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Protector Ultra Lime Green


 What size should I order?


If you make a living working with a chainsaw, you want to control your risk and protect your safety. While protection and safety should be at the top of your list when choosing chainsaw protective footwear, you also need to have leather logger forestry boots that will be functional so that you can do the job at hand. European Cut Protection and Added Visibility Whether you work at heights or on the ground, the HAIX Protector Ultra Lime Green logger boots provide both maximum comfort and a higher level of cut protection. Offering European Class 2 (24m/s) cut protection, the HAIX Protector Ultra Lime Green are impressively stable and surprisingly lightweight steel toe boots. The lime green color of these leather logger forestry boots gives you a higher degree of visibility and a better sense of where your foot is in relation to the chainsaw. Combine the lime green color with the silver reflective elements at the side and back of the boot, and you get a visibility boost day or night. Soft-fitting Sleeve to Keep Debris Out and Two-Zone Lacing with Roller Ball Eyelets The HAIX Protector Ultra Lime Green is designed with an attention to even the smallest detail. These suede leather logger forestry boots are built with minimal seaming and double stitched in order to reduce the possibility of seam failure out on a job. A soft, close fitting sleeve in the boot and the combination of leather and suede on the tongue allows for a closer fit that will prevent wood chips and debris from getting into your boot. In addition, the two zone lacing permits independent lacing of the upper and lower part of the boot in order to provide a fit tailored to your individual preferences. Pair the lacing with roller ball style eyelets and lacing becomes a breeze. GORE-TEX® Inner Liner and HAIX® Climate System The breathable European sourced leather, combined with a waterproof GORE-TEX® inner lining, ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable all day out in the field. The built in Climate System carries moist air out of the boot through vent holes at the side and on the tongue. The Climate System helps your feet maintain a comfortable temperature whether working in cold or warm weather. HAIX® recommends a good wool blend sock as a wool blend is better able to work in conjunction with the climate system, wicking away moisture and keeping your feet drier. And the adjustable lacing allows you the ability to be flexible in your choice of socks, whether it be a thicker sock for cold conditions or a thinner sock for warm conditions. Ankle Support and Vibram® Soles The HAIX Protector Ultra Lime Green is built to orthopedic criteria and helps to promote foot health. Built in ankle protection and support keeps your delicate ankle area safe and secure; so important in preventing ankle injuries. The Vibram® hiking sole gives you extra grip and slip resistance to keep you on your feet even in colder temperatures. HAIX® Secura Liner® – never a loose liner GORE-TEX® waterproof inner liner HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance HAIX® Two-Zone Lacing System European Class 2 cut protection Steel toe cap Non-metallic puncture protection Vibram® sole for extra grip and slip resistance Rubber toe and heel protection for prolonged service life Waterproof/breathable leather Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

Protector Ultra Lime Green

Unisex model


Working with chainsaws is a specialized skill requiring concentration and a commitment to safety. Add another layer of protection with the Protector Ultra Lime Green.



 What size should I order?


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Maximum protection for chainsaw users whether on the job or in the yard

You want to control your risk and protect your safety. Protector Ultra Lime Green provides that extra layer of peace of mind.

Ultimate safety certified to ASTM for toe protection offering European Class 2 for cut protection

Safety is a top priority when working with chainsaws. The Protector Ultra Lime Green protects your feet from the dangers of the job at hand. Our durable European bullhide leather, combined with a layer of cut-resistant material, offers durability and added reaction time if you come in contact with the chainsaw blade. The Class 2 rating shields against chainsaw speeds up to 24/meters/second.

Protect your toes with our steel toe cap

The integrity of your feet, and especially your toes, is important. The Protector Ultra Lime Green's built-in steel toe offers maximum space in the toe box and protects your toes to the highest safety requirements.

EH Resistance

The Protector Ultra Lime Green is independently certified to protect against contact with downed powerlines and other electrical hazards to 18kv.

