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Protector Prime Orange


 What size should I order?


Chainsaw work is never a safe task and with it comes the responsibility of ensuring your safety from any harm. When you’re in forestry, you’ll be working with your hands most of the time but you’ll be needing your feet for stability. Without stability, you are prone to accidents, cuts, and even falling. Something you want to avoid as much as possible when you’re on duty. What comes to the rescue is the HAIX® Protector Prime which is a boot designed to give you long lasting comfort while providing you with the protection you need. Comfort, Safety and Added Visibility It’s an understanding that the more protective a pair of chainsaw boots is, the bulkier and uncomfortable it can be. Not with the HAIX® Protector Prime Orange. These HAIX® chainsaw boots are as comfortable as can be so you can use it no matter what season or time of day. And with its bright orange hue, visibility is not a problem. Working at night and being effective with your chainsaw is still made possible thanks to these boots. It also features European Class 2 (24m/s) cut protection. Something you want to ensure when you’re working with dangerous heavy tools like chainsaws! European Cut Protection with Secura Liner® and Two Zone Lacing European leather craftsmanship is evident when looking at these boots in person. The inner lining of these HAIX® chainsaw boots is secured by Secura Liner® which means that this footwear won’t pull out or wrinkle over time. The added bonus of the two zone lacing makes it easy for you to put on your waterproof HAIX footwear without any fuss. You can adjust the lacing accordingly so it fits your foot snugly and the lace won’t loosen up even after hours of tension. Vibram Soles with Ankle Protection The HAIX Protector Prime makes for the perfect forestry boot for its unbeatable ankle support and protection which helps to prevent injuries. The last thing you want to have is an accident that prevents you from reporting for duty. The sturdy and protective Vibram hiking sole provides long lasting durability and is grip and slip resistant so you remain stable even on the toughest terrain. HAIX® Climate System with GORE-TEX® Inner Liner The built in climate system of the HAIX Protector Prime keeps your feet at a balanced temperature at all times whether it’s hot or cold. It keeps your feet warm during cold seasons and cool during hot seasons. The vent holes on top of the forestry boot allows air to circulate inside so the temperature inside is always regulated. And with the 4-layer GORE-TEX® inner liner, your shoes are made to be waterproof, and breathable. Now that’s a boot you can rely on all year! Rubber Toe and Heel Protection and Quick Drying Capabilities The HAIX® Protector Prime Orange is protected by an anatomically formed steel protective toe cap certified to ASTM for toe protection. Additional rubber bumpers at the heel and toe area provides an extra layer of protection allowing for a prolonged service life. And because it’s unavoidable not to get hot and sweaty after a long day on a job site, you’ll need to refresh the moisture absorbing insoles every now and then. No need to worry about wearing temporary replacement boots on your next shift. The machine washable and quick drying insole ensures that you have a ready pair of boots to wear the next day. Engineered in Germany Secura Liner ® – never a loose liner GORE-TEX ® waterproof inner liner HAIX ® Climate System for temperature balance HAIX ® 2-Zone Lacing - Ankle lace lock allows independent lace adjustment between the upper and lower boot Steel Protective toe cap Non-metallic Puncture protective sole Para-aramid protection against cuts – European Class 2 Sturdy Vibram Anti-slip sole for long lasting durability Rubber toe and heel protection for prolonged service life Waterproof/breathable leather

Protector Prime Orange

Unisex model


Working with chainsaws is a specialized skill requiring concentration and a commitment to safety. Add another layer of protection with the Protector Prime.



 What size should I order?


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Maximum protection for chainsaw users whether on the job or in the yard

You want to control your risk and protect your safety. Protector Prime provides that extra layer of peace of mind.

Ultimate safety certified to ASTM for toe protection offering European Class 2 for cut protection

Safety is top priority when working with chainsaws. Protector Prime Orange is built to protect your feet from the dangers of the job at hand. Our durable European bullhide leather combined with an added layer of cut resistant material offers not only durability, but added reaction time if you come in contact with the chainsaw blade. Class 2 is rated for chainsaw speeds up to 24/meters/second.

Protect your toes with our steel toe cap

The integrity of your feet, and especially your toes, is important. The Protector Prime Orange's built-in steel toe will offer maximum space in the toe box while keeping your toes protected to the highest safety requirements.

EH Resistance

The Protector Prime Orange is independently certified to protect against contact with downed powerlines and other electrical hazards to 18kv.

