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 What size should I order?


HAIX® has made some upgrades to its Scout boot. Firstly, HAIX® has made some adjustments to the lacing system, moving to open speed hooks on the upper, making the lacing even more adjustable than before. The open hook lacing system also allows those with a wider instep to slide their feet more easily into the boot. Switching over to a standard tie lace gives you even more holding power than ever before which is especially helpful on long hikes. And the addition of the hook anchor on the tongue keeps the boot’s tongue secured firmly in place with no sliding off to the side. There is no telling the different situations you may encounter; all day on your feet encountering rugged, uneven terrain or adverse weather conditions…. you need a boot that will give you the support you need. HAIX® Scout 2.0 all-terrain hiking boots are just what you need when the going gets rough. HAIX®  Scout 2.0  brown hiking boot features exceptional shock absorption and offers superior support and stability on any terrain. Exceptional ankle support allows you to carry even a large pack and not have to worry about twisting your ankle. The stable boot platform will help you get, and keep, a toehold on rocky, uneven terrain.  HAIX® Scout 2.0 all-terrain hiking boots offer a waterproof GORE-TEX® inner liner to keep you comfortable and dry no matter what. The unique HAIX® Climate System keeps your feet cooler in warmer temperatures and warmer in cooler temperatures by circulating air with every step you take. Moist air is released and fresh air comes in through the fabric at the top of the boot. The drier your feet, the better they are able to maintain a comfortable temperature balance. GORE-TEX hiking boots help with this. The all new rugged Vibram®   sole offers exceptional grip and stability (even in the cold) while protecting your feet from feeling every loose rock and stone. The sole is heat resistant, antistatic, and self-cleaning. Long lasting durability is the benchmark of a Vibram®   sole. Rubber on the front toe and back heel provides an added layer of protection and durability. HAIX®  Scout 2.0 has all the hallmarks of a quality HAIX® product: comfort, durability, stability, traction and water resistance.   Upper made of breathable, soft and flexible leather and textile GORE-TEX® breathable waterproof inner liner HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time Non-marking Vibram® Sole for long lasting durability Sole provides excellent insulation from cold grounds Antistatic Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

Scout 2.0

Unisex model


You like to take the road less traveled. Let Scout 2.0 take you there.



 What size should I order?


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Scout 2.0 is what you need when the going gets rough

Scout 2.0 gives you the support you need no matter what you may encounter.

Keep your footing with our anti-slip sole

In the Scout 2.0, no matter the situation, you can rest assured you will stay on your feet. The distinctive tread design will maintain traction on a wide variety of surfaces and in many types of weather, even when it's wet and cold.

Keep yourself dry and comfortable thanks to GORE-TEX

No matter the weather, the GORE-TEX inner lining on our Scout 2.0 will guarantee your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter how long you are out in the elements. Dry feet equals no distractions. Let's you enjoy nature no matter what she dishes out.

Scout 2.0's long lasting durability allows you to go that extra mile

Scout 2.0 is the embodiment of European craftsmanship. Constructed of European Nubuck bull hide and hard-wearing textile, Scout 2.0 offers the rugged durability you need out on the trail.

When the sole hits the road, depend on Scout 2.0

Scout 2.0's Vibram sole features an aggressive tread and proven reliability to get you where you need to go. Long-wearing and durability are the keywords of the day. The stable sole platform keeps you on your feet and keeps cold from seeping into your toes in colder climates.

Extended comfort mile after mile

The trail can be rough on your feet. Make sure your feet don't feel like it with hiking boots with ankle support.

Comfort fit with HAIX® cushioned insole

HAIX insoles keep your feet and your shoes fresher and more comfortable on the job. Our insoles absorb perspiration to keep your feet dry even in the most rigorous conditions. Added cushioning provides extra comfort. The microfiber design is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. Replace occasionally to keep your shoes fresh and comfortable.

Breathable comfort with HAIX® Climate System

The Scout 2.0 ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable by utilizing special foams that absorb moisture from your feet between the inner lining and the leather. With each step, moist air expels, and fresh air enters through the vent holes at the top of the boot. This Climate System functions like an air conditioning system for your feet.

Outstanding ankle support so a twisted ankle doesn't ruin your day

Scout 2.0 features open hook speed lacing so that you can adjust the lacing for your fit and optimum ankle support. Giving you the support you need even when carrying a large pack. Keep twisted ankles at bay.