Enjoy peace of mind with a Vibram sole that offers both durability and exceptional slip resistance

The Protector Ultra Lime Green Vibram anti-slip sole gives you a better foothold on wet leaves and diverse terrain. The unique tread design keeps your foot in place when you need it most, and the sole profile will even fit crampons and foot ascenders. Built to HAIX's exacting standards, you never need to worry about sole failure out on a job.

Extended comfort to endure the longest hours in any kind of weather

Your job is physically demanding, with long hours spent on your feet, make your feet feel like they just had a walk in the park.

Comfort fit with HAIX® cushioned insole

HAIX insoles keep your feet and your shoes fresher and more comfortable on the job. Our insoles absorb perspiration to keep your feet dry even in the most rigorous conditions. Added cushioning provides extra comfort. The microfiber design is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. Replace occasionally to keep your shoes fresh and comfortable.

Torsion proof for more stability

The Protector Ultra Lime Green offers a sturdy and stable midsole that prevents your feet from flexing side to side, giving you more stability with less chance of ankle injuries. You also won't feel every sharp rock or stone through the sole of the boot, providing you more comfort on those particularly long hikes.

Optimal support and comfort thanks to 2 zone lacing

The Protector Ultra Lime Green adapts perfectly to your foot. Independently adjust the upper and lower part of your boot to your liking, ensuring a comfortable fit tailored just to you. Fix it tighter across the foot and looser on the leg or vice versa. A soft, close-fitting cuff in the boot helps keep pesky wood chips and debris out of your boot. The roller ball lacing elements also minimize wear and tear on your laces.

Breathable comfort with HAIX® Climate System

The Protector Ultra Lime Green ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable by utilizing special foams that absorb moisture from your feet between the inner lining and the leather. With each step, moist air expels, and fresh air enters through the vent holes at the top of the boot. This Climate System functions like an air conditioning system for your feet.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Protector Ultra Lime Green

Item no. 603110

Climate system
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Steel Toe
2 zone lacing
European Class 2 cut protection
Waterproof inner liner
Non-metallic puncture protection
Rubber toe and heel protection
EH rated to 18kv
Roller ball lacing
Built in leg cuff
Vibram sole for extra grip and slip resistance
Superior footholds
Upper material:
Nubuck leather
Lime green
Boot height in inches:
8 inches
VIBRAM® 050 Sole
Inner liner:
ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195
Safety toe:
2 zone lacing
Product type:
Factory firsts
Primary use:
Electrical hazard

Your questions. Our honest answers.

Protector Ultra Lime Green runs about a half size larger than your normal shoe size, so order 1/2 size down. The width runs true to size and comes in either a medium or wide width.
The Protector Ultra Lime Green features hydrophobic suede leather which allows the boots breathe while keeping the leather water resistant, and a waterproof inner liner of GORE-TEX which will keep your feet dry and comfortable.
The Protector Ultra Lime Green features a layer of Para-aramid cut resistant material in the front half of the boot, running vertically, to protect the top of the foot and front of the leg from contact with the chainsaw blade. Cut protection is configured to allow more reaction time if the boot comes in contact with a running chainsaw blade.
The only difference between the Protector Ultra Lime Green and Protector Ultra Signal Red is the color. We choose to use more visible colors on our Cut Protective boots to offer more visibility in the environment. The Protector Ultra boots are 8" in height while the Protector Prime is 9". The Protector Prime has a little less seaming than the Protector Ultra and the lacing on the Prime extends further towards the toe with no seaming at the base. This allows you to tighten the lacing a bit more on the lower section of the boot Protector Prime to make it a bit narrower. The Ultras both have easy rollers in the lower lacing for smoother lacing adjustment, a close fitting cuff to keep debris out of the boots, and additional reflective elements.
Yes you can buy replacement parts for the Protector Ultra Lime Green such as insoles and laces. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. Protector Ultra Lime Green is not able to be retreaded, but can be refurbished to extend the life of your boots. If you are looking to refurbish your Protector Ultra Lime Green, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program here.
The Protector Ultra Lime Green has a steel toe cap which exceeds ASTM testing requirements. It also has a rubber edge that enhances the comfort of the transition zone between the toe cap and the boot.