Enjoy peace of mind with a Vibram sole that offers both durability and exceptional slip resistance

The Protector Prime Orange Vibram anti-slip sole is newly designed to give you greater footholds on wet leaves and difficult terrain. The unique tread design will keep your feet in place when you need it most and the sole profile will even fit crampons and foot ascenders. Built to HAIX's exacting standards, you never need to worry about sole failure out on a job.

Extended comfort to endure the longest hours in any kind of weather

Your job is physically demanding, with long hours spent on your feet, make your feet feel like they just had a walk in the park.

Comfort fit with HAIX® cushioned insole

HAIX insoles keep your feet and your boots fresher and more comfortable on the job. Our insoles absorb perspiration to keep your feet dry even under the most rigorous conditions. Added cushioning provides extra comfort. The microfiber design is lightweight, breathable and machine washable. Replace occasionally to keep your boots fresh and comfortable.

Torsion proof for more stability

The Protector Prime Orange offers a sturdy and stable midsole which prevents your feet from flexing side to side, giving you more stability with less of a chance of ankle injuries. You also won't feel every sharp rock or stone through the sole of the boot, which translates to more comfort on those particularly long hikes.

Optimal support thanks to 2 zone lacing

The Protector Prime Orange adapts perfectly to your foot. Independently adjust the upper and lower part of your boot just the way you like it for a comfort fit tailored just to you. Fix it tighter across the foot and looser on the leg or vice versa. Lacing extends further towards the toe, with no seaming, to allow you tighten the lacing across the foot a bit more, which is good for narrower feet or tree climbing.

Breathable comfort with HAIX® Climate System

The Protector Prime Orange ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable by utilizing special foams that absorb moisture from your feet between the inner lining and the leather. With each step, moist air is expelled, and fresh air enters through the vent holes at the top of the boot. This Climate System functions like an air conditioning system for your feet.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Protector Prime Orange

Item no. 603102

Climate system
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Steel Toe
2 zone lacing
European Class 2 cut protection
Waterproof inner liner
Non-metallic puncture protection
Rubber toe and heel protection
EH rated to 18kv
Vibram sole for extra grip and slip resistance
Superior footholds
Upper material:
Nubuck leather
Boot height in inches:
9 inches
VIBRAM® 050 Sole
Inner liner:
ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195
Safety toe:
2 zone lacing
Product type:
Factory firsts
Primary use:
Electrical hazard

Your questions. Our honest answers.

Protector Prime Orange runs about a half size larger than your normal shoe size, so order 1/2 size down. The width runs true to size and comes in either a medium or wide width.
The Protector Prime Orange features hydrophobic suede leather which allows the boots breathe while keeping the leather water resistant, and a waterproof inner liner of GORE-TEX which will keep your feet dry and comfortable.
The Protector Prime Orange features a layer of Para-aramid cut resistant material in the front half of the boot, running vertically, to protect the top of the foot and front of the leg from contact with the chainsaw blade. Cut protection is configured to allow more reaction time if the boot comes in contact with a running chainsaw blade.
The only difference between the Protector Ultra Lime Green and Protector Ultra Signal Red is the color. We choose to use more visible colors on our Cut Protective boots to offer more visibility in the environment. The Protector Ultra boots are 8" in height while the Protector Prime is 9". The Protector Prime has a little less seaming than the Protector Ultra and the lacing on the Prime extends further towards the toe with no seaming at the base. This allows you to tighten the lacing a bit more on the lower section of the boot Protector Prime to make it a bit narrower. The Ultras both have easy rollers in the lower lacing for smoother lacing adjustment, a close fitting cuff to keep debris out of the boots, and additional reflective elements.
Yes you can buy replacement parts for the Protector Prime Orange such as insoles and laces. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. Protector Prime Orange is not able to be retreaded, but can be refurbished to extend the life of your boots. If you are looking to refurbish your Protector Prime Orange, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program here.
The Protector Prime Orange has a steel toe cap which exceeds ASTM testing requirements. It also has a rubber edge that enhances the comfort of the transition zone between the toe cap and the boot.

These boots meet and exceed everything I need on the job.

These boots meet and exceed everything I need on the job. With both chainsaw protection and a steel toe, I know my feet are protected while still being comfortable enough to wear all day.

Chad Gainey


Haix protector prime

I appreciate the sound advice provided by your representative for selecting the appropriate size boot. I was nervous about purchasing a boot without being able to "try on" a pair. I have found these boots to be very comfortable following an appropriate "break in" period. I anticipate these boots will provide me with many years of useful service.



