the 2020 fire season and it was never a bad boot at any point, but it was a bit hard to dial it in. Stiff out of the box, but pretty comfortable right away for a brand new boot. My biggest complaint is how hard it can be to really get these boots just tight enough. Too loose and they offer little support, too tight and it binds on the foot. I've had to muscle boots tight before, but these were some of the hardest boots to tie I've ever owned. I actually broke the lace on my left boot on my second to last day on a fire assignment. It was where the ball bearings are too, which is there to prevent your laces from.... breaking. But it did.

Other than that the boots were great. I spent most of my time in the mountains and rivers of NE and NW California on structure protection assignments. Packed many Mark II pumps up and down to the rivers in the area, hobbled across rocks to get across the river without getting wet, etc. These boots are light and they allow your feet to flex just enough while offering support. Sometimes I wondered if I was wearing boots at all.

I never dropped a foot into a hole of fire and coals but one boot did spend 5-10 seconds on some open flame and it only left smoke marks on the yellow area near the heel. The rubber on the underside of the outsole feels pretty soft in some areas. I didn't test it before heavy use and nothing ever penetrated it, so might not be an issue. They are very grippy on DRY rocks so the softer rubber definitely helps here. I walked for miles on all kinds of rock beds, flat, sharp, smooth and river rock. It handled all of it well as long as they weren't wet river rock.

All in all I wore these boots for over 100 miles this fire season and it wasn't till about halfway through that they really became great. Would definitely recommend and I plan on picking up another pair as soon as I know my current Missoulas won't cut it anymore.

29 Sep 2020

Great job

Great boots
I have been a loyal Lowa boot owner for year's.One of my friends turned me on to haix and I have to say I will be using haix from now on out of the box craftsmanship and quality is spot on.Breaking in was gentle first day wore them 11 hours no blisters or pain.My new go to boots.

14 Aug 2020

Overall very comfortable. However, there are pressure points

Bought these boots based on generally good reviews on the Missoula boots. My pair fit very comfortably as soon as I put them on. The lacing system takes a little bit of technique to get it right, but they can be tightened down just fine.

I have now got about 40 miles on them, and I am running into a major pressure point problem at the widest point on my foot. I wear a medium in all my footwear, and ordered medium on my 2.1s as well. The width is good, but the very bottom eyelet sits directly on top of joint for my big toe. It has created numbness along the top of my big toes and if I’m inactive, that area and my toes start to burn. Loosening the laces helps temporarily, but then they are too loose to walk in on uneven slope. I am hoping as I continue to break in the boots, this pressure point goes away.

This problem could be possibly solved by fastening the eyelet higher up on the boot to prevent it from being forced down into that joint when tightened down.

Admin 20 Aug 2020

Hi Greg,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Missoula 2.1. We are happy that you liked the fit and feel of the boots at first but we do apologize that you had some issues with pressure points from the eyelets. I believe you have been in touch with our Customer Service Dept. about your issue and they are working with you to find a reasonable solution to get these boots back in service. We hope you will remain a loyal HAIX customer in the future! Stay safe out there!

5 Aug 2020

They just keep getting better

I bought these boots for wildland fire, but unfortunately (and fortunately) I have been unable to test them in the field. However, from the day I got these boots I could feel that they were well made. They are a little stiff when you unbox them, but they begin breaking in comfortably, and fast. Sometimes shoes and boots will fit me in a 9.5, but I typically wear a 10. I went with size 10 for these, and they fit perfectly.

I wanted to break these boots in before the fire season, so I started wearing them around the apartment, then for walks, and later for 5+ hour hikes. During my longer hikes, I began noticing the leather conform better and better to my foot, ankle, and lower leg. I love how the foot/toe box stays where you lock the laces. That feature has allowed me to get the bottom of the boot snugger and snugger to my feet, as I'll stop to tighten them up a bit when I feel the leather is ready. Not in a way that cuts off circulation, but in a way that makes the boot feel more like an outward extension of your foot and ankle.

As I said, I have not gotten to test these boots in a wildland fire scenario. However, they are rugged enough to handle any terrain I've thrown at them, only to get more comfortable. I wouldn't recommend these boots to someone who needs an everyday hiker (as these are a little heavy), but if you need a workhorse of a boot with plenty of support, I don't think you can go wrong with the HAIX Missoula 2.1.

One last thing... I want to give a quick shout-out to the customer service team for their thorough and timely responses. I've ordered a few pairs of HAIX (the Missoula 2.1 being the first), and they have been great with answering any questions along the way. They are a large part of the reason I continue to support this company.

1 Jul 2020

Great boot!

Fitment runs the same if you’ve had Belleville Combat boots, I’ve been wearing them two weeks now doing 11hr Non stop work days, highly recommend!

24 Jun 2020

I Wanted To Like Them

I’ve worn White’s for the last three seasons and decided to try out a hiker style boot. I wear Haix structure boots and station boots so I decided to try these out. They run true to size but have some major issues that need to be worked out. The rear seam runs directly down the center of the upper which creates a hot spot/heel rub on any steep terrain. My shift partner also purchased these and had his heels bleed on the first real fire we ran after breaking them in for two weeks. The lace system needs to replace the upper captive eyelets with speed lace hooks as it’s very difficult to tighten the upper. Less of an issue but still disappointing, the labels and NFPA tags delaminate and peel off after only about 6 uses. Customer service as always is excellent and they are working with me on resolving some of these problems but I would say steer clear until they revise some of the design issues.

Admin 30 Jun 2020

Hi Brandon,

We appreciate your feedback on the Missoula 2.1. We apologize that you have had some issues with the design of these boots. I believe this is a warranty issue and our Customer Service Dept. has been working with you about getting some of these issues resolved. We will do our best to get this figured out and we hope this does not deter you from considering HAIX again in the future! Stay safe out there!

9 Jun 2020

Comfortable fit

The Haix boots fit very comfortable and a very agile. The best boots I've worn; however, that not saying much, I've only worn 2 other bands, which I won't name. Every firefighter should a pair of Haix.

9 Jun 2020

Great boots

I am very happy with these boots. They are lighter than the other Haix boots I have, and I bought my own insoles for them which make them even more comfortable.

19 May 2020

Better traction with the new sole design!

So far very pleased with the new and improved features of the 2.1 been wearing the original Missoula for 2yrs now and have been extremely happy. The new 2.1 fits even better and really like the new heel counter improvement that secures the foot better. The new sole appears to be the same in pictures but it is much softer and stickerer compound than the old sole and grips much better! Thanks Haix for making my feet happy on long days at work!

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