I absolutely am in love with them.

I give these a 5 out of 5. I've been wearing (Haix) for 7 years and I can't say enough good about them.

Johnny Korthius


Great boot

This boot is very comfortable and offers lots of support. I like the way the eyes at the top of the foot lock to hold the laces tight while lacing up the ankle section. They are light weight and offer lots of protection.

Lance D.


Quality boot

Can't go wrong with a pair of these. I bough them and don't see myself looking back.

Water resistance is excellent. Have kept my feet dry and comfortable in more than a few wet situations.

Never had to test the chainsaw resistance but it is good to have for peace of mind.

Also they look rad.


Best boots ever

I've worn many name brand boots these past 50 years and none have come close to the Protector boots I've purchased from Haix. On my second pair and just bought these for my daughter for Christmas/Birthday. All day comfort and ankle support with the engineered "Climate System" (no sweaty socks), Toe protection and weight have been a godsend for old, tired feet. I had previously bought the Air Power XR200 but they were much heavier than these and shorter in height. Good boots but tired out these old legs. Supporting a structure requires a good foundation and these fit the bill perfectly!

Ed R.


Well built. Design could use a small tweak.

This seem really well built. Time will tell. The wide version could be wider across the ball of the foot *without* increasing size in the mid-foot. Room from small toe to the base of the big toe is essential for foot health. The current design is a bit tight in that location. Otherwise, thumbs up.



I’ve spent 3 years in these boots.

I’m on my second pair of these. First pair lasted me 3 solid years of climbing large trees with thick bark multiple times per week.

I wore a hole through the toe of them through sheer friction and the rest of the boots stayed in tact, and remained comfortable and waterproof.

If I hadn’t wore a hole clear through the first pair I would still be wearing them today.

You definitely won’t regret purchasing these boots. If you have a low arch or flat foot, I’d reccomend the wide option. It also allows more room for your toes to move around inside the toe box which is good for your feet and posture.

My only complaint is fairly small. The eye hooks for the laces that run up the leg aren’t the strongest. I’ve already lost one of them on my new pair after just a few days of climbing. But considering how good the rest of the boot is, that’s not really a huge deal.

I don’t see myself trying any other boots any time soon. Love Haix and feel safer and more confident with them on my feet everyday at work climbing massive trees and running massive chainsaws.

Jason W.


So Far So Good!

Bought these boots to be as protected as possible while cutting firewood. I don't get up in the trees too much (which seems to be one of this boot's main purposes). I wish they were a little less stiff, but am excited to see how they are broken in. I have had a few days of work in them so far and don't have any big friction points or blisters. They ran true to size. I ordered the same size I wear in both running shoes and hiking boots. They feel fine with just one pair of socks and but feel great if I double up socks (which I typically do in work boots). Worked in tall wet grass for a lot of the day and stayed perfectly dry too, which was good.

Matthew P.


The Fit I Have Been Looming For

I have been wearing these boots for 6 weeks of cutting in the bush. They took a good week to break in to my feet, but after that they have been the best boots I have ever worn in the bush. I find that I put them in and don’t lace them up immediately, l there seems to be a padding in the boot that forms to my foot after a half minute if standing on them, then I lace them up, but not real tight like I would a pair of high work shoes. The laces are standing up immensely well for me, no frays so far. I climbed with them on once, there is a buckle on the boot that is directly under my spur strap, very uncomfortable, but that’s not why I bought the shoes to begin with and different spurs most likely will overcome that. I can wear these 12 hours a day without any discomfort. There is only one thing I am disappointed with, the toe cap on the left shoe has come unglued in on place. Been like that for a couple weeks and has not got any worse.. I would have given these shoes a 10 if not for that I am hoping it doesn’t go further. These are my favorite shoes to wear period.

Amos F.