Poor fit

Boots look great, but even the regular width boots ran quite large and wide, returned my initial pair as they were way to big and then sized down a whole size only to find that my heel was still slipping uncomfortably. Tried a thicker insole which improved the fit a bit but not to the point that I could wear these comfortably so back they went. If you have a narrow foot these boots will probably not fit well, and most people should probably size down at least a half size.



Best boots I have ever owned

I am a professional climbing arborist who has tried a wide variety of boots but these have been the best yet. While they do not have the best support for spikes (a fact I knew before I bought them), they are adequate enough to warrant having these boots for all the other features. First, the cooling holes really work! I work in Alabama so the high humidity alongside the high temperatures is murder, especially given how much I sweat. Since wearing these, my feet have not once felt overheated or soaking wet. I have been truly amazed. Also, as big as these boots are and their safety features, they are amazingly light and comfortable, significantly reducing fatigue by the end of the day. Walking has actually been a pleasure! My coworkers are weary of hearing me brag about them. Finally, I am really excited about the extended wear program since I have spent almost the same on other pairs of boots that have only lasted a year and a half at the most. I fully expect these boots to wear on for many years to come. That's enough to earn my loyalty. Well don, Haix!

Rainman J.


Excellent boots

Although the website recommended ordering a size down, I ordered my regular size which fits fine with thick wool socks and liners. They may be a bit longer than my normal size, but with the steel toe, I prefer that over too short. Lovely leather, good lacing system, and much easier to walk in and more stable on steep slopes than my Vikings.

Michael R.


Really pleasantly surprised

I bought the boots from Haix after discussing my foot length and width with one of the young ladies answering the phone. I made my order and a few days later they arrived

The foot is comfortable. An odd thing is I feel like the boot is narrow, like the bottom of the boot the sole, is narrow. It isn't though. I wore them around the house a few days and broke them in.

A few days after they arrived there were some straight line winds that blew to trees over. I wore the boots out and started cutting up the trees with my chain saw.

What I observed under these conditions is the boots really support me well. Ankle support is excellent. There is no slippage when manuvering over fallen trees. Grippy soles. The lacing system really keeps the boot in place on my feet. They are waterproof which I found out after stepping through mud.

The boots are heavy but very comfortable. I've worn lighter weight boots that really were uncomfortable. The weight of the Haix boots is noticable but not uncomfortable. The steel toe gives the added bit of protection one needs. I ordered orange boots to I could always be aware of where my feet are.

These are really well made, comfortable with cut protection, and easy to get on and off.

I am totally satisfied and recommend Haix to anyone.

Ruston C.


My Favorite boots !

This is my second pair of protecter prime boots
Traction is the only downside as it wears out and deems the boot unusable after 2 years for me
My first pair was purchased with a retrofit caulk sole from
Hoffman boots and these will last a lifetime
Despite the issues with traction
I've recommended these boots to all my peers and colleagues over the years

jacob j p.


great boots

Love them and the color I work for Harley Davidson and the match the harley orange

Sara K.



Right away opening the box you can see and feel the quality of these boots. The leather just looks nice and the imprint of the logo on the side looks pretty slick. They're a bit heavy and stiff but that is what you get with this type of protection. No blisters and break in was fast. This is the type of boot that isn't meant to create a lot of flex which is why they also make great tree climbing or (arborist boots). Completely waterproof!! and the mud falls right off which is really nice. Walking on the tops of logs all day and the grip feels good, I feel planted at all times. This boot does have a steel toe and chainsaw protection. Overall, just what I was looking for.



Excellent for spur free climbing

Picked up a pair for our 2 arborists and so far they love them. Ordering was simple, arrived in days and the fit and feel are great. Comfortable in the trees and on the ground. Treads are like glue on the limbs. Would definitely purchase again!