With Scout 2.0, you don't have to feel every rock and stone in the universe

The built-in lightweight bruise plate on the Scout 2.0 protects your feet from sharp rocks and stones, even in heavy terrain. The anti-torsion design gives you outstanding stability that supports your feet - protecting them from twisting and turning. It also reduces foot and leg fatigue and knee and back pain.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Scout 2.0

Item no. 206319

Climate system
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Waterproof inner liner
Slip resistant hiking sole
Rugged durability
Anti-torsion Vibram sole
Built in bruise plate
Ankle support
Rubber toe bumper
Rubber heel bumper
Upper material:
Nubuck leather/textile
Boot height in inches:
7 inches
Inner liner:
Lace up
Product type:
Factory firsts
Primary use:
Hiking, Military

Your questions. Our honest answers.

Scout 2.0 runs about a half size larger than your normal shoe size, so order 1/2 size down. The width runs true to size and comes in either a medium or wide width.
The Scout 2.0 features hydrophobic nubuk leather which allows the boots breathe while keeping the leather water resistant, and a waterproof inner liner of GORE-TEX which will keep your feet dry and comfortable
Scout 2.0 is a perfect hiking boot because it is built to withstand rugged terrain. That being said, it also a great outdoor boot for landscaping and or construction where a safety toe is not needed.
Yes you can buy replacement parts for the Scout 2.0 such as insoles and laces. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. Scout 2.0 is not able to be retreaded, but can be refurbished to extend the life of your boots. If you are looking to refurbish your Scout 2.0, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program
Scout 2.0, like all HAIX boots, comes with a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty that the boots will be free from substantial defects and workmanship.

The Scout 2.0 checks all the boxes

If you’re looking for a comfortable reliable boot for your hunts the Scout 2.0 is your boot. Weather you’re looking to keep your feet dry on unpredictable Spring hunts, stable on mountain terrain, or comfortable under the load of a heavy pack out, the Scout 2.0 checks all the boxes. HAIX sacrifices nothing when it comes to an all around hunting professional boot.

Leslie Vanderau - USMC Veteran


Scout test

Good looking boots, really comfortable and breathable. The only con I have found so far is the 6 black plastic parts. For the summer it's going really well. We will see in winter if it will hold!



Phenomenal solution ofr under $300

I have owned Danner, Thorogood, Salomon, Safeway, and Chippewa boots. About 8 models, total.

For light trail work, Salomon will absolutely have great solutions.

For heavy work like forestry, or irrigation work where waterproofing and/or robust ankle protection is a must, allwhile being lightweight: Haix is the absolute best bang-for-buck. Particularly, the Scout 2.0.

Most of my crew are partial to the Scout 1.0 because it is the OG. That's fair.

I bought the Scout 2.0 and now my other boots are collecting dust. Unless I'm doing hikes with friends, or looking to diminish weight in hunting boots, Haix Scout 2.0 are hands down the best solution.

Break-in took 2 weeks which consisted of three dog walks per day that are between 20-45 minutes each walk, shop work, store runs, and home resto.

D.A. R.


these get better as conditions get worse

I bought these despite not really liking the look and feel in the store because my other HAIX boots, "combat hero"s in 13M, are absolutely fantastic - comfortable, lightweight, tough enough, easy to take on and off, and with phenomenal grip on anything dry. Adding two cans of silicon spray made them water resistant and ideal for most of what I got them for: mountain and hill hiking in semi-arid conditions - plus, with my pants legs over the tops they don't look like boots, so I wear them places my wife would make me take boots off.

Sometimes, however, we get heavy snow and minus ridiculous followed by chinook winds that remove much of the snow but leave icy patches
hiding in the grass. See this photo for what that looks like:

The combat hero boots emphatically do not do well on ice .. hence the ScoutII purchase.

They're relatively heavy, shorter than I like, require a larger size to fit (14M), and look (at least when new)
as if you might have bought them at an outfitters.

Appearances, however, can be deceiving: in reality, these things are tough as nails, nicely insulated, grip very well on ice and snow, and have the arch support needed for hours of outdoor work or hard going.

Bottom line? the ScoutII is overkill for an hour here or there on easy trails but if your use case involves lots of time-in-boots, wet or icy terrain, and minor hazards like broken rock, manure, or barbed wire, these are the boots for you.

rudy de h.


Am I Actually Wearing Anything on My Feet?

So light and comfortable, right out of the box, I couldn’t tell. I have sensitive feet and ankles. Any shoe too tight or that clamps down on my ankle are a no-go for me. The fit and quality of this boot took that issue off the table. The dual lacing system is outstanding. These are my go to boots for hiking and hot tent camping. Thank you Haix for making quality gear that works in the real world.

Ellen H.