Haix boot

Excellent boot very comfortable only issue is they say there wide but they don't fit like a wide boot so they don't fit properly at all hoping they will stretch in due time



Great boots

These are only a pound heavier than my Asolo hiking boots while being as comfortable, but taller, with steel toes & cut protection. Glad I finally replaced my old uncomfortable steel toed boots. My feet sometimes take a beating while logging and sawing on my mill these will help. The sizing is as advised 1/2 a size under what you usually take.

Bill G.


Great boots

Coming off an ankle injury I grabbed these boots for climbing and falling. Game changer for ankle support for both. Very comfortable, and seem to be holding up very well.

Ucluelet tree s.


Great winter boots

I am on my 3rd pair of haix protector ultras. They are a tough boot that holds up to any of the elements you can put them through. They last me 2 sometimes 3 years wearing them in the winter months in upstate NY. There is not a better arborist boot if you have harsh winters. These boots are feature packed and do everything they say they will.

Daniel B.


Protector Ultra Lime Green

I have only worn the boots for a few weeks but I am definitely pleased so far. After a few days of breaking in they were much more comfortable. They are great with spurs and have molded to my feet extremely well. Only down side is that they are hot. Gore-tex may as well be a plastic bag. Would I pay full price for them? Likely not. The sale price was very reasonable.



Best boot PERIOD

Been working in the tree care/utility vegetation management field for 17+ years and these boots are by far the best boot on the market. Before I found Haix about 5 years ago I wore just about every boot imaginable and nothing comes close to the waterproofness, longevity, durability and comfort offered by haix.



Oh yeah!

These boots are great, they feel very sturdy and comfortable. I would advise all new users to brake them in for about a week or two by wearing them in different lacing ways around the house before you venture onto the tree or worksite for a full day. They are pretty stiff at first, but I have no regrets on the money spent,though I’d buy a new pair every year if they were a bit cheaper. My kids say they are my “Power Ranger” boots, and I agree with them…. They should come with a giant mechanical ranger to defeat the work day with 1990’s special effects.

Genaro M.


Great boots

Been wearing these boots for 3 years, they wear out wuick when ditching from forest to urban settings. Other than that they’re a kickass boot if worn for what they’re built for.



So far so good!

I was looking for a good boot for ground work and climbing, so started looking for boots other than the Redwings that I have bought for years. I came across these and started reading reviews, the only thing I ever saw negative was people complaining about the break in period. So I gave it a shot and I will say I am at the start of my 3rd week with them and the major break in strain is pretty much gone! My feet are comfortable all day and don't hurt at the end of the day. I've used them once with my spikes and they didn't move around at all! In all 10/10 until I find something worth complaining about. Plus I really like the side support and the locking bottom laces!

Brandon M.


Best boots ever

10/10 best forestry boot ever

Keven B.


Suitable Boot for Mountain Construction

I have now spent 80 hours working in my protectors and I can say that I am a big fan. I build recreation infrastructure in mountain environments, in a typical day I spend 10+ hours in an excavator, on the chainsaw, hiking and doing assorted skilled labor. I was a bit hesitant to drop nearly $650 in a pair of boots, however I can say that the overall construction of these is on par with high quality mountaineering boots. The stability when walking across slope is spectacular, and you can really edge them in when you are aggressively working on steep and loose terrain. The flexion and dexterity when using them on the foot pedals of my excavator is improving as they break in and I find it totally livable. I cannot speak to the durability of these boots yet, but typically I destroy a pair of $200 boots every year, so if these boots make it even half their advertised life, it will provide the best value of any boot that I have owned. I stressed out a lot about picking a size, my footwear range from 9.5-10 depending on brand. I have some Nike gym shoes that are 9.5, salomon trail runners in 10. Most of my work boots have been 9.5. Anyway, I bought a size 9 and they fit very well with my typical mid weight work socks. My only complaint is that I wish that they came with the recommended treatment product, that silicon based treatment is not super common and I have ended up treating mine with beesewax that is used for similar mountaineering boots.