Solid boot, interesting fit, cool features

I have only spent about a week in them so far but these are by far the most high tech boot I've ever worn. The 2 stage locking lace alone is a game changer. Also the boot is almost all one piece of suede which is pretty cool. On the first few wears pay very close attention to make sure all the folds in the suede are nice and neat otherwise you may have some spots digging in. They do have a very different fit that feels more like a snowboard boot or ski boot with a stiff heel and just barely enough room in the toe, which actually works really well for a forestry/climbing boot. I did have some issues with my heel sliding around in the boot on the first couple days of use but just like any good boot they have softened up a bit with each use and get a bit comfier as they form to my feet; no more issues with my heel sliding around. Not sure about durability yet but if they hold up for a couple years I'd probably change the review from an 8 to a 9.
Overall this boot may not be for everyone as there are definitely lighter boots out there, but probably not with this much protection. If you're doing lots of chainsaw work on uneven terrain and the unique shape of the boot fits your foot, I can't think of a better boot out there; though it does seem to shape to your foot if you're worried about them feeling a bit awkward at first. If you're mostly working in town and don't need cut protection, go with something lighter.

Arley M.


Awesome Boots

As the saying goes you get what you pay for. These boots are over the top for quality fit and finish. They are worth every penny! I would never buy any other boots.

Tim N.


Great for logging

I wear these boots all day logging and they are the best boots I own. They are comfortable and dry. I own a couple of other Haix boots and the protector Prime are my favorite to wear.

Reyer J.


Great fit and feel

I’ve had numerous pairs of Haix boots as a firefighter. I purchased these boots because I spend a fair amount of time cutting firewood and occasionally take trees down. I wore these boots for several hours the first day with no discomfort. They are a bit stiff but but still comfortable and easy to walk while wearing.



The best boots!

These boots are worth every penny. Haix customer service is out of this world. Always there to help. Buy these boots every time

Greer D.


The best boots!

These boots are worth every penny. Haix customer service is out of this world. Always there to help. Buy these boots every time

Greer D.



These boots are high quality and extremely comfortable! I would definitely purchase them again.

Chris G.


You get what you pay for

As an arborist that has been on his feet for the last 15 years, ive worn just about every type of boot on the market. Long story short, these boots top them all. The ankle support feels so firm and strong. Aggressive tread for all kinds if traction in the tree and on the ground. The locking lace eyes have to be my favourite part. Lace the bottom part and lock it in. Then lace up the ankle. So so nice. Best boots ive ever owned. Thank you Haix for a quality boot. Cheers.

Tyler H.


Quality boots

Well-made and comfortable boots.




Best boots I’ve ever owned. I’m amazed at how these boots allow your foot to breath while at the same time keeping water out. They’re incredibly durable and comfortable. Highly recommended.



Comfortable but don’t last

Boots were stiff at first but lossened up quickly. Extremely comfortable after they were broken in. However they don’t stand the test of time! Wore mine for the equivalent of 6 months, about 2 1/2 months in the bush and the rest just around the base. The sole is beginning to separate from the boot and the upper heal has split open, making them no longer waterproof. Not sure I would spend that kind of money for boots that won’t last. I’ve had Dakota’s last longer than these.



Love them

Love these boots they fit like most European style climbing boots, (Scarpa, La Sporteva) order a dive or half bigger than normal and you'll be good. Do wish they came in other colors that the most bright. I feel like I have pumpkins on my feet at times but the best boot I've ever owned.

Bow R.


Excellent High Quality Boot

I work for BNSF Railway and wear these all day, 12 hrs every day. Thru the years, I've had opportunities to try many different companies boots, mostly mid to high end. I wasn't sure if these Haix would be anything special compared to so many other's I've tried but I liked the original "orange" color and choose to give them a try. I'm not disappointed that I did. The minute you open the box and pull them out for a first look, you can instantly tell these are very well made, heavy duty boots. The thickness of the leather sides and tongue let's you know these are high end and offer significant protection. I was a bit hesitant worrying these might take a very long time to "break in" but by the second day, my worries were gone. These are some of the best fitting, most comfortable boots I've ever tried. I've spent 12 hours in these boots each day since I got them last week, and except for a little bit of "new boot pain" the very first day, I've loved them since. I like that these boots do NOT have a "logger" style high heel. I've worn that style for years, but they tend to put too much pressure towards my front foot, and my feet get tired wearing that style much faster than a medium or low heel boot, such as these Haix. These boots are very warm and have kept my feet dry so far wearing them in the rain. I don't see any problem wearing these over the winter. While offering "warmth" they also "breathe" great. My feet are not soaked in sweat at the end of the day, even after walking for miles on tough ballast. I'm really impressed with the quality of these boots and how wonderful they feel on my feet. My only dilemma was choosing orange or the lime green. I really liked the lime green but we are required to wear safety orange vests, jackets, gloves, etc... so I choose the orange. I've been fielding a ton of questions from all my coworkers asking about these "orange boots". Everyone seems to like the look. One thing, as you'll read in every review, these boots run on the larger side so make certain you order a "half size" smaller than your used to wearing. I wear a 9.5 medium and ordered a size 9. They fit perfectly. I believe a full size smaller would've been too small, yet my regular size too large, so I'd recommend a half size smaller when ordering.