Forest Tech

3rd time writing I messed up the form. Awesome boots way lighter then logger boots way sturdier then hiking shoes. I’m hiking about 10 miles a day cruising timber in WV. Unless I’m in soupy Skidder mud my feet are dry. Streams, rain, dew I’m dry. If I’m ankles deep in skid trails My socks get a little damp. Nothing but a rubber boot will keep you dry in that so I can’t complain. My feet and back have never felt better after a day of work, priced fairly, and I expect to get good life out of them. I wear 10 regular in everything and 10 regular fits great. If Haix keeps making boots like this I don’t see myself going to any other brand. KEEP MAKING SOFT TOE BOOTS, not all of us need the protection. Most of us foresters (at least in the states) need something sturdy but without the discomfort and weight of steel toes.




I love the brand and the boot was well made and fit well but I am a vegetable farmer and they were too stiff through the heel to work on my knees with my feet folded behind me. Otherwise these would have been great boots for orchard or vineyard work.

karla C.


One tough boot

I only gave it a 9 because the insole I feel is too light
I enjoy these boots
I was in some very wet muddy conditions and walked for an hour and did not have wet feet when done
The support is great and the feel is very comfortable
When on hard surfaces I find the insole lacking
I will be getting something to replace the insole
Fantastic boot well worth the money

Norm S.


Great pair of boots

Very comfortable and light weight. Are an awesome boot!

Mark S.


Quality boots

Just got these boots in and I was very pleased with the quality of these boots. Break in has been a little rough and not quiet as comfortable as expected but still feel great on my feet. I wear a 10 1/2 in tennis shoes and ordered a 10 1/2 in these and they fit perfect. Excited to see how they last and perform once broke in!



Scout 2.0

Overall very comfortable but it does have a narrow toe box and should have ordered my normal size. Very well made and would recommend.

Jason T.


Like these a lot

Comfortable right out of the box. Good balance of light weight, stable, agile.



Scout 2 - light stable

Comfortable right out of the box. Lightweight for such a stable boot. Military boot stability and agility without the military boot appearance.



Mon ami les aime.

Mon ami les aime beaucoup quand j'ai le donne ces bottes comme cadeau. Il faut qu'il tienne les bottes pour le froid quand il déblaye la neige, et ça fonctionne bien pour son travail.

William W.


Not for Me

I've worn HAIX for the last 15 years and I figured I'd try these hiking boots. There appear to have everything that you would want in a hiking boot, but there were very stiff. I think I just might go back to the Airpowers. If these boots are made like everything else by HAIX they will last for years.

Ian M.


Comfortable boot

The HAIX boot works well. Do not over tighten the laces as the back of the heel blisters may form. I walked ten miles with no problems, but when tied tighter blisters formed in less than a mile.

Michael S.


Still my go to company

First of all I am extremely fussy about my foot comfort. I have always rejected shoes and boots that refuse to wear correctly. My first venture into Haix is with the heavy duty logging boot several years ago. I was so impressed with the comfort and fit and finish of these boots that I purchased a second pair in order to ensure that I had many years of quality boot. Although those boots were designed for logging and work requiring stability and safety toe, I have even use them in hunting applications. Because of the company reputation I purchased the scout boot and was immediately impressed. Same quality, fit and finish was perfect, and again I purchased a second pair. These are my every day wear foot ware.

I highly recommend this company and the products they provide.

Ranald C.


Seems like a good boot but small toe box

Boot appeared well designed and constructed. The lacing system allowed the wearer have the lower laces looser or tighter than the upper laces depending on preference. The boot also did an excellent job locking the heel in place and ankle support felt solid. Sadly, like most modern designed boots, they have a narrow toe box even in the wide (though it is wider than other brands I have attempted such as Danner, Lowa and Altberg). Unfortunately I had to return them but if they had a wider toe box such as Altra (they make trail runners) I think this would have been a perfect boot. The customer service rep always answered e-mails quickly and was very helpful.



Fantastic Fit



Solid boot

This is a good solid boot for outdoor work. Looks really well made, true to size and comfortable from day one. Much lighter than my other work boots. Highly recommended.

Dusty R.


Fan for life

Was an entire size up from the suggested size using the foot in cm guide; luckily, they fit perfectly. They are light, very comfortable, extremely well built and are surprisingly quiet. In addition, the Vibram soles offer great grip. Overall awesome boot. Couldn't really ask for more.



Great boot

The boots are awesome (as expected). I will say though that the toe box is not as wide as other Haix boots I use and I am a bit disappointed, but they aren't uncomfortable. They are performing well overall. Primary use is walking/hiking through unmaintained ROWs, streetside, swamps.

Brian J T.


Amazing boot! Excellent customer service

Boots shipped super fast. Initially ordered the wrong size , was able to get in touch with customer service and they corrected my order before it shipped, they were awesome! The boots are Super light and extremely comfortable! Will definitely be purchasing from Haix again in the future.


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