Tim C.


The best

Absolutely worth the money the best boots my husband has ever owned and he is an arborist.



The best Arborist boot so far

5 pairs over 6 years fore and my crew and they are just the best. Waterproof, somewhat cool in hot summer on asphalt, pretty warm in winter in deep snow, comfortable in hooks, excellent grip for trimming sessions. Love them and so do my guys!

John L.


Haix defender boots

Very impressed with the quality of materials these boots are made of, extremely comfortable considering your ankle is almost in a fixed position due to the rigidity of the boot. I feel confident they will perform as needed in the long term. Climbing spurs fit nice around them and are barely noticeable while wearing them, as opposed to wearing conventional work boots. I feel I have got my money’s worth thus far, very happy



Best Chainsaw Loggers Boots!

If you are serious about chainsaw safety, then good boots are a must ~ The Haix Protector Ultra’s are the BEST! With 45 years experience these are by far the most comfortable chainsaw boots I’ve ever used. Safety is a priority, but comfort is essential to being productive. The support, fit, lacing features, padding, lugged sole, they all add up to a winning combination. I went with the wide version and 1/2 size larger than normal when using them with thick wool socks for cold weather cutting. Regardless I like the wide for any season.



Best Boots I've Owned in 30 Yrs

I have owned many different work boots and without a doubt the HAIX Protector Ultra Lime Green boots are the most outstanding work Boot I have owned in over 30 Yrs in construction/rope access work. As I work in a high angle rope access environment, the stability and comfort is amazing and they can withstand the punishment. My #1 boot of choice.

Peter L.


Great Boot

I have been wearing the same pair of these boots now for about 3 years. I work in the the power line industry. These boots are great for climbing, very comfortable and give great support to my feet. As mentioned in other reviews, I am wearing a half size smaller then I would normally wear. I have a couple of other pairs of boots as well and every so often I’ll wear one of them for a day and none of them come close in comfort to my Haix. I would definitely buy another pair but right now the ones I have look like they have a couple more years left in them. There is a higher cost at the beginning but these things really last. Even the laces are still the ones that came with the boots. Well worth the money.



Awesome Boots, Weird sizkng

I really enjoy these boots, the comfort and features are well thought out, the sizing though…. now that is a different story. I wear a 12 in every piece of footwear I own, not Haix….. they recommend a 1/2 size smaller, I could go a full size maybe size and a half DOWN and still fit nicely.

Chris S.


Great climbing boots

Ive only spent about 10 hours of climbing in these but so far so good! Nice and stiff for hooks. I wear a 10.5 street shoe, ordered a 10 and they fit perfect, only problem i had was getting them tight as i like my boots but im sure that problem will solve its self as the boots break in. Overall fantastic boot



Great boots

My feet never been happier in boots. I’ve climbed in the rain, snow, and sunshine so far, and they’re holding up quite well.

Richard M.


HAIX Protector Ultra Lime Green

I’ve always had a hard time finding boots that fit me. I normally wear a 4e wide boot and I’m flat footed . I ordered the wide version. Fit is great and very comfortable.



So far so good.

I like them so far, wearing them every day to fall, limb, & buck trees. Fortunately I have not tested their effectiveness against a chainsaw. I have spilled bar oil and saw gas on them multiple times and doesn't seem to affect them. It hurts a bit about midfoot on the outside of my right foot, but maybe will go away once they have been worn longer. Thanks.

Charles W R.


Love Them

I’m 64 years old and still enjoy getting out in the woods to cut. I have a history of foot and ankle issues and purchased these boots hoping they would provide the support I needed. I wear a size 11 medium but followed the recommendation of ordering a half size smaller. The 10.5 mediums I ordered fit me perfectly. As far as comfort and support, these are the best boots I have ever owned. I love them and feel safe and comfortable wearing them.

David F.



in very short - that boots are worth to put your comfort and protection in it.
I am glad that I chose them!