Great tree climbing boots!!!

I've been climbing trees for a few years now, work rain, shine or snow. I spend most days hiking, dragging brush and climbing trees, whenever I climb it's always with gaffs on. Most of the time I'm in trees for hours at a time, these boots are great, my feet feel great in and out of the trees. Comfy right out of the box. I wear a size 15 shoe, so I ordered the 14 wide and hoped for the best because finding boots for myself sucks. I previously had whites, size 13EEE and they wore out very quickly, they were also not waterproof at all, which really blows when they cost 500 dollars. The Haix are nothing short of amazing after switching from my whites. I'll be ordering another pair after these wear out



Bull Moose in Wisconsin

These are the best forestry boots I have ever used. I am in my 3rd season using them now. They are comfortable despite their rigidity. When working in the forest the footing is not always smooth and level. They have saved my ankle many times when backing away from a falling tree.

I originally did not plan to use them in winter but they are very comfortable in winter as well - I add a pair of wood socks and my feet stay toasty and dry.

Great fit
Great protection from elements - snow - water - mud
Great support
Plus all the safety features for protecting your toes from crushes or your feet chainsaw bars.

I love them

Randy S.


Relived and Happy

I was very interested in doing the best I could to protect my feet in case of an accident and Haix came highly recommended. I was very apprehensive about spending so much on a boot and if they would be comfortable. I have early onset of arthritis in my feet and with the wrong pair of boots it can make for a terrible day. I took a leap and bought the protector boots and instantly when I put them on they were comfortable. I have spent several days in the woods now with them and my feet feel the best they ever have after cutting for that long. The next measure of the test is to see how long they hold up. Based on my experience thus far I have a great deal of faith in their durability. Awesome boot and would buy them again.



High Quality Medium Sized Boot

These Haix boots are some of the highest quality boots I've ever purchased. They are exactly what you'd expect from a European shoe/boot maker. The boot breathes better than any boot I've ever had, especially with the Hair functional socks, which I recommend highly. I'm only giving the boots an 8 though because Haix USA doesn't sell them in a wide size. If you have wide feet, these will get a little uncomfortable and make your ball joints sore if you were them for more than a couple of hours. If I could have ordered these boots in my size wide, I'd give them a 10. Haix makes a wide, but for some reason, Haix USA only chose to stock medium's in my size (10.5). Other than that disappointment, which is a big one when you consider the cost of these, I'm pleased with the quality.

Kent A.


Best boots ever

Thank you too the tree boot is the best boot I've ever bought im hard on boots and after the old pair is starting to fall apart on the sole I still don't get wet feet in mud or wet conditions. There also still very comfortable and supportive. And last the strings are still original and not torn at all never had a pair of boots that they last the entire time the boots do never had to retire during the day either. Just all around great product. Thanks dave

David g.


protector prime

awesome boots ,but was under the impression they where rebuildable, and they are not. Was truly disappointed as I really like these boots, have had them a year and by the end of this year, will need new soles. Please please please change the soles to rebuildable ones, too nice to throw away.

mike s.


Amazing rugged forestry boots

These are a great investment! I work for a forestry consulting company in northern British Columbia and am in the field every day for 8-12 hours. I've had these boots for exactly a year now and have used them every work day except for the very cold, and deep snow days.

The quality is amazing. The boots are in the same condition as when I unboxed them, only more comfortable. They're really tough, really comfortable, really water proof, as breathable as you can expect from a boot that will last, have great grip (I don't like cork boots, and these offer really good grip in their place), have an awesome lacing system, and look great. They're also great with snow shoes on the not-too-cold days. Your ankles feel extremely supported in any condition, the boot doesn't slip or rub on any climb or descent, and I'm pretty sure my foot would stay intact if I happened to step on a landmine (even if the rest of me disintegrated). They get a bit warm on the really hot days, but if you clean the interior regularly, the feet stay very happy.

I'd say on average these have seen 8-10 on-foot bush kilometers daily for 8 months, in every condition (from nice pine flats, to swampy black spruce areas, to some of the gnarliest, blown-over nightmare timber stands out there). My feet are very happy, the boots are still in better than perfect condition, and I'll be a Haix customer for as long as you guys make these awesome boots. The tread is still impeccable so I can't see them needing resoled for years.

Treat these boots well (clean and treat when required and dry slowly from the inside-out), and I imagine they'll take care of your feet for years.

Cheers Haix!

Nicholas D.


True to Fit?

I ordered the same size I normally get in boots. Once I received them, I tried them on only to find they are too big. Unfortunately, I just now spoke with a customer service rep from Haix and they informed me the Protector Primes actually run about a half size too big.

I'm hoping that my blunder in ordering can save people from a frustrating experience like mine. At the time of this writing I can not find any information from Haix about "fit".


Other than actual fit, these boots are very well constructed and I can't wait to get the correct size to start wearing.



Nice comfortable boots

I bought a pair of these Protector Orange boots about a month ago. They took a couple days to break in. After that they are as comfortable as can be and I sometimes forget I have boots on.

The fit was normal for my normal size. I do wear them with some thick Thor-Lo High Top Ski Boot socks. They seem to handle variety of temperatures pretty well as I worn them in the snow in the 20s F / -0sC and into the 60s F /16+ C with neither cold nor hot feet including plowing snow on my tractor for 2 hours in the open air sitting.

The high top provides excellent support and the Vibram soles are sturdy. I live at a wooded mountain location so the chainsaw safety was important to me. I also wear these quite a lot walking and doing trail maintenance as a volunteer on the Appalachian Trail. I was wearing athletic shoes on the AT but after wearing these high tops, it's easy to walk right over protruding rocks without even looking where one is walking. These are way better then my old heavy Vasque leather hiking boots; although they are a work of art too.

Matthew S.


Best work boot I've had yet.

I'm a environmental field tech in the north and work anywhere from 60° Lat to above the arctic circle and preform an extremely wide range of jobs. I got these boots because of the wide range of features and certifications required for many work sites im on. When I first got them, they were hella stiff but I just decided to wear them as my daily boots. Now I like them so much I regularly reach for them when I'm just going out to the shop. I recently had to do some field work out in -32°C. I grabbed these and was pleasantly surprised that they were warm enough (I was moving all day) I'm interested to see how warm they are in the summer but they seem ok indoors. They fit like a glove and the soles grip on ice well and stay soft in the cold. I love that I can just pick up a saw and know my boots are good to go. I'll definitely be looking at more Haix boots in the future but I expect these will hold up well. esp with the option to resole. The boots are worth every penny.....(Nickle?) and they replace 3 types of boots I had to have to preform my job. Way cheaper in the end.

JM Whithorse Yukon C.


So far really impressed. This will be a good logging boot. I still need to really break them in. Have used a low cut style for the last couple of years from Haix and they are great also. Figure it will be some time before I need another pair.

James O.


Best boot

I've been wearing them for about a month daily. These by far are the best boots I have owned. First off they are comfortable, waterproof, and dirt/debris do not get in.



Best fitting boot ever

After scoring some black USAR boots on eBay, I went straight to the factory site and looked for a boot that would solve some of my daily issues.
1. On construction sites, boot are more and more scrutinized. But toe protection had ALWAYS been uncomfortable and clunky.
- this boot is perfection, the toe protection is not the least bit noticeable.
2. Cut protection is coming, this boot solves it.
3. Comfort and support, the best.
- this boot feels like articulated ski boots you can walk in and your foot is embedded in whipped cream.
4. Quality is unequalled.
Imcant walk anywhere on the job site without someone asking about the unusual orange boots. I wonder how many I have sold? What I tell my associates is the undetectable toe protection... That usually does it for everyone .
I am now ordering black ones for going out boots. Yes, going out on the town, I wear Boots everywhere...,these boots will be worn everywhere.

Grant C.



I have one word amazing I've been doing tree work 10 years now between crane work line clearance also line construction I usually eat boots up only get 4 - 6 months out of a pair also have severely flat feet so it's very hard for me to find a durable tough reliable boot so I just want to say thank you and I will be buying another pair if you ever need a field test I'm your guy I'll beat the s*** out of them but anyway thanks for a great boot Doug Lapeer



Outstanding forestry footwear, amazing Lineman's boot

I am currently in line-school preparing to apprentice as a power line worker. Hesitant to accept the old-fashioned line boot simply because it's "what everyone uses", I began online research to find out what other Utility Workers, linemen and arborists were using. Approximately 8 years ago, it appears that some linemen out of California were starting to use a heavy-duty, mountaineering style boot on the job - for comfort, weight, durability and water resistance. These reviews were my inspiration to find a green-patch (CSA approved), "mountaineering style" boot for my class and into the workforce.