Good boots bad fit

I bought the lime green boots. After having shattered my heel in a fall I thought these would get these for the extra support. Over all I like them. However I received them and they felt ok out of the box but after a couple of days on the job I realized they were tight and it was then too late to send them back. The one issue I have with the boot is if you are working in rocky jagged areas, the sole seems to be narrower than the boot body where your feet are. I find rocks and tight areas that my feet are overhanging the soles and constantly getting pinched. Maybe a size larger or width wider would have helped. I’m only good for 6 hours in the boots and my feet are too sore. Again, probably because they are a shade too narrow at the toe. Other than that they are good boots. I’ll probably get another pair but not online as I can’t try them and send them back

Randy P.


Up to par so far

Ive tried numerous boots. Timberland, Danner, salewa..etc First day out of the box was a heavy rain and muddy day. Extremely sturdy but comfortable boots with enough water proofing to keep your feet dry ALL DAY. which most boots struggle with. And they dry quick. One more note to the comfort..my feet have never been dryer in a boot. Even on dry days when I sweat so do my feet. However in these my feet come out after a 10 hr day bone dry. Very impressive. For how solid they are they def breathe. I dont know how but they do. Broke in after a week. Does run .5 size big. So take that into account. I wear 8.5..got an 8 and they are perfect. Lots of support with plenty of room in the toe bed. Also performed very well in the tree as well. Great grip and stability on precarious limba. If you are a serious arborist do yourself a favor and get these. You wont be disappointed.



So far so great

I really have enjoyed these boots tremendously so far. They were painfully stiff at first, but broke in quick. I ordered wides because the wide xr200s fit well im.glad I did, because they are definitely none too wide. I ordered my normal size, they do run big, but they feel really good with that extra space. They dont feel sloppy because of the xoned lacing and nice footbed. There is something strange in the left boot, like it pushes on the sides of my toes, so we'll see if that part breaks in. The steel shanks are great for for spurs.

David P.


Love these boots!

I am an arborist doing urban tree work. I've had these boots for about 6 weeks now, they broke in super easy. They're comfortable, and flexible, yet firm and very supportive. The toe is strong and firm. They're great for climbing in as well. I highly recommend them over the typical European brand chainsaw protective forestry boots. Nice to see a company here in America making high quality chainsaw protective boots.

Billy T.


Some disappointment

Over all the bolts are very comfortable. I’m happy with the protection of they give my feet and how well the grip in the tree. They work with my spikes great. I’m disappointed in a few things about the boots. The sizing is a little frustrating. I had to downsize almost 2 full shoe sizes to get in a pair that fit properly. Thankfully the staff is very helpfully and contact between the staff and myself was fast. I have had the boots for just under a month and have worn them for work maybe 10 days total so far. Already I have had a lace loop break and the waterproofing is junk. They are supposed to be gortex so I’m a little confused why in only a few hours of working in snow my toes are getting wet along with the entire toe cap area. It’s frustrating paying $300+ dollars for these boots to have wet feet and broken parts with in a few days of use.

Eric e.


Haix Ultra

Out of the box you know it's a heavy duty shoe. They make me think of space boots. Great visuals, good comfort. I read a review saying you should order a size smaller then what you need. I did and it worked out. One funny thing I noticed was the left shoe and right shoe front pad. The piece with the shoe serial. They were different shades of green. One looked older and worn vs the other smooth and a brighter hue. Not to bothersome considering it's a work boot and going to get messed up after a week. I've owned Redwing, Redback, Timberland, and now Haix. I'd have to rate these at the top of the bunch. But for the price it should come with a pair of socks or free shipping. I might consider more Haix in the future if I can catch discount deals.

Zach P.



These are very comfortable boots considering that I wear them for 12+ hours during work days. I also have the protector prime boots which are equally as comfortable. I had a problem with my ultras as one of the lace hooks broke but I talked to customer service and they took care of the problem right away with a new pair of boots. Kudos to their customer service (Lynn) I was very impressed with everything. I highly recommend these boots for logging as well as other activities.

Reyer j.

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