In a nutshell, my criteria was as follows:

-Moutaineering style boot - rigid, durabile, light-weight, comfortable, weather-resistant, steel toe
-Sizing availability
-9" height
-Green patch (CSA/ANSI approved)
-Puncture Resistant
-Extra stiff midsole for climbing
-Heel for safe placement of climbing spurs

In the past, I've used several different types and brands of safety boots for various applications. My experience derives from employment with the Canadian Forces, residential construction (carpentry), working in various heavy industrial environments, running a homestead (small farm operation), managing personal woodlot (felling trees for firewood, milling for lumber). In the past I've used:
-generic CF issue combat boots (mid 1990's - pre Danner-style)
-Carolina boots
-JB Goodhue
-STC (CF surplus, hot weather, steel toe and puncture resistant)

Quite naturally, I considered the "lineman" model, if available, in the above-mentioned brands as well as a few of the traditional manufacturers below. While quality was not an issue with the higher-end brands, I was very reluctant to spend $400-500USD on a boot which was not exactly what I wanted. The following were my considerations and observations:

Danner - my "slippers" for the past 5 years. Tried climbing in them and immediately knew comfort would be an issue, even in the short term, as my knees hurt and I could feel my instep twisting under body-weight load.

The usual Mark's Workwear House fair (Dakota, Cat, Terra, JB Goodhue), inexpensive, but generally lacking in quality - small steel shank, more pliable sole, lesser quality, not rebuildable, generally made in China.

Whites - traditional, bespoke - although made in USA, out of my budget and not exactly what I wanted

Viberg - bespoke - way out of my price range for the style and asthetics of the boot

Wesco - traditional - factory seconds are very reasonably priced; heavy leather; possessed none of the extras I wanted (gore-tex, aramid, etc).

Royer - Canadian company - traditional - ugly, ugly, ugly; leather = heavy; only available in black

Canada West Boots - Canadian - traditional - nice two-tone brown; leather=heavy, price point was an issue considering the boots did not meet my criteria.

Meindl - appeared to meet my criteria, exactly what I was looking for, but did not come in my size, a Canadian source was difficult to find. Given the last two barriers, I was not willing to spend

Haix - non-traditional look and composition, Mountaineering boot with steel toe, green patch (CSA/ANSI approved) safety toe, right height, good heel, correct size available, priced right in the middle of my budget, great reviews and photos on Arborsite courtesy of Aldegar, Gore-Tex. These boots met all of my initial criteria.

Naturally, I chose Haix Protector Prime.

Why did I choose?
-right off the bat, I leaned heavily towards Haix based purely on asthetics.
-green patch (CSA/ANSI approved) safety toe
-my size was available (39)
-priced right in the middle of my budget
-great reviews and photos on Arborsite courtesy of Aldegar
-two-zone lacing
-Aramid fibres
-factory warranty

At first blush this boot met my criteria in spades. But what followed is what sealed the deal for me - Customer service.

I recently killed my phone and lost all my contacts, but I believe it is Melissa with whom you speak upon first calling Haix. I was hesitant to order, sight unseen, a boot which would be part of my life for hours at a time. However, Haix' customer service has been without equal. She patiently answered all of my questions (and continues to do so when I call), addressed all of my concerns and provided (what proved to be) accurate sizing information (gender, foot width, socks, etc). She was incredibly friendly, competent, knowledgeable and accommodating - she was able to work around Haix' "non-delivery" to Canada in order to get my footwear to me (via my sister-in-law in Chicago).

First impressions? Aldegar's review on Arborsite was spot-on! These boots will blow your mind with comfort!

-Extremely light - noticed this at the post office before I'd even unwrapped the box.
-Love the colour - a different boot deserves a different colour! (also available in black)
-Exceptionally well made - what would I expect from a product engineered in Germany and manufactured in Croatia? Very well glued; no over-glue marks; lovely riveted eyelets; two zone lacing (like my hockey skates); vibram sole with appropriate heel height; did I mention the colour?
-Although green patch not displayed on right boot (per CSA standard) in photo, it is prominently sewn to right boot upper, with corresponding label inside boot
-Solid construction of tongue with hook placed to keep Aramid portion in position
-Aramid fibres throughout vamp, upper and tongue
-One-piece construction
-4 layers of Gore-tex, for water resistance
-beautifully comfortable footbed - I have worn these boots for the past few weeks, day in and day out, without my orthotics! My foot felt "at home", almost slipper-like, from the first time I wore the boots.
-great fit - right out of the box, immediately impressed with sizing and fit, at Melissa's recommendation, ordered a half size smaller than regular men's shoe size, regular width despite having extremely wide foot (for a female)
-"slightly gummy" (per Aldegar) vibram sole appears softer than previous iterations I've encountered - to my surprise I walked silently through the college - none of the clomping about experienced with previous work boots.
-Tongue is sturdy, well constructed, heavy duty, gusseted, Aramid patch on shin, Aramid fibres throughout vamp and upper.
-round laces, "textured", for better knot-holding capability.
-rubber toe and heel protection provides durability.
-Haix has an outstanding warranty on their boots and they can be rebuilt by Haix.

Second impression - first hike
Right out of the box I took these boots on a short 5km hike in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park over steep and varied terrain. The trail is an excellently marked, well-maintained, forested trail with steep grades, plank bridges, several flights of stairs and a cobblestone beach. During and after the hike, I did not get any blisters, nary a hot spot and not so much as a squeak from the leather. Two-zone lacing fantastic idea - keeps foot firmly planted in footbed, heel in place, accommodates high arches, allows rest of leg (shin and calf) freedom of movement. With my heel firmly locked in place, the rear portion of boot holds my foot while the upper and gusset bend comfortably with no blisters on back of heel. I did re-tensioned the laces at the vamp "level" twice on the hike to accommodate the changes precipitated by a little heat and a little sweat, but the laces held firmly in two-zone clips, and my top knot held with no-retying necessary (i fold my socks over top of boot to secure lace-knot). I was confident in the stability of boot - it felt like my knee would give a million years before my foot/ankle ever would. These boots are rigid and sturdy without being restrictive, uncomfortable and unforgiving.

Everyday wear
I have my own wood lot whereby I harvest my own wood for firewood and mill my own lumber. If I were using these boots simply for their intended purpose - as a Forestry boot - I have absolutely no reservations recommending these boots to anyone.

However, I purchased these boots in order to climb poles - as a lineworker boot.

Third impression - first climb - standing, playing, working 2 hours on the pole.
-the footbed was blessedly rigid - shank, midsole, puncture protective and Vibram sole all performed beautifully to provide me with an extraordinarily comfortable platform on which to stand in spurs.
-no backwards (taco-like) flex in the sole. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.
-no pain in instep.
-incredibly comfortable footbed.
-it felt like like standing on the floor - not 30' up a pole
-all around amazing comfort.

Would I recommend these boots for line work? Although my experience is limited, I have not hesitated already to recommend these boots to anyone in forestry, construction trades, and for everyday wear (if you're into that kind of thing!).

As I get more knowledgable and skilled, I will post a follow up specifically addressing the following:
- Vibram sole performance in winter
- "slightly gummy" vibram sole durability
- Long-term durability - there is a rub mark on inside vamp near ball of foot where my foot rubs the pole. I'm hoping this does not develop into a hole - this is the only area where the boot shows itself as being a forestry rather than lineman's boot.
- Long-term overall durability

I agree whole-heartely with Aldegar's assessment and would go further... to say that these boots are comfortable enough for everyday wear, rigid enough to provide a very stable platform while climbing, light enough to climb all day. They are fantastic and I would buy them again - without hesitation. Everyone one in my class has asked about the boots, and I've been asked a lot of questions by various students at my trades college.

Would love to include photos in review - Haix, can you accommodate photos in the review field in the future?

My only regret?
Not arriving at a decision sooner so that my classmates would have considered Haix Protector Prime before their purchases.

Ell Ess in N.


Protector Prime Orange

WOW are these boots fantastic! Just received them and walked around the block to check them out before I put them in service. These will last years. Quality at it's finest. I learned you always get what you pay for and am excited to use them. And I really like the extended wear program, which was a pleasant surprise. The workmanship is truly world class. I will have many friends and co-workers asking where, how and when they can purchase their own boots. Order your own pair and become a believer. The last pair of boots you will ever buy! Thank you